The Nanny Diaries

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Chapter 32

Anna’s POV

Zach did surprise me; while I was playing with, Chase, he managed to organize the dinner table with candles, flowers, with the help of hotel staff off course. He order my favorites, and we enjoyed our time together. I left right after tucking Chase to bed. Zach wanted me to stay longer, but I have to get back home early to tell dad about Zach and me. I’m on my way home, real nervous. I hope he will take this news calmly.

I pulled the car into the driveway; stepping out of it. Walking inside the house, I notice mom and dad were in the living room. I put my bag on the table beside the door, heading their way. “Hey, mom, dad.”

“Hey, honey. How was your dinner?” mom asked.

“It was fun,” I said, taking a seat across them.

“Dad, Mom, I have something to tell you guys,” I said. Mom gave me an encouraging smile, and I proceed further.

“Dad, there is someone I like,” there was the pregnant pause, I was waiting for his reaction, but he just smiled at me.

“That’s great news, honey, Who is he? Do we know him?” Dad asked his usual questions. Well, it was better than I expected.

“You don’t him, he is from New York,” I was rubbing my hands, nervous to utter the words. “He is my client. Whom I am working right now, Zach Knight,” Dad was holding a surprised expression, and mom was trying hard to copy him. She didn’t want him to know that she knows just yet.

“Anna, he is your client, has a kid and, he is a billionaire. You know how rich people are; full of themselves and arrogant,” he said, a little harshly but full of concern.

I rushed to his side and hold his hands, “Dad, I know how rich people can be, but he is different, he loves me, and I love him and Chase so much. He is not some rich spoil playboy who disrespects people.”

“But how could you so sure, Jennifer, say something to her,” he turned towards mom.

“Michael, maybe he does love her, our baby is smart she would never choose any random stupid man for herself, I think we should give that guy a chance to prove himself,” hearing mom, he nodded his head.

“Fine, I will see where this goes.” He patted my head like he used to do when I was a kid.

“Actually, he is here.”

“What!!” Dad almost shouted.

“Michael, my ear,” mom said, closing her ears.

“What is he doing here?”

“Dad, he came this morning to visit me, said he misses me.” My face heated up, mentioning it.

“You are smitten by him. What has he done to my precious daughter?” Dad exhale, and I hugged him.

“I invited him and Chase for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, I hope you don’t mind?” I said, facing him.

“That’s alright dear, it will be great to meet him now, I have to make sure he is good for you.”

“Oh, come on. Be gentle to him, for Pete’s sake,” mom said. I do give him my puppy dog eyes, and he agreed.

“Fine, Fine I will be nicer,” he said, hugging mom and me.

“Hey! family hug, and you left me out,” Ava came from upstairs, complaining. I hold out my hand, and she rushed to join.

Later, before going to bed, I messaged Mia to meet me at our usual spot, a cafe down the street, I have to tell her about Zach, after this, I am not sure when I would meet her next with our busy life. I called Zach, filling him with the conversation held between Dad and me. It was the first time I feel him being so nervous.


It’s 8 in the morning, and I’m on my way to meet Mia. There is so much work at home, preparing food and all, I have to wrap up my meeting sooner. I pulled my car at the parking and steps out of it. I enter inside, the place was crowded, roaming my eyes to find a familiar figure.

“Anna!” I turned left and saw a blond waving her hand at me. I waved back at my friend, rushing to the table.

“This place still looks the same,” I comment, for which she nodded. “How’s Nick?” I asked for her boyfriend.

“He is in California, he has this stupid project to complete.”

“ poor angle, you must be missing him.”

“Well, duh...anyways enough about me, tell me what’s going on in your life.”

“I have a boyfriend,” I came straight to the point.

“What!” her voice startles some customers around us; I smile politely on her behalf to them.

“Keep it low, M.”

“When did it happen? Who is he? Is he hot?”

“One question at a time,” she nodded, grinning. “He is Zach.”

“Okay,” she said. “Wait. Zach as in Zach Knight, the billionaire, your client. OH MY GOD!!”

“Relax Mia, take a deep breath,” I handed her the glass of water. A teenage boy came to take our order, and I gave both our orders to him cause Mia was still shocked.

“I can’t believe it; He loves you, right? I mean, you know what I mean.”

“I know. And yes, he loves me. Remember, yesterday. He came all the way here cause he was missing me; he is sweet and caring. I love him.”

“ bestie finally found her soulmate,” she came and hugged me, our order soon arrived, and we start eating.

“You have told your parents yet,” she asked.

“Yes, they are happy too, I have invited him for dinner tonight. When are you going back to California? I want you guys to meet.”

“I would love to meet him, but I’m going to California early morning tomorrow. Maybe next time, we could do a double date.” I nodded my head, liking her suggestion.

