The Nanny Diaries

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Chapter 23

Anna’s POV

“And they live happily ever after,” I closed the book and placed it on the side table, Chase will be sleeping with me for tonight as Zach is not here and we kinda missed sleeping together.

“Where is my princess?” Chase asked being all curious.

I laughed at his question,” She is somewhere out there, you will find her when the time is right,” I pulled him closer to my chest answering his question.

“Have you found your prince?” I got quiet, how will I answer to that.

“Yup, I have found one who is cuddling right beside me,” I said and start tickling him.

He laughed and tickled me too, after some time we both fall asleep.


It’s been a day, Zach has left but I was already missing him, I’m doing stuff to occupy my mind from thinking about him. Re-arranging my closet, reading novels, playing, and teaching with Chase. My phone buzzed indicating a video call, it was my sister.

“Hey, Av.”

“Hey me later, first tell me about your crush,” I rolled my eyes, what a great way to greet your sister.

“Mom told you, didn’t she?”

“Yeah, she did, but that’s not the point. Why didn’t you tell me first?” she said feeling hurt. “I thought we share everything.”

“We do Ava, and I’m sorry for not telling you about it but I was not even sure what I feel about him then.”

“So, what do you feel now? Mom said, you were confused and will think about it. Have you got any conclusion?” Ava asked curiously.

I release a long breath before answering her question. “I am falling for him, Ava. I thought it was just an infatuation with him being handsome, mysterious but when I got to know him I fall for him, I still have much more to learn about him and I want to,” I said with tears filled in my eyes.

“Oh, Anna, you are in love, and I’m very happy for you. You don’t have to cry, I am not angry with you for not telling me about this,” she was giving me her cute smile.

“That’s not the reason, why I’m crying Av.”

“Than Why?”

“He doesn’t feel the same, sometimes the way he talks and behaves around me, it makes me think maybe he likes me too, but...” I trailed off.

“Have you confessed your feelings to him?”

“Are you crazy? I would never do that, at least not when I know what his answer will be?”

“Exactly my point, sis, you haven’t told him how you feel neither did he has, then why do you think he doesn’t like you,” I listen to her theory without interrupting. “Look, I don’t want to see your depressed self for a guy, but if there could be a future for both of you then why don’t you give it a try, and I know there are risks but at least there won’t be any regrets.”

“Are you taking Psychology classes coz that was impressive? I didn’t know my little sister has grown up to become a smart and understanding young lady,” I was very proud of Ava, not just because she helped me with my problem, but she always was a bright girl and holds a special spot in my life.

“That’s because I have an awesome sister as an idol, and promise me you will short things out and overcome this depressing look. Now, I have to meet my friend for a project, will call you later, bye love you.”

“I will. You take care of mom and dad, and I love you more,” I said and we hang up.

The thing Ava said lingered on my head, he hasn’t said anything about not liking me that way, I mean, maybe he is also confused like me. The way he reacted at the party and me being with Mason, Could it be possible for him to be jealous and protective about me? The sudden thought does make me smile a bit. I have to find out, I can’t just sit here and sulk myself. I may not ask him directly but I could use some other methods, like... like...Oh god, I don’t even have a plan.

Ufff...okay, I don’t have one right now, but I’ll come up with one soon, it’s almost dinner time and Zach would be here anytime.

After the dinner, I tucked Chase into bed and waited for Zach to be home. It’s only been two days and look how desperate I am to see him. I took my book and sat on the couch near the window, enjoying the night view, and waiting for Zach.

The sound of the doorknob twisting jerk me up. I must have fallen asleep while reading. I came to the living room, where Zach was standing holding his phone, he looked up and found me in front of him.

“Hi, you look tired,” Wow! how smart of you Anna, he just got back from work, what do you expect him to look like.

“Hey,” he said with a sore throat.

“Are you sick?” I make a quick move and came close to him, touching his forehead to measure his temperature. “God! you have a fever, I will call your doctor,” I panicked and pulled my phone from my back pocket but he hold my hands to stop me.

“No need to call him, it’s just the flu, will be gone by tomorrow. The sudden change in the weather that’s all, you don’t have to worry,” he said gently holding me in his arms.

We were so close, he has dark circles under his eyes, probably from the lack of sleep, and with the work pressure but still, he managed to look the best.

“I will bring herbal tea for you, it will reduce your fever and help with the sore throat,” he nodded and I made my way to the kitchen.

I put some water, ginger, basil leaves, and turmeric in the pot and wait till it get boil, pulled a decent size of cup, and add honey in it, when the water got boiled I strained it into the cup and stirred it with a spoon. It was the recipe of my mom, she used to made this for us when we catch a cold.

I carried the cup on the tray and headed upstairs. I knocked on the door but didn’t get any response. I opened the door and found Zach sound asleep on the bed, thank god he did change his clothes before sleeping. I put the cup on the side table and sat on the edge of the bed, I brush the little hair that fell on his forehead. He sleeps like Chase carefree with full of innocence. I didn’t have the heart to wake him up but he must drink the tea.

“Zach, hey, wake up. I made you the tea, have some and you can go back to sleep again,” I gently shake his hand and he slowly opened his eyes.

“Anna,” I shouldn’t be thinking this but the sick husky voice was making him hotter.

“hey, I got you the tea, you will feel better after having it,” he sat straight, I gave him the cup and he took a sip.

“It’s nice, didn’t expect some herbal tea to be this good,” he gave me a heart-melting smile and finished his tea. “I feel a little better already, thank you, Anna.”

“Your welcome, I should go now, you go back to sleep,” I got up to leave but he held my wrist.

“Would you mind staying for a bit, I...” he trailed off?

“Sure,” I know, I’m taking a huge risk with my heart but I didn’t want to leave him when he needs me. He moved and gave me some space to lay down, I made sure to keep a decent distance between us. He places his head on my shoulder and I could hear my heart pounding.

I heard the light snoring coming from him, knew he was asleep, I moved slowly not wanting to disturb his sleep, placing his head on the pillow, pulling the blanket, I check his temperature that was down by now. I was dozing off myself and decide to left the room but his grip on my forearm tighten. I tried to free my arm but not any luck.

Soon the sleep took over my senses and I fall asleep with Zach holding my arm.


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