The Nanny Diaries

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Chapter 29

Anna’s POV

Excited, Nervous, Conscious, Scared. These are the terms I’m feeling right now. Holding a note pad, writing down the dishes which I’m going to make tonight for Zach’s parents. They will be here tonight and we are gonna apprise them about our relationship. Tons of scenarios are juggling on my mind, How will they react? What they are, gonna say about us, being together? etc, etc. Heading to the kitchen with my notepad, double-checking the ingredient needed for the food, I start cooking.

Martha is assisting me with the chopping and all small chores. Stirring, the white sauce, my mind went back to the conversation we had with Chase yesterday over dinner.

“Chase,” Zach called him while putting pasta on his plate.

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Anna and I, we have something to tell you.” His curious blue eyes went from Zach to mine, looking us back and forth. “”

“What is it, Daddy?” Chase asked when found, Zach a bit hesitant.

“Buddy, You love Anna, right.” Chase nodded his head, looking at me with a wide smile. “You know what, I love her too.” My eyes go wide with his bluntness.

What a smart way to confess? I thought, shaking my head.

“Zach! That’s not how you do it,” I said, almost like a whisper. He shrugged his shoulder, giving me his pleading eyes to take over with the conversation.

“Ok!, Chase, What Daddy wants to say is; you remember when I told you about the story of prince and princess.”

“Yes, the prince meets the princess, they love each other, and happy ever after.” He replied with a proud face.

“Exactly. So, just like the princess, I found my prince.”

“Really! Who is he?” Chase said, all excited.

“That would be me, buddy.” Zach jumped into our conversation. “I am the prince who is madly in love with this princess,” he said, looking straight in my eyes.

I could feel the heat on my face. The intensity Zach has while confronting his love for me was full of passion and sincerity.

Chase jumped from his seat and came to my side to hug me. “Is that mean you are gonna be with us forever?” Chase innocently asked, staring at my face, waiting for his answer. I glance at Zach, maybe diverting Chase’s questions as my own.

“That’s right, Chase. She would be with us forever,” He rose from his chair and walked our way. Chase is sitting on my lap, putting his head on my chest. “Buddy, Are you fine with Anna being my girlfriend?” Zach asked, stroking Chase’s hair.

“I wanted Anna to be my girlfriend, but it’s okay if she is yours, as long as she stays with us,” Chase replied, smiling coyly. We laughed at his response, and he soon joined us.

“My naughty monkey, don’t worry, you will get your princess when you grow up,” Zach replied, pinching his chubby cheeks.

“I know. Anna has told me.” Chase said, hugging even tightly.

Martha’s constant calling brought me back to the present.

“Yes!” I turned to witness a worried-looking Martha.

“Where are you lost, honey?”

“Nothing. You were calling?” I asked.

“Oh, yes. How do you want the steak to be?” She asked, holding the tray of steaks.

“Medium.” With that said, we resume our cooking.

After an hour, Martha and I completed the task in hand. John set the table while I ran to my room to get ready. Zach must be on this way from his office. I select my knee-length velvet royal blue dress. It was off-shoulder and was classy, fit for the occasion. I went inside the bathroom for a quick shower after putting the dress on the bed.

I decide to let loose my brown hair into natural waves, keeping with the minimal makeup. I put on the dress and nude heels, making my way to the hall. “Does Zach arrived yet?” I asked John, who was placing the food on the table.

“Yes, half an hour ago. He will join you shortly. And Anna, you look lovely,” he said.

" That’s great. Well, thank you, John,” I gave him a sweet smile. The sound of the doorbell made us alert to the arrival of Sohpia and William.

“That must be them,” I said and made my way to open the door.

“Oh! my Anna. You look beautiful,” Sophia said, engulfing me in a bone-crushing hug.

“Honey, let her breath,” William said in a sarcastic tone. I laugh at his comment whereas, Shopia gave a playful glare at him.

“It’s so good to see you both,” I said.

“You look lovely, dear,” William said, giving me a side hug.

We three, enter inside the hall when Chase came running to hug his grandparents.

“Grandpa, grandma. I missed you,” he almost screams and hugged both their legs.

“We missed you too, my baby, look! How tall you are now,” Sophia coos kissing his cheeks.

Rushed footsteps from upstairs shifted our attain to a breathless Zach. “Sorry, I’m late,” he made his way to Sophia and William and hugged each of them wearing an embarrassed and sorry look.

“That’s fine son, but don’t make that a habit,” William teases him like a kid, which made all of us have a good laugh.

We all head to the dining area, where the delicious food was waiting for us. Exchanging warm greeting with John, both Sophia and William took their respective seats. Chase sat next to Sophia, who was sitting on the right of William. On the left of William sat Zach, and I sat next to him.