We left the cafe and headed to our different directions. I did some last minutes shopping from the mart and drive home. In the kitchen, mom was preparing for lunch, and I went to help her.

Later that evening, after all the cooking, I was in my room to get ready. I pulled out a knee-length spaghetti straps black dress; with black heels. Curling my brown hair in waves, putting eyeliner, red matte lipstick, and some foundation, I was almost ready. It’s 7; Zach must be here any moment.

I walked downstairs, dad was in the living room, and mom was in the kitchen; the doorbell ringed when I was making my way to the kitchen.

“That must be them,” I said and rushed to open the door.

“Hi,” I said after opening the door.

“Hi, you look gorgeous,” he said, kissing my cheeks.

“Thank you. You don’t look bad yourself,” Who am I kidding? He is looking hot as hell in his black tux.

“Oh my, look who is here looking so handsome,” I said holding my hand for Chase.

“Happy Thanksgiving, Anna,” he said, giving me a small bouquet.

“Happy Thanksgiving, Chase, these are lovely; come on in. My parents are waiting to meet you.”

I enter the living room holding Chase’s hand; Zach was following me. “Dad, Mom. This is Chase, and this is Zach Knight.” I introduced them.

“Oh, he is lovely,” mom said, looking at Chase. The little man wave his hand shyly to my parents.

“Pleasure to meet you, ma’am,” Zach said, coming in the front. “This is for you, thank you for having us tonight,” Zach passed a basket to mom, which has wine and some expensive chocolates.

“Why did you bother, we are happy to meet you, and please call me Jennifer,” mom said politely taking the basket.

“Nice to meet you, sir,” Zach said to my dad, holding his hand for a shake.

Dad took his precious time to observe Zach before taking his hand. I exhale with relief.

Mia run downstairs looking beautiful, “Mia, this is Zach my boyfriend, and this little cutie is Chase.”

“Hi, I’m Mia. You are exactly like she told you, hot and handsome,” I elbowed her to keep quiet.

“Well, good to know, that I am admired by this beautiful,” Zach teases, making me blush.

“The food is ready,” mom called us from the kitchen, and we went to the dining area. We all settle in the chair. Dad on the head of the table, mom by his right, Mia beside mom, and I was on the left of dad. Chase was sitting between me and Zach. We thanked every person who made our life happy and supported us and begin to eat while having small chat.

“Zach, you love my daughter,” Dad asked all of a sudden, causing Zach to choke.

“Michael! Mom scolded him.

“You okay,” I passed Zach a glass of water.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” he said between coughing. “Sorry. To answer your question, sir. Yes, I love Anna very much. She has been a great support and healer in my life. She made me feel alive when I was almost dead inside. Her smile, her innocence. I can’t thank enough god for sending her in our lives.”

I was holding back my tears, but mom failed it; she has tears in her eyes, and so does Ava. Chase was looking around, confused. Dad gave him a pleasing smile.

“I hope you will never break my daughter’s heart, or else I will beat your ass.”

“Dad! a kid is here,” I scold him.

“Oops, sorry,” he said, holding up his hands. We all had a big laugh and the dinner went super well.

I was packing my bags, we will be living tomorrow after lunch. Zach was having a light conversation with my parents and Ava and Chase were playing in her room. I walked to the living room where the three of them were talking.

“Hey, guys, having fun?” I asked, taking a seat beside Zach.

“Yes, we are. You sure, you have to go tomorrow,” mom being emotional asked me.

“I would love to but have to go, it was how I planned, the only difference is I am going in Zach’s private jet,” She nodded her head anyway.

“Why don’t you planned some time to visit Anna, my parents would love to meet you,” Zach suggested.

“That’s a wonderful idea, maybe after New year. Before that, our schedule is quite packed.” Dad said.

“It’s done then,” I announced.


“WOW!! it’s beautiful,” I said, admiring the jet. We are heading to New York, Last night was amazing, my parents love Zach and Chase. We all had a great time together.

“It is, but nothing in front of you,” Zach whisper near my ear. Chase is sleeping in the bedroom which was inside the jet. Pushing Zach a bit I got comfortable on my couch, it’s so soft. He begins to do some work, while I fall asleep.

“Hey! wake up,” I woke up to somebody shaking my shoulder. Opening my eyes, I saw Chase and Zach leaning over me. I sit straight rubbing my eyes. “Fasten your seat belt we are about to land.”

I nodded my head and secure my belt. We land and after some time, we were out of the jet, I was carrying Chase in my arms, Mike was there holding out the car door for us. We went inside the car, the staff put the languages in the trunk, Mike drive us home.

HOME it does sounds, familiar now.



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