The Nanny Diaries

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Chapter 26

Anna’s POV

Shocked would be an understatement for what I am feeling right now. Did it really happened or it’s one of my dreams. Two days of no talking and now he licked the cake from my cheeks. Tell me about the changes that happen on earth. Coming out of my thoughts I went to catch Chase, after some running around I got my hold on him.

I gave him a warm bath, he wanted to wear his goofy costume, but I told him, it will get ruin by the time of the party then he agreed to wear something else.

The party will start at 2 o’clock, so, we have plenty of time to get ready.

The doorbell rings, John went to open the door, we were sitting on the couch in the living room.

“Where is my favorite grandson?” a cheerful sound came our way, in front of me were a pair of good looking middle-aged couple.

“Grandma, grandpa,!!!” Chase ran to them hugging their legs.

Zach came out from his office and hugged the couple,

“Anna, meet James and Carol Lockwood, Chase’s other grandparents,”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Anna, Chase’s Nanny,” I extend my hand for a shake.

“Oh! so, you are the famous Anna, from The Nanny Diaries, William and Sophia have talked a lot about you, I must say you are very pretty,” Mrs. Lockwood said.

“That’s very sweet of you Mrs. Lockwood,” I blushed, not very used to getting compliments.

“You can call me Carol,” She said.

They showed their gifts to Chase and soon Sophia and William came with their gifts as well.

“We beat you guys,” James said to William and Sophia.

“Whatever,” William playfully rolling his eyes, we all laughed and headed to the breakfast table.

“Woah! Woah! eating without me,” Mason came with a huge teddy bear, “happy birthday champ,” he carries Chase in his arms, giving John the huge bear.

“Mason, how are you, my boy?” James asked.

“As handsome as always,” William slaps the back of Mason’s head, “Ouch!”

“That’s for bragging about your looks in front of us,” William grinned and sat beside Sophia.

“Anna, Do you have any boyfriend?” Carol asked, caught me off guard.

I coughed and William passed me a glass of water, ” you just gave this lady a shock honey,” James said. Carol keeps looking at me waiting for my answer,

“Hmm...No,” I said in low voice.

“That’s great!” She said all excited. We all looked at her wide eye. “Actually, one of my friends has a son and she asked me to look for a bride for him so, if you are interested then I can talk to her about you, he is a good man and very handsome.”

A coughing sound brought me back from the shock, and Zach was the one making it. “Hey, man, take it easy,” Mason, pat his back while he drank his water. My eyes got locked with Zach’s, and the event from earlier flashed on my mind making me scarlet.

“Not again, Carol. let the girl have her breakfast at peace,” James said.

“Fine, but Anna, if you change your mind please feel free to contact me,” I smiled at her didn’t want to be rude.

All of them left, after breakfast. It was 12 already so, I got Chase ready. I went to my room to get ready as well, I put on the blue dress, and apply the makeup, accessory, and wear the cute shoes. Tieing the hair the same like Jasmine was a tough task but after some failed attempts I finally made it.

I walked downstairs to the living room Where Chase was waiting patiently. “Hey, birthday boy ready for the party,” I said.

“WoW! Anna, sorry, princess Jasmine,” he dramatically bowed his head making me laugh.

“Aww...What a gentleman you are?” I said kissing his forehead.

Zach made his presence wearing blue pants and a white shirt, rolling its sleeves till his forearm. He was looking very handsome, Prince Eric with Hazel eyes. He came in front of me, gazing at me from head to toe, making my heart pound with his intense stare.

“You are looking beautiful princess,” he bowed his head a little holding my hand kissing the back of it.

My face heated up by the gesture, but I quickly hide it, “You are not looking bad yourself, Prince Eric.”

We left the house, a black limo was waiting for us at the front, we sat inside and soon we reached the venue.

The party hall looked fantastic, the decorations, and the lights, giving it a magical view.

“This looks amazing,” Zach said looking around.

“It is.”

Chase ran to meet his friends, guests were starting to arrive. Mason came looking all macho, “you really went far with this costume,” Zach said holding his laugh.

“Not everyone is boring as you, wearing a worn-out shirt and pants. Who have you become by the way?” Mason said defending himself.

“Prince Eric, and it’s simple and classy,” Zach said with a sexy smirk.

Stop your naughty thought, Anna, I scold my mind.

Carol and James came being Cinderella and Prince Charming, they were looking adorable.

Sophia and William were Rapunzel and Flynn, William was holding Sophia’s fake long hair looking tired already.

A middle-aged couple walked towards us, “Zach, How are you?” the women said.

“I’m fine, Mrs. Roberts,” he replied.

“Where is Emily? It’s been ages since we met her,” asked Mason.

“She has gone for some training related to business, she will be coming back soon,” said the man, I supposed Mr. Roberts. “Who is this pretty lady?” he asked looking at me.

“She is my friend Anna,” Mason replied. I greeted them with a smile.

They excused themselves and went to meet Sophia and William.

The kids were enjoying the magic show and played some games. The waiters came with a big three-story cake decorated with small edible Disney characters models. Chase sat on his chair, Zach stood beside him. They were about to cut the cake when Chase called my name, “Anna, come here,” he gesture with his hand. All the guests were staring at me, making the situation more awkward.

Zach nodded his head, and I made my way to Chase, holding his hand to cut the cake, Zach fed him and so does his grandparents, I waited for my turn to feed him. I gave Chase a new painting tool as a gift, he loved it. There was a photobooth, we all clicked many pictures, make funny faces. Kids-friendly songs were played, I danced with Chase, Mason, and William.

“Can I have a dance with you?” Zach asked.

“Sure,” he holds my hand and took me to the dance floor, it was not like any ball dance or something but it was fun. The fast beat song made us out of breath while dancing.

After dinner, dance, and giving return gifts to the kids, all the guests left the venue. Mason hugged everyone goodbye and left so does both grandparents.

Zach called the driver and we made our way to the limo. Chase was sleeping in Zach’s arms. He must be exhausted from all the fun.

We enter inside the house, Zach headed to Chase’s room to tuck him on the bed, I came to the kitchen to have a glass of water.

I feel a presence behind me and turned rather quickly spilling the water on Zach’s shirt.

“Shit, I’m sorry,” I used my veil to dap this wet area. The first two buttons of his shirt were open and my fingers were touching his skin.

He grab my hand but still holding it against his chest.

The only sound we could hear was our deep breathing, his thumb cares the back of my hand sending chills down my spine.” You have no idea, what you make me feel Anna?” he said in a husky tone looking deep into my eyes. “You being this close to me is not good for my health,” he lifts his other hand to hold my face. I closed my eyes feeling his fingers smoothing my cheeks.

I could feel his hot breath fanning my lips, I was desperately waiting for his lips but it never came, I opened my eyes, and found his hazel one looking straight at mine, it was darker than usual.

The adrenaline rush made me do the thing I never thought I was capable of.

I pressed my lips on his, his stiffed reaction made me broke the kiss but he grabbed my face and slammed his lips on mine, giving me the best kiss ever, his lips taste like chocolate, I buried my fingers in his hair making him groan. Feeling the need for air, we broke our kiss, my head hung low, feeling all embarrassed with the bold act I just played. He lifts my face, with his fingers under my chin.

“God, you are beautiful,” he said with a smile. I return the smile and again his lips found mine. But this kiss was hot and passionate than before. Today was Chase’s birthday but I got the best gift ever.



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