The Nanny Diaries

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Chapter 27

Anna’s POV

Being hold by the person you love, it’s the best feeling in the whole world. My hands were behind the back of his neck, head resting on his chest. His hands snaked around my waist. I closed my eyes, feeling his heartbeat, no words were exchanged, after our passionate kiss. After what felt like hours, we broke our hug. Staring deep into each other eyes.

“I--” we both said at the same time, we chuckled.

“Umm...You go ahead,” I said biting my lower lips getting nervous. His eyes followed my move, using his thumb he pulled my bottom lips between my teeth.

“Don’t do this, it will make me lose my control,” I took a sharp breath when he rubbed his thumb on my lips.

“Do you like me?” I asked with all the courage, I have.

“You have no idea, how much I like you, Anna.” my smile got brighter hearing his confession, ” after Maria, never had I thought, that I will be able to feel the love again, but with you coming into our lives, everything changed. I changed.” I looked at him with wide eyes, mouth slightly open.

“What?” he asked.

“You said the L-word.”

“I meant every word I said to you. I love you, Anna. You must be thinking I’m rushing with these feelings, and I can totally understand if you don’t feel the same bu---”

“I love you too,” I blurt out, cutting him off. “I love you, Zach, I was scared to confess my feelings. I thought you would never feel the same about me.”

“I am glad we overcame our fears, spending another single day without you in my life was hard for me.”

“That’s the reason, why you were mad about me spending time with Mason, Isn’t it? You were jealous,” I asked teasing him.

He narrowed his eyes, pulling me closer to his body, my palm resting on his chest. “You did make me mad, I wanted to punch Mason but now when I know, it’s me you love, I think, I can spare him,” I playfully slap his chest and he brought his lips down on mine.

After the mind-blowing makeout session, we broke apart.

“It’s late, we should go back to sleep,” I pecked his lips and rushed to my bedroom when he was trying to deepen the kiss. I laughed when heard his groan.

I came out of my Jasmin Costume, and remove all the makeup, changing into my nightdress. I jumped on my bed, grinning like a crazy person, the kiss we just shared flashed on my mind again and again. Carrying a big smile, I fall asleep.


The next few days we spent by being low key, we have not told anybody about our relationship, Yes! you read that right, the next day after our confession, Zach asked me to be his girlfriend and I said YES! We wanted to give our relationship some time before telling our parents or anybody else.

Martha has gone to meet her daughter, who lives out of the city. Chase is having his afternoon nap while I am cooking lunch. I was busy with cooking when I felt a hand snaking around my waist, but I know who it was. I would never forget this scent.

“You are home early,” I asked without turning back. His chin was resting on my shoulder.

“I was missing you, so I finished my work early to spent some time with you,” I bit my lips to control my smile, he could make me blush like a teenager.

I turn off the gas, facing him, I pulled his face to give him a deep kiss. “This is your reward for coming early, surprising me.”

“If this is the reward of giving surprises, I have plenty to offer,” he kissed on the top of my nose. “What are you cooking?” he asked.

“Cream cheese pasta, chicken salad, and mushroom soup,” I said with a proud smile.

“You know, What I don’t like about your cooking?” he said, getting all serious.

“What! I thought you liked my cooking.” I did get hurt when he said that.

“It’s because I can’t resist it, which will cause me to gain weight,” I slapped his arm quite hard.

“Ouch! Anna. it hurts.” he said rubbing his arm.

“That was the intention, I thought you seriously didn’t like my cooking,” I said.

“You look cute when you are mad, making pouty lips, I feel like kissing it all day long,” he said getting closer.

“Than you should behave or else you will not get to kiss me,” I said getting out of his grip, I ran to wake Chase up for lunch.

During lunch, Zach brush my legs with his toes, he is messing with me, I avoided his touch but he was not taking my warnings seriously. I stepped on his foot with my heels,

“Ouch!” he screamed.

“Are you okay, Daddy?” Chase asked.

“What happened, Zach?” I asked with innocence.

“I’m fine, just a mosquito bite,” he gave the lamest excuse. I was holding my laugh, but Zach saw it and narrowed his eyes on me. I ignore him and resume my lunch.

Zach was working in his office when I knocked on the door. After hearing a come in, I went inside.

“Hey, I got your coffee.” I placed it on his desk.

“Thank you,” he holds out his hand for me to take, which I did. Pulling me on his lap, I rest my head on his chest. “I have something to discuss with you.”

“Hmmm,” I said to him to continue his talk.

“I was looking for some playschool for Chase,” I turned my head to face him.

“But, he just turned 3,” I said, not liking the idea of Chase not being around even for some hours.

“I know sweetcheeks, but he is smart, and I also went to playschool around the same age,” he cares my cheeks, “I think, he will like it there, making new friends, it’s good for his growth.” I nodded my head, agreeing with him.

“Did you find any good school so far?” I asked, getting up from his lap.

“I shortlisted two and wanted to know your opinion about it,” he passed me his tablet to have a look at the schools.

Both of them have a good reputation, but Kiddies are more creative with kids.

“I like Kiddies better. Chase will love it. They involve kids in creative activities,” I said, handing back his tablet.

“I thought the same, and it is near from home,” he said with a smile. “We could visit there tomorrow with Chase for admission.”

“We could do that. Okay, I will leave you with your work. Chase must be waiting for me.” I pecked his lips and rushed out of his office.


Right now, we are heading to Kiddies. When I told Chase about the playschool, he was excited to be there. It was a 20-minute ride from the penthouse. The car stopped, and we were in front of a black gate. Zach came out of the driving seat, opened my door like the gentleman he is. He pulled out Chase from the back seat, and we headed inside the gate.

The school wall is painted in bright colors, kids were having fun with each other. Chase was smiling, looking around. We made our way to the Principal’s office.

“Mr. Knight, it’s our honor to have you here,” she said, holding out her hand for a shake. “Mrs. Knight, please have a seat.” I froze when she called me Mrs. Knight. I wanted to correct her but got interrupted by her.

" What is your name, dear?” she asked Chase.

“Chase Knight,” he replied with a smile.

“Oh, What a sweet smile you have, we are glad to have you here,” she said.

We took our seats. Chase was sitting on my lap, while Zach filled the admission form and we get out of the office. The principal showed us the classroom, that Chase will be joining. We meet the class teacher, Rose Smith, she was around my age. I could see that she is good around kids.

We came outside of the school and put Chase on the back seat. After taking out seats, we headed to a restaurant for lunch. We enter inside of an Italian restaurant. We took a table near a window, Chase sat beside me, and Zach sat opposite. We order some pizzas and hot chocolates.

The waiter soon came with our food, and Chase got busy eating.

“You can talk to me about everything, Anna,” he said, caught me off guard.

“What are you talking about?”

“After meeting The Principal. You are a bit uncomfortable, care to share,” he asked, placing his hand on mine, giving it a light squeeze.

I was struggling to choose the right words, “umm... When she greeted me as Mrs. Knight, I was expecting you to correct her and thought you would be mad at her, I was about to correct her, but she interrupts me,” I said with sincerity.

“It’s nobody’s fault. Honestly, I don’t know, Why I didn’t correct her. But I do like that surname better for you,” he said, giving me a wink.

I bow down my face hiding my red face.

We finish our food while talking about stuff, we left the restaurant and headed back to home.


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