The Nanny Diaries

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Chapter 28

Anna’s POV

It’s been two weeks since Zach and I got together. Best days of my life. So far, we have been able to hide our relationship from the eye, of Mason, Sophia, William, and most importantly, the paparazzi. That’s the reason why we haven’t had our first official date yet. But not tonight, I gave Martha and John an early leave to organize a dinner date at home.

Chase has gone to bed, already. Zach is supposed to be home a bit late than his usual time, that’s why I chose this day for our date. Right now, I’m getting ready, wearing a royal blue dress which was a little above my knees. Applying light makeup and curling my brown hair, I got ready for my date.

I place fresh roses in the middle of the table, scented candles around the room, giving a romantic atmosphere.

The doorbell rang indicating, his arrival. I quickly dust my dress and rushed to open the door.

“Hi,” I said.

Eyebrow raised, mouth slightly parted, he was standing in front of me with a shocked look.

“WOW!!” I bit my lips, with a red face. I step aside for him to enter. His eyes landed on the table near the floor to ceiling glass window. “Is it all for me?” I nodded my head, avoiding his intimidating eyes.

He came closer to where I was standing, placing his finger under my chin, lifting my face. He bends his head to close the distance of our lips.

The kiss was deep, full of passion and love. His hands hold my bareback, leaving goosebumps. “Hmmm,” a moan left, my lips, for him to kiss deeper if that’s even possible.

“God! Anna, you will be the death of me,” I pulled apart, controlling the heat which was burning me alive.

“You go and change, I’ll bring the food,” I pushed him when he didn’t attempt to move. I shake my head at his childish behavior.

I brought the food on the table, medium-rare steak, mash potatoes, salad, and a bottle of red wine. “This looks delicious,” he said from behind. I turned to face him. He was wearing back jeans, a white tee, and a royal blue blazer, looking hot as hell.

“Not more than you,” I teased him, placing my hands behind his neck, giving a peck on his cheeks.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

“Why?” I asked, worried.

“I should be the one taking you out on fancy dates, but here I am,” he looks hurt.

“Hey, this was our idea to hide the relationship, and I know how much you want to take me out, but the place doesn’t matter, as long as I’m with you,” I said, holding his face.

“You have no idea, How glad I am to have you in my life,” he said, touching our foreheads.

He pulled the chair for me. We sat across each other. Enjoying, the dinner and wine, having light conversation. I place the dished on the sink and was about to clean when his hand snaked around my waist.

“Let it be, the maids will take care of it tomorrow,” he said, taking my hand leading me to the living room.

“What are we doing here?” He took the remote control and pressed a button, and Jazz music came out from the music player.

“Shall we?” I took his hand, and we dance to the sexy music. He turned me, so my back was on his front. Sliding my hair, exposing my neck, he left butterfly kisses. My head went back, giving him more excess.

Carrying me bridal style, he places me on the couch, his lips meet mine for a hungry kiss, I remove my heels seeking comfort. Running my hands on his chest, removing his blazer. Lips moving in sync, tongues fighting for dominance which, he won, obviously. My back hit the couch, him towering my body. His lips left my mouth but attack my neck leaving his marks.

His touch, kisses feel so good. Our fantasy moment broke apart when Chase called my name.

“Anna,” We pulled apart, adjusting our clothes. Moments later, Chase came into the living room.

“What happened, baby?” I asked.

“I am thirsty,” he said, rubbing his sleepy eyes. I glance at Zach, whose cheeks were red from the embarrassment.

I went to the kitchen and filled a glass of water. Giving it to Chase, he finished it quickly. He must to very thirsty, I thought.

Zach took Chase inside his room and came after some moments. “I told you, the maids would have done that,” he said while watching me doing dishes.

“It’s no big deal, and I don’t like leaving dirty dishes overnight,” I said and washed my hands, taking out the apron.

“That was close,” he said. “I don’t think, I’ll able to keep my hands off you, Anna,” he said, coming closer to me.

I could see the look of desire in his eyes, which was only for me. “Me too, but we will pass this phase, with flying colors, we have to wait for the right moment,” I said, kissing the top of his perfectly straight nose.

After a long good night kiss, we went inside our room. I got changed into my nightdress, and fall asleep.


Next week is Thanksgiving, and I want to visit my hometown. I haven’t told Zach about it yet. I would be happy if he and Chase would tag along with me, but it’ll be too soon. I’m not sure if he is ready to meet my parents.

“Morning,” Zach said, kissing my cheeks.

“Good morning,” I smiled, and we headed to the dining area for breakfast. I place Chase on his chair and set across Zach.

Zach and Chase exchange their morning wishes, and we begin to eat out food.

“Zach, I would be visiting my parents for Thanksgiving next week. So, I would be gone for 3 days,” I said, circling the spoon on my plate.

“Oh, hmm...When will you be leaving?” he asked.

“A day before Thanksgiving,” he nodded his head, not saying anything.

“I’ll miss you, Anna,” Chase said, with an almost crying face.

“Aww.. my baby. I’ll miss you more,” I said, picking him to my lap. I feed him breakfast while Zach keeps quiet the entire time.

Later in the evening, Zach came from his work, looking tired.

“Welcome home, how was work?” I asked, taking his bag.

“It was tiring,” he sat on the couch, beside me. John came with a glass of water and left.

“Is something wrong?” I asked.

“Why would you think that?” he replied.

“The moment, I mention Thanksgiving, you have been quiet.”

“I was thinking of ways, how to spend three days without you, I will miss you, badly,” I rest my head on his chest, hugging him tightly.

“You could tag along with me,” I said, and his hand freeze on my back. I must have caught him off guard. I pulled my head, facing him, “hey! I was kidding,” Actually, I’m not. “I’ll be back in no time,” I assured him and made my way to the kitchen to make coffee for him.

“I was thinking about telling my parents about us,” Zach said when I place the coffee on his office desk.

“What? Are you sure? Would they be happy?” I asked, getting panic.

“Hey, calm down, they would love us being together,” he said, holding my face between his palm. “I think it’s time, they should know, I was thinking about inviting them over dinner this Saturday. What do you think?” He asked.

“Well, I’m nervous for sure,” he chuckled. “But, We have to tell them sooner or later.”

“Perfect. I will call them later tonight.” He said, pulling me for a hug.


“Hmmm,” he hmm, hinting me to continue.

“I am worried about Chase. Will he be alright with me being your girlfriend,” I said, pulling away from his hold.

“He has not seen me with any other women besides Maria. So, I don’t know, What his reaction will be? But there is one thing, I am sure about.”

I raised my eyebrows, waiting for him to complete his sentence. “When he will know, you are the one, I’m madly in love with, he’ll be the happiest kid on the whole planet,”

“You can’t be that sure, he loves me but seeing me as his father’s girlfriend would be a huge shock for him,” I said, making a pout.

“There is only one way to find out.” He said, kissing on my pout. I left his office and made my way to Chase’s room. “Hey, baby. Did you complete your painting?”

“Yes, see!” he passed me his painting.

“Let’s see, what have you made,” I said, all excited. “Is it a family picture,” I asked?

“Yes, this is me, and daddy, and grandma, grandpa, and you. And here in the sky, the star is mommy,” he said, pointing to every individual.

“I am also family, Chase?” I asked, holding back my tears. He nodded his head, giving me a heart-melting smile. I put down the painting and hold out my arms, he came rushing to hug me. I hold him tightly, kissing the top of his head.

Maybe, Zach was right. Chase will like me as Zach’s girlfriend. A heavyweight lifted from my chest, with the thought, I close my eyes, feeling the love of this little angle.


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