The Nanny Diaries

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Chapter 2

Anna's POV

Beep Beep

I woke up with an annoying sound of my alarm. It's 7 am. I went to my bathroom and completed my morning rituals. I live alone in my 1Bhk apartment in NewYork, Well I have a decent income So, why not. I work at The Nanny Diaries. You guys must be thinking what's that? Well, it's a company that trained girls and women like us to become a perfect Nanny. Being a Nanny is not someone's dream job but still people are doing it to have bread on their plate, and that's where we come, nanny's from our company are well qualified and trained for child care and we have certain policies where nanny's wouldn't feel inferior about their job. They get proper respect and a good amount of salary according to their experiences jut like in any other job, and we get hired by any kind of family but mostly rich and elite families because they can afford us.

I have always loved kids and I have a diploma in Childcare and Education. So, it was certainly one of the best jobs for me. I want to set up my own company which will provide nannies for all kinds of family, not just the rich one. It's my dream.

I went to the kitchen to make myself breakfast. After 20 minutes, I finish making some pancakes, an omelet, and a cup of coffee. I have a big appetite and breakfast is very important to start your day. After breakfast, I went to my bedroom to change. I have to reach my office at 9.

Driving for 20 minutes, and I finally reached my office. I have a new client waiting for me. It's not a huge company but we have achieved a good number of clients and they are mostly good, dealing with rich people can be frustrating sometimes but we have learned to be patient.

After parking my car, I went inside the lobby.

"Goodmorning Anna" Jenny our receptionist said with a cheerful smile.

"Goodmorning Jenny" I replied with a smile. We are a family here with positive people and the environment.

I went inside my small cabin. Not all the nannies get this advantage, I am a senior and had the most number of clients. It's been five months that I am working from the office and helping in the training for the amateurs. But I still miss being with the kids. I was working on a file when I got a call on the intercom." Hello, Caroline" I greet my Boss.

"Hello, Anna. Come to the office please." Caroline said, "Okay, I'll be there in a moment." I said and hang up.

I close my file and went to Caroline's office. I knock on the door and waited for a "Come in" sound.

I open the door and saw a sweet smile lingering on Caroline's face and turn left to see a man around fifty sitting on the couch. He was a very good-looking man I must say.

"Anna, meet Mr. William Knight, a self-made billionaire who owns more than ten restaurants overall America," Caroline said while trying to keep her excitement at bay. I can understand her feeling, it's our first time dealing with a billionaire so it's a huge opportunity for us, we can't lose it.

" Anna Brown, It's an honor to meet you, Mr. Knight." I extended my hand for a handshake and he politely excepted it.

"The pleasure is all mine, Young lady." He said with a charming smile.

I sat opposite the couch where Mr. knight was sitting. I was feeling nervous but I controlled my emotions and waited for him to proceed.

"Mrs, Jones, as I said before, I need a perfect Nanny for my grandson. Who can handle all the responsibilities, My son is out of the country so, I and my wife were taking care of him but two days ago my wife had an accident which causes her a minor leg fracture. She can't take care of him so, we decided to appoint a nanny." Mr. Kinght said with a sad expression.

"Sorry to hear about Mrs, Knight. Hope she recovered soon." Caroline said sincerely. "We have potential nannies but for you Mr. Knight, we have the best right in front of you," Caroline said excitedly pointing at me.

That statement caught me off guard but soon I recovered from it. It was a great opportunity and I was missing being in the field. "It would my pleasure," I said with a bright smile.

"It's a deal then." Mr. Knight said and hand Caroline the file which has all the information we need to know about his grandson. We shake our hand again and Caroline went to escort Mr. Knight to his car. I took the file and waited for Caroline.

Caroline entered with a huge smile on her face. For a 38-year-old, she surely behaves like a teenager sometimes.

"Anna, You can't believe how much Mr. Knight is paying for our service. He is a very potential clients so we have to make a great impression. You have to be there at 10 in the morning the after tomorrow and you will be there 24/7." Caroline said all this in a single breath.

"A full-time nanny? What about my apartment? I just leaed it a few months ago, when you told me I don't have to work in the field anymore." I asked with confusion lingered on my face.

"Relax, Anna. It just for two months and you don't have to worry about the apartment's rent it will be handled by the company. I would have chosen somebody else but I wanted someone best to do this job." I nodded after hearing her.

" I should go and complete some pending work then I will take my leave for today and read the file and call you later," I said and leave her cabin.

Later, that day, I completed all my work and decided to leave early. I have to prepare for the job and start my packing.

I reached my place, park the car, and went inside the building. I took the elevator and pressed 4. the elevator stopped at my floor and I got out. I pull out my keys and opened the door and place the bag and file near the coffee table and went to my bedroom to fresh and up. I changed into a short and crop top.

I took the file and start reading it. After 30 minutes I put the file on the table and went to the kitchen to make dinner.

While making dinner, I thought about Chase Knight, the baby I will soon take care of. His mother died a year ago in an accident and he is only two years old. His father is not around here to look after him. I felt disappointment towards his father, How could he live his child for his stupid work. But that's none of my business, anyway, that's why we have a job because people like him can't have time to look after their kids.

"I am excited to meet you, Mr. Chase Knight," I said with a smile.


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