Dinner went well, and after tucking Chase to bed, I joined Zach and his parents in the living room for a warm tea. Now was the time of confession, which was harder, than I imagine.

“Mom, Dad. I...I have something to tell you,” Zach initiates.

“Sure, What’s the matter?” William said while Sophia gave a single nod to continue.

Zach got up from his seat and walked my way, holding out a hand for me to take. Staring our way was a surprised looking Sohpia and a confused William eagerly waiting for us to explain ourselves.

“Anna and I are, we are together,” Zach said.

“Together as in together... together,” William asked, raising his eyebrows.

“Oh, William. What other meaning does it have in your silly dictionary?” Sophia rose from the couch and rushed our way.

“You are serious, right? Zach, you are dating her?” Sophia asked. I was waiting for a judgemental look from both of them, but it never came, much to my surprise, Sophia’s eyes were holding back crystal-like tears of relief.

“It is Mom, I am dating her, we are in love,” Zach said taking Sophia’s hand.

“Oh, my baby. Finally found what he deserves?” Sophia hugged Zach. Wiping her tears, she pulled Zach’s ear. “When did it happen? and, Why are we getting this information this late?” the drastic change of personality made me laugh but, I was holding it, didn’t want to make her pissed.

“Ouch! mom, it hurts,” Zach cried in pain.

“You better answer her question, young man, and you Anna, Would you do the honors to complete the story?” William diverts the attention towards me.

“Ah...Actually,” I babbled with my words with a red face full of embarrassment.

“Mom, Dad. It has just been a few weeks, and we wanted to be sure before telling or making it official to the public. Anna here still has not talked about us to her family. We wanted to take things slow for now. I hope you guys understand and will not stay mad at us.”

“We are not mad at you. In fact, we are happy with this surprise,” Sophia said.

“We love Anna, she is a great person, and we are happy that, she is in your life,” William added.

“Does Chase knows about you too?” Sophia asked.

“Actually, we told him yesterday. He is happy about us,” Sophia sighed in relief.

“But When did it happen? I remembered you both being so awkward with each other.” Sophia asked, pulling me to sit next to her on the couch.

“Mom,” Zach said in a stern tone.

“What? Couldn’t I be a bit curious about my son’s love life?” Sophia shrugged and continue with her questions.

“Dad, Would you mind?” Zach turned to William for help, for which he gave him a ”put me out of it" look.

Narrating the love story as Sophia refers, the awkward moment passed away, William and Sophia soon left for their home.

“Well, that went better than expected,” Zach said, pulling me into his arms.

“I love you,” I said, kissing him on the tip of his nose.

“And I love you too.” He nuzzles his face on the joint of my neck and shoulder, taking a deep breath.

“What’s the matter?” I know something is bothering him.

“You are going to Boston tomorrow, So, I’m inhaling your scent for my survival, it’s more like oxygen to me.”

Taking his face between my palm, I kissed him. Snaking his arms around my waist, pulling me closer, he deepens the kiss.

“Will it be enough for the survival,” I repeat his words, holding back my smile.

“You will be the death of me,” With that said, we kissed again.


The candy floss looking cloud always makes me want to jump out of the plane and have my way with them. I mean, come on they look delicious. I’m on my way to surprise my family for Thanksgiving. They have no idea about my plans. Leaving Zach and Chase was hard, the poor kid looked so sad while dropping me at the airport. Zach was behaving more like a baby than Chase. After a tough goodbye, I got on the plane.

I called a cab and gave the address to the driver, this is home, my home. Coming back feel so great after these years, many things have changed but still feels so warm and familiar. The cab pulled off in front of the driveway of my house. Getting out of the cab, the driver took my luggage out. After paying him, I made my way to the entrance.

I pressed the doorbell like the naughty kid, I am, waiting to see the shocked faces of my family.

“Hold it, hold it. I am coming,” Dad’s annoying and rushed voice, can be heard, from the closed door.

The door swings open, and the frown on his face quickly changed into pure happiness, like the kid on a Christmas morning.

“Sweet lord, Anna,” I rushed for a warm hug, which I have been missing for so long. “What a wonderful surprise,” he kissed my forehead.

“Honey, look who’s here?” He called mom, and she came from the kitchen, holding a spatula.

“Anna! my baby” she almost ran my way hugging me tightly as if I will fly far from her.

“I missed you, all of you,” I said, wiping the tears from the back of my hand. “Where’s Ava?” I asked, looking for my little sister.

“She has gone to buy some groceries from the store, I am making a red velvet cake, your favorite,” mom said with a big smile.

“Talk about perfect timings,” I laughed, hugging both my parents.

Perfect Day. I wish Zach and Chase were here with me too, I miss them already.


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