The Nanny Diaries

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Chapter 33

Anna’s POV

“Thank you, John. How was your holiday?” I asked John; he also came back visiting his family this morning.

“It was great, Anna, thanks for asking. Shall I take this for you,” I nodded my head at him. We just came home from the Airport, and I made some snacks for all of us.

Walking to the living room, where Chase is playing with his toys and Zach is busy with his laptop.

“I made some snacks,” I said, putting the hot chocolates on the table. John left placing, cookies and chips beside it.

“It looks delicious, thank you, Love,” Zach pulled me to his side, pecking on my lips.

“Chase, come on, have some food first.”

“Okay,” he said, walking to my way. I put him on my lap, and he takes a sip of hot chocolate.

“Be careful; it’s hot,” I said.

My phone buzzed, which was laying on the table in front of us; my hands were busy so, Zach picked it for me; glancing at the ID, his expression changes.

“Who’s calling?” I asked.

“It’s Mason. Why is he calling you?” He asked.

“He is my friend, and Are you still jealous of him?” I asked teasingly. I put Chase down, and he went inside his room to play with his toys.

“No, I’m not jealous.” I shake my head at his silly excuse. “And FYI, he is my best friend first; Shouldn’t he be calling me?”

I didn’t have an answer for that, he is right.

“He must have something to tell me,” I said, taking my phone from his hand.

“Hey, Mason,” I answered.

“Hey. How are you? Having fun? Are you back yet?” His voice was loud enough for Zach to hear. Zach shakes his head, asking me to lie.

“Yeah, It’s great. I’m not back yet, will be home by tomorrow,” Zach gave me a pleasing smile, which made me roll my eyes.

“Okay, I’ll catch up with you tomorrow then, have fun. Goodbye.”

“Sure, bye,” I hang up the call and faced a satisfied looking Zach.


“What?” he asked, rather innocently.

“What was that for, me lying to Mason and all.”

“I just wanted to spend some time with you, that’s all. Have all your attention, love,” he pulled me on his lap, holding me tightly.

“That’s not the whole point, you just act weirdly when it comes to Mason,” I face him, holding his face.

He put his hands on top of mine, taking them near to his lips, leaving short kisses. “I’m sorry, it just I feel insecure, not just Mason, but any men.”

“You don’t have to, I’m with you because I love you, nobody has ever made me feel this way. The things you do to me, to my heart, to my body.”

“Love, you have no idea, how much I want you right now,” pulling me closer, Zach place his lips on my color bone. His kisses made me lose my mind. Lifting his face, I kissed him. The lust, the love, the passion we have for each other made the kiss hotter than ever.

He bit my lower lip, earning a moan from me. I was strangling him. The kiss was passionate, his tongue licked my lips, asking for entrance, which I gladly gave. It was hard to breathe so, we broke the kiss, but he dragged his lips to my jaw.

“Made me stop, Anna, or else, I will take you right here,” his husky voice was such a turn on, but his waring brought me back to reality, and I pushed him slightly to stop our intimate moment.

“I think we should stop now,” I said in between my heavy breathing. His eyes were dark, full of desires. I know he didn’t want to stop but nodded his head anyway.

“I have to make some calls, be in the office. Come in, if need anything,” I get up from his lap, adjusting my top.

“Sure, I’m going to Chase’s room; see what’s he doing?” We left the room, heading our separate way.


“So, the moral of the story is, Money and wealth do not always bring happiness.”

"Love is the key,” Chase said, making me proud.

“Indeed, love is the key. Well, enough stories for today, be a good boy and sleep tight,” I kissed him good night.

“Good night, Anna,” he said before closing his eyes. Leaving his room, I made my way to the living room.

“Care to join?” I turned around and found Zach holding a bottle of wine with two glasses.


We sat near the fireplace, enjoying the heat. Pouring the wine in the glass, we take a sip.

“Hmmm... It’s delicious,” I complimented the wine, so good.

“It’s Romanee-Conti; it came from the single vineyard.”

“Well, I don’t know anything about wine, but it is nice,” I told him, enjoying myself.

After almost finishing the bottle, we were slightly tipsy.

“You are beautiful, Anna,” I was sitting in front of him, on the fluffy rug. His voice near my ear tingled my body.

His lips were on the nape of my neck, leaving butterfly kisses.

“Uhmmm...“I bend my head, giving him better excess.

