The Nanny Diaries

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Chapter 24

Anna’s POV

I was laying on the soft mattress, cuddling with my stuff bear, I was getting the best sleep of my life, pulling the bear more closer, I pressed my face on its neck, hmmm it feels good and smells even better. The woody aromatic fragrance so manly...Wait a minute, Why does it smell like Zach?

I opened my eyes and pulled my face away from the neck, where it was before. My head was still hung low not wanting to face Zach at all. The event from last night came through and how I end up sleeping with him.

That came out wrong.

I pulled all the courage inside me and lift my head to face a beautiful hazel eyes staring at me, “Good morning,”

“Good morning, I..” What am I supposed to say now? how much I love being in his arms, I have to get out of here before the situation gets any more awkward. “I am sorry, have no idea when I fall asleep. I should go now,” I said with a red face and tried to move but his hold on my waist was tight. “Zach, Zach!“I called his name a bit loud which got his attention.

“What?” Wasn’t he listing to me?

“I have to go, would you...” I glance at his hands holding my waist and he pulled away, I got up from the bed and so did he.

“Thank you, Anna, for the tea and staying with me.”

“You have already thanked me, Zach. How are you feeling right now?”

“I’m much better but, Would you mind making that herbal tea again? that was quite good,” he rubbed the back of his neck,” Was he blushing? I hold my laugh but nodded to his question and left the room.

I went inside my room to finish my morning routine, changed into a pair of jeans and a black top, after done with the look of the day I walked downstairs into the kitchen.

“Morning Martha,” I greeted while entering.

“Good morning, dear. You are looking quite cheerful today,” she said.

“Do I?” I asked hiding my pink cheeks.

“Yes, you are glowing”

“It must be the weather, and I’m always happy,” I half lied.

“As you say, honey,” she didn’t buy my excuse, did she?

Martha gave me my coffee and I start making herbal tea for Zach.

“Who is sick?” Martha asked.

“Oh! Zach had a slight fever last night so, I made this for him,”

“Is it serious?” she asked with concern.

“No, he is better now. I’ll take this to the table,” I said and left the kitchen.

Zach was waiting at the dining table with Chase, who was still wearing his PJs. “You came outside wearing these, I was about to wake you up,” I placed the tray on the table and sat beside Chase.

“I’ll eat first,″ Chase said when I put some food on his plate.

“As you wish baby,” I kissed his cheeks and my eyes get locked with Zach for a moment. Avoiding the tension, I start eating my food.

Zach was still under the weather and decided to work from home. John was adjusting the temperature of the rooms, November’s only three days away. I was sitting in my room when my phone buzzed, it was Sophia.

“Hey, Sophia, how are you?”

“Hi, dear, I’m fine. I wanted to come there to meet you but I’m busy right now.”

“I wanted to meet you too, but that’s alright. You wanted to talk about anything specific.” I asked.

“Actually, Yes. Chase’s birthday is next week and I wanted to plan a party for him. Would you be a darling and help me out.”

“I would love to help. I was about to have this conversation with you,” I said with excitement.

“That’s very sweet of you, I have some ideas in my mind, let’s discuss it tomorrow.”

“That would be great.”

“Would you ask Zach, What he has in mind, then it will be easier for us to select?”

“I would do that,” after some more chit chat I hang up the phone.

I made my way to his office room and knock on the door. After hearing a “come in” I enter inside.

“Hey,” he lifts his head from the files he was working on.

“Anna, you need something,” he rose from his seat and came in front of me.

“Sophia just called and she was planning a party for Chase’s birthday and wanted to know if you have some ideas, we could use.”

“Yeah, his birthday. he’ll be 3. he is growing fast,” his eyes shined with pride.

“You are a great father, Zach. Chase is very lucky to have you in his life,” I unknowingly hold his hands and stare into his eyes.

“No, Anna. it’s me who is lucky to have him. He is smart for his age, his eyes search for his mother but he has never asked why she was not here with us.” I tighten my hold on his hand. “I remember one time when he asked about Maria, I was not able to alter a single word, then mom told him some stories about her being an angel looking out for us and since then he never asked for her. It hurt to see him grow without his mother,” Zach tried to hide his tears but failed miserably.

I hold his face in my hand and look straight in his eyes,” Maria maybe not here but she is looking out for you and Chase. He never asked about his mother again that’s maybe you have covered her side of love and care for him. I know it’s hard for him and you too, but it will get better with time, time will heal everything,” he pulled me in a tight hug which caught me by surprise but we both needed it.

Holding into each other the time went by and we broke the hug. Our face inched away, his eyes shifts from my eyes to my lips as if he wanted to kiss me, his face leaned towards mine and I close my eyes waiting for his touch.

“Anna!” Chase’s loud voice broke our moment, we moved away making some space between us.

“I should leave,” I rushed out from his office. Bad timing Chase.

Maybe, Ava was right, if not for Chase, we might have kissed. The thought made me blush hard.

Shit, I forgot to ask him about Chase’s birthday. I facepalmed and headed to Chase’s bedroom.

Later on the dinner table, Chase and I were waiting for Zach. “Sorry, I’m late,” Zach said and took his seat.

We ate our food and once in a while I glance at him to find him looking back at me.

I tucked Chase to bed and went to the living room where Zach was busy with his phone.

“Hey, We didn’t get to finish our conversation earlier,” I moved towards the couch and set opposite him.

“We talked about a lot of things Anna, Could you be more specific?” he gave me a playful smile, the image of our almost kissing came into my mind which made my face heat up.

I clear my throat,” about Chase’s birthday,” I replied.

“Oh, yes. I think you and mom will have better ideas but I don’t want many people, just some close friends, and Chase’s friends from the building.”

“Is that all?” he nodded his head. “Sophia will be here tomorrow, if you want to add something then told us,”

“Sure.” There was this silence again. Both of us trying to say something but holding ourselves back. Not being able to handle the tension, I got up to leave for my room.

“I think, am done for the day. Good night Zach,”

“Good night, Anna.”

I rushed to my room and changed my clothes into my nightdress. Laying on the bed, staring at the ceiling, I thought of my love life which has got stuck on the road, I wanted to move it forward but something is holding it back. When I feel, am taking a step ahead, the situation draws me two steps backward. The hug we share earlier was so, peaceful, I never felt that before in my entire life. I wanted more, I am a strong believer in fate, whatever happens, it always has it’s reasons. I want to know what fate has written for us.


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