The Nanny Diaries

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Chapter 34

Zach’s POV

“Emily?” She turned my way, making it clear that it’s none other than my friend Emily. “What a pleasant surprise?”

“Zach!” she ran to me, and we hugged each other. “I missed you so, much.”

“When did you come back? How was your training? Come on, let’s go in,” Anna was standing by the front door, looking dumbfounded.

“I just came from the airport, and the training was boring.” I shake my head, chuckling, ” Who is she, Zach?” Emily asked me, pointing at Anna. I walk behind Anna, securing her with both of my arms, I said, “Anna, this is my friend, Emily, and Emily, this is Anna, my girlfriend.”

“What!!” shocked would be an understatement. Emily’s face turn pale.

Anna and I share a look of concern and walking towards Emily. I shake her shoulder.

“Em, you okay?” I asked again.

“Oh, my god. When did it happen? How?” Emily ramble questions, shock still lingered on her face.

“It’s a long story, will tell you later. But right now, I have an important meeting, and I left a file in my office. I came to take it.”

Emily was still processing the situation when I added, “Let’s do one thing, dinner tonight here at 7, and I’ll tell you everything.” She looked at me and nodded her head.

“I should go now, am tired probably jetlag, I’ll be here at 7.” She came forward and hugged me. With that said, Emily turned and left.

“She didn’t look happy about us,” Anna said, playing with the hem of her top.

“Bullshit. She is just shocked, that’s all.” I hold her hands, kissing them firmly. “She knows how miserable I was after Maria, and moving on from that phase was impossible, but you made it easy.” She gave me her cute smile, and I bend to taste those delicious lips.

“Your meeting,” Anna said, breaking the kiss.

“Yes, my meeting. I’ll get the file from the locker,” I headed to my office and; press the code of the locker, taking out the brown file, I close the door behind me.

Anna was waiting for me in the living room, “Hey, invite Mason too, I want to tell both of my friends about us. It’s about time; they need to know.”

“Okay, What should I make for dinner? Anything specific they like?

“Italian will do and don’t overdo yourself, take Martha’s help,” I said, kissing her again; I left the house.

Anna’s POV

I hope what Zach said is correct, assuming right away is not appropriate. She is his friend and has every right to be concern about Zach. I would do the same when it comes to Mia. Throwing away the negative thoughts, I made my way to the dining table; Chase was still eating his breakfast, and I took a seat beside him, and start eating my own.

I placed Chase on the baby seat inside my car and took the driver’s seat. Some minutes later, I parked outside Kiddies. Stepping out of the car, I hold Chase’s hand, and we enter inside the playschool.

“Here you go, be a nice boy and have fun.” I kiss his both cheeks, and he ran inside his with the other kids.

After 30 minutes, I was back at the penthouse. I called Mason to invite him for dinner. “Hey, gorgeous,” his flirtatious voice greets me, making me roll my eyes.

“Hi, Mason,” I replied blandly.

" You are such a bore,” he said, making me chuckle. “there you are, my sweet little, Anna.”

“Enough your teasing, I have to tell you something.”

“What? Are you getting married? How could you do this, Anna? You know how much I love you?” Mason being Mason, all dramatic.

“Shut up, Will you? I am inviting you for dinner tonight here at 7. Emily will be here too.”

“Emily is here. When did she get back from her training? It’s been so long.” Mason said excitedly.

“You also know her,” I asked, to know more about her.

“Yeah, we four were together since high school. She is a sweetheart,” He mentioned, including Maria. I felt relied upon after hearing Mason; Maybe she is not that bad after all.

“She got back today, I think. So, Zach wanted to catch up with her, wanted to invite both of you for dinner,” I explain to him, and he agreed right away.

“That’s awesome. I’ll be there; see you later then.”

“Bye,” I hang up the call and went inside my bedroom.

Around 3 o’clock, I was back after picking Chase from his playschool. I gave him a warm bath and made snacks for him, he falls asleep after eating, and I made my way to the kitchen to make the menu for tonight’s dinner.

Martha and I were busy cooking when Zach came back from the office. I made black coffee and went up to his room. I knock on the door before entering.

The room was empty, and the sound of a running shower indicates his presence in the bathroom.

I placed the coffee on the side table and was about to turn when a wet set of hands wrapped around my waist, giving me goosebumps.

“Zach! You are making me wet,” I blurt out, unaware of my words.

“That’s very much my intention,” my eyes went wide, hearing him. He soft kisses around my neck, holding me tightly, could feel his naked chest. I subconsciously bend my head to give him better excess. My hand went back to his head, playing with his wet hair.