His lips were giving me pleasures, making me melt in his arms. I turned to face him; taking control, I smashed my lips on his.

“I like when my girl is in control,” Zach said in a husky tone, encouraging me. Taking me by surprise, he lifts me, heading upstairs. Without breaking the kiss, we enter my bedroom; he shut the door by his leg and puts me on the bed.

He was staring at me with desire and love. I pulled my top, throwing it away. “You sure?” he asked.

“Never been this sure in my life,” without wasting further second, he was hovering over me. I pulled his shirt, and soon we were under the blanket, naked. Sex was never this beautiful before; maybe, this was not just sex. We were making love; A passionate love.

“I love you,” he said, kissing my forehead.

“I love you more,” I replied, blushing hard.

The most memorable night of my life, being in Zach’s arm. Holding each other, we drift off to sleep.


The bright sunlight greeted me good morning, rubbing my eyes, I turned and found the other side empty, and cold.

“Where is Zach?” I said to myself. Does he regret what happened yesterday? All the thoughts came rushing to my mind. The click sound broke my train of thought.

“Morning, beautiful,” Zach was standing by the door, holding a tray of coffee. The scene ahead of me gave me the answer to my silly question.

“Morning,” I said, pulling the blanket to cover my naked body; smirking at my action, he came towards the bed, putting the tray on the side table.

“You don’t have to hide it, you know. I’ve seen everything last night,” My jaw dropped at his comment.

He laughed, looking at my reaction, “See your face, it’s as red as a tomato,” he laughed again.

“You like making fun of me, fine. I will not have your coffee and don’t even bother to talk to me,” I attempted to leave the bed, but Zach has better plans; he grabbed my hand, stopping me. He pushed me on the bed; coming on top of me, keeping my hand above my head. I tried to move my hand, but his hold was strong.

“Where are you going, Love?” his face was few inches away from mine, his minty breath fanning my skin. I turned my face to the left when his lips were about to touch mine. He start torturing my jawline, making it hard to resist, “you can’t deny the temptation, love. Your body, your soul, is all mine to Devore,” he used his one hand to hold my hands and use his other one to turn my face. “I could certainly use this view after waking up,” he said, roaming his eyes all around my face and body, making me blush even more.

He came close, lips just a few inches away, “morning breath,” I said, being embarrassed.

“Do I care?” I was about to protest when his lips claimed mine in a heated kiss. The words which I was going to say faded from my mind.

“Uhmm...the coffee will get cold,” I said, breaking the kiss. We sat straight. Zach passed me my cup of coffee.

“How’s it?” he asked, taking a sip himself.

“It’s good,” I answered truthfully, it is good.

A sudden realization flashed in my mind, “Condom!!!” I shout, making Zach choke on his coffee.

“What?” he asked, between his cough.

“We forgot to use condoms yesterday,” I replied, looking everywhere except him.

“Fuck! I’m sorry, I should have been more careful about that, but I’m clean,” he said, being sincere.

“I’m not blaming you, and it’s my fault too; it just that we have to be careful in the future,” I said, rubbing his hand.

He nodded his head, “Well, I don’t mind a little Anna, though,” he teases me, putting a strand of hair behind my ear.

“Zach!” I pushed him away, getting off the bed, holding the blanket around my naked body. He laughed, coming my way.

“I have an early meeting today, so, have to leave right away; you and Chase have fun and miss me,” he said and kissed me on the lips.

“Bye,” I replied. Zach left my room, and I headed to the bathroom.

After changing into blue jeans and a brown sweater, I made my way to Chase’s room to wake him up.

“Hey, buddy, good morning,” he was quite awake before I got in. I carried him to the bathroom and gave him a warm bath. Changing him into warm clothes, we came into the dining area.

“Good morning, John,” Chase and I said, in a singing tone.

“Good morning, Anna, Chase,” he replied with a bright smile.

John was placing the food when the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it,” I said and headed to open the front door. Opening the door, I got face to face with a girl, a year or two older than me, with straight blonde hair and blue eyes, her appearance was rich and classy. She looked at me, head to toe, with a strange expression.

“Who are you?” She asked in a blank tone.

“Anna. And Who are you?” I asked in the same tone.

“Emily!” A third voice came from behind the blonde girl.


Q; Who is Emily?

A; I have mentioned her in my previous chapters; be attentive guys.

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