The Nanny Diaries

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Chapter 25

Anna’s POV








“Check” I tick the last one remaining on the list. Sophia came an hour ago with an event planner for Chase’s birthday. As Zach wanted the party to be more private with only close relatives and friends, the guest list was short, the theme of the party was Disney and everyone has to be in their costume. All three of us gave our thoughts and ideas and came to a single decision. The event planner left the house some moments ago.

“That went well, thank you Anna for your help.”

“Your welcome, so, What are you going to wear at the party?” I asked, curious.

“I haven’t decided yet, I have to discuss it with William. Do you have anything in mind?”

“Not really. I have to ask Chase what he wants to wear for the party.”

“I’ll be getting going Anna, talk to you later, Chase, grandma is leaving,” she called Chase and he ran to the living room.

“Goodbye grandma, I love you,” he kissed her cheeks.

“I love you too my pumpkin,” She kissed his forehead and I hugged her before she left the house.

I headed to the kitchen holding Chase’s hand, getting some milk, chocolate, and nuts I start making hot chocolate for both of us.

“Baby, What’s next week?

“My birthday!!!” he screamed my ears out.

“Somebody is very excited about their birthday,” I chuckled and passed the cup to him.

“Yes!” he said sipping the chocolate, “it’s yummy,”

“It’s a theme party and we have to wear outfits, same as Disney Characters.” his eyes got wide so as his grin.

“Really?” I nodded my head. “Wow, I want to be goofy,” he clapped his hand while saying it. I shake my head laughing, why I’m not surprised, goofy is his favorite.

Later at the dinner table, all three of us were having our food when, Zach asked,” How was the preparation for the party?”

“It went good, we decided to make it as a theme party--”

Chase speaks cutting me off,” it’s Disney, and I’ll be goofy,” he grinned showing his little teeth.

“That’s awesome,” he said pinching Chase’s nose.

“The event planner will get everything ready, we can visit the location to check the progress, before the day of the party.” Zach nodded his head agreeing with me.


It’s been two days since we planned for the party. Most of the work was complete, I am still not sure of what to wear. Chase has been overly cheerful for his birthday.

Chase was painting when I got a call on my phone, it was Mason,


“Hey, beautiful, missing me,” I rolled my eyes shaking my head.

“You don’t even know how much,” I said, sarcasm dripping from my tone.

“Sassy much,” I chuckled at his comment,” I was thinking, Will you accompany me for shopping? I don’t know what to wear for little devil’s birthday party and I want to look the best, you know.”

“I am also confused about the dress, I think we could go and explore some more at the shop.”

“That’s it then, I’ll pick you in an hour,″

“Okay, I’ll get ready,” I said and hang up the phone.

“Come on Chase, we are going shopping,” I washed his face and hands and changed his clothes, and headed to my room to get changed myself.

I wore a cream turtle neck top and washed jeans with brown boots with a matching brown jacket. I left my hair down and wore some lipstick and mascara.

I came downstairs and saw Mason playing with Chase in the living room. “You ready to go,” he asked after noticing me in the room.

“Yup, we are all ready,” I said holding out my hand for Chase. He ran to hold it.

“Chase is coming with us?” I nodded my head to his question, Mason just shrugged his shoulder and picked Chase in his arms.

After the drive, we came in front of a costume shop, Mason parked the car, we all get out of it. The shop was fancy and had everything, shoes, jewelry, clothes, etc.

“Are you looking for something specific?” a salesgirl asked coming our way.

“Yes, we are. Do you have goofy outfits for a three-year-old,” I asked glancing at Chase.

“We do have some, but I have to check the sizes, hope it will fit him, meanwhile you can check out our new collections,” she said and went back to the kid’s section.

Mason headed to the men’s section, and I went to the ladies, holding Chase’s hand. I was looking around the dresses when a giant voice called me from behind,” Hey! Anna! look who is here?”

I turned to face Mason who was wearing some greek costume, “Hercules!” I looked at him from head to toe, trying hard not to laugh but Chase bit me to it and laugh hard making me lose control too.

“Hey, that’s mean,” Mason said pouting. I walked towards him pulling both his cheeks.

“Sorry, you are looking good, it just we never saw you like this before so, it was surprising that’s all,”

“Really?” he asked raising his eyebrows.

“Yup, now find me something good as well,” he nodded his head and went inside to change. The sales lady came with Chase’s outfit and I took them to try it on, Chase.

Chase was looking like the cutest kid ever, the lady took the selected costume for billing, Mason was showing me different options but I didn’t like any of them, I looked around and found one.

I pick it and went inside the changing room, Mason and Chase were waiting outside, calling my name to hurry up.

“Okay, I’m coming,” I walked outside and they had a surprised expression on their face.

“Princess Jasmine!!” Chase ran to me screaming. He hugged my leg and I bend to kiss his head.

“WOW! you are looking hot in this costume,” I blushed at his compliment.

“Thank you,” I said and went back to change.

Mason insists to pay for Chase and me but I refused and paid myself.

We came back to the house around 5 in the evening. Mason was carrying sleeping, Chase. I open the front door and we went inside.

Mason placed Chase on his bed, I put the bags in the living room and John came with some tea and snacks.

We were talking about stuffs when Zach came from work. He stopped in his track when found Mason and me talking in the living room.

“What a pleasant surprise,” he said looking at Mason.

“Welcome home mate,” Mason rose and hugged Zach.

“You guys went out,” he asked looking at the shopping bags.

“Yeah, we went for the costume shopping, had a lot of fun, right Anna?”

I give a tight smile, Zach gave a cold stare at me, I shift on my seat uncomfortably.

“Of course you had,” Zach said plainly.

Mason looks at his wristwatch before getting up,” I have some plans for tonight, I’ll see you guys later,” he said and kissed my cheeks and hug, Zach, before leaving the house.

There was this awkward silence again, I was about to say something when he walked past me and rushed upstairs to his room, slamming the door shut.

That day, we didn’t talk much, just listened to Chase babbling about the fun he had while shopping.


I woke up with a big smile on my face, it’s Chase’s birthday. It’s been three days, Zach and I had a proper conversation. But today, I’m not going to think about us, Chase will get all my attention today.

I quickly changed my clothes and headed to the kitchen, I had baked a small cake last night for him, he is not aware of it. I took out the cake from the fridge, and place a 3 shaped candle on the top of it.

I headed upstairs to call Zach, he opened the door after I knocked like 3 times.

“Hey,” I said being all shy. He was wearing sweatpants only, showing off his perfect apps.

“How may I help you?” he asked giving me his signature smirk.

“I baked a small cake for Chase to surprise him, I came to call you for that,” his expression changed into a soft one, he nodded his head and went back to wear his shirt.

He waited in the living from while I fetch the cake from the kitchen. We slowly opened the door and saw him sleeping soundly. I didn’t like the idea to disturb his sleep but it will be worth it. We looked at each other and signal to count on three.

“Surprise!!” we both yelled at the same time. making Chase jump on his sleep, Zach rushed to Chase, “Happy Birthday Buddy”

“Happy Birthday Baby,” I walked ahead and sat at the other side of the bed. John was capturing all the moments with my phone,

“Now, make a wish and blow the candle,” I said and Chase joins his hand, closing his eyes mumbled something. He blew the candle and we clapped our hands. Zach and my hand got in touch while helping Chase cutting his cake, our eyes got locked and at that moment I felt like we shared something special and deep.

Zach feed a big piece to Chase and put some cream on his face, I cut some pieces and handed them to John and he left. I feed Chase a piece and that little monster repeats his Daddy’s act and rubbed some cream on my face. Both father and son laughed at my face and I picked a piece and ran after them. I catch Chase and put some on his face, Zach helped Chase to run from my grip but I got a hold of Zach’s forearm. I turned his face and was about to mash the cake on his face when he holds my wrist. He moves my hand close to my face, I got cake on both of my cheeks from my own hand. He gave me a wide grin, I struggle to free myself from his grip but no luck.

He came closer leaving a few inches between us. Bending his head close to my ear he whispered, “I didn’t get to eat the cake.”

Before I got to know what he meant he licked my cheeks, I froze with the sudden contact, he pulled away and left the room before giving me a wink.


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