Turning me, around; his lips crashed on mine in a hungry kiss. The touch sends fire within my body, making me crave for more. He tastes like mint mixed with the fresh scent of after-shower. I grabbed his hair, earning a groan from him. He picked me up and placed my legs around his torso.

He sat on the couch without breaking the kiss, his hands roam all around my body, feeling every inch of it. “Zach...” I can’t help but moan his name.

“Yes, baby,” he said, between the kisses. I broke the kiss, placing my hand on his chest.

“As much as I love to continue this, we have guests to attain,” Zach pouts, making me laugh. I rose from his lap and adjust my clothes. He was looking delicious only in a white towel wrapped around his waist; his chiseled chest and toned body was full-on display.

“Like what you see?” Zach has this cocky smirk knowing his effects on me.

“I have seen better,” his smirk drops, and he got up instantly. Well, that’s my turn to smirk. I was about to leave the room when he grabbed my hand, making my body crashed to his tone one.

“What did you just say?” he asked, being possessive.

“Relax, I’m just kidding.” He realizes a sigh of relief. “You are so possessive,” I state, dropping his hand from my waist.

“Sorry, just the thought of you being with another man made me lose my sanity.”

“I am yours, and not going anywhere,” I promised him, holding his hand. “Your coffee is on the table; get ready. Your friends will be here in an hour.” He nodded his head, and I left his room, giving him some privacy.

“Dinner is ready; enjoy the night. I’m heading home,” Martha said when I enter the kitchen.

“Thank you for your help,” I hugged her.

“It’s my job, I should be the one thanking you,” smiling at her, I headed to my bedroom after she left.

I picked a semi-formal knee-length maroon dress. It was a V neck, with elbow-length sleeves. Wearing matching color heels, and applying a light shade of makeup, I was ready for the night.

I headed to Chase’s room to get him ready; after ten minutes. Chase and I are heading to the living room. Chase is wearing dark blue jeans and a white full sleeves turtle neck top. He is looking handsome, as usual.

Rushed footstep caught my attention, and I turn to face an extremely hot Zach. He was wearing black jeans, and a white button shirt tugged inside. And to complete the look, he had a maroon blazer.

“We are matching,” Zach said, coming towards me.

“Indeed,” he place a lingering kiss on my lips.

“Eww...” Chase states closing his eyes with both of his hands. We laugh at his action; Zach bends on his knee and pulls Chase’s hand.

“I should kiss you too,” Zach tired, kissing Chase on the lips, but Chase dodges him.

“Anna, save me.” I laughed but pulled Chase from Zach at the same time the doorbell ringed.

John quickly opened the door, and Mason came holding a white rose bouquet and a box.

“Uncle Mason,” Chase ran to hug his uncle.

“I missed you, Champ. Look, I got you chocolates.” He passed the box to Chase and walked to us.

“Anna, this is for you, and you are looking beautiful,” he said, and we hugged.

“Thank you.”

“Ahem!!” Zach clears his throat and holds out his arm to hug Mason.

“Oh, my friend got jealous, don’t worry Zach, no matter how beautiful Anna is, you will always be my favorite,” I can’t help but laugh at Mason’s words.

Only; if he knew.

Zach, playfully slap the back of Mason’s head and pulled him for a bro hug.

“Don’t leave me out, boys,” the female voice grab our attention. Emily was at the door, looking beautiful in her royal blue floor-length dress. She walked ahead and, joins the boys for the hug.

“Oh, my Chase, you are so big.” Emily kissed Chase’s cheeks, making him blush.

“Anna, you are looking beautiful, I must say, Zach always has eyes for pretty ladies,” Emily said, making me blush.

“Thank you, Emily. You are looking gorgeous,” She caught me off guard by hugging me.

“Wait a minute, am I missing something here,” Mason said, shifting his eyes from Zach to me to Emily.

“Don’t you know? they are dating.” Emily said.

“What? When did you? How? Really?” Mason asked, shocked.

“I’ll tell you guys but let’s head to the dinner table, the food will get cold,” Zach said, and we headed to the dining area.

Zach sat on his usual seat, me on his right side and Chase beside me. Emily sat on Zach’s left and Mason beside her.

We put the food on our plate and start eating.

“Okay, tell me now, how did this happen? Anna, are you allowed to date your client?” Mason blurt out, which slightly pinch me.

“Mason, who she dates, whom she dates, is none of your business,” Zach groans, not liking the way Mason put his words.

“Sorry, Anna.” I smiled, not making this a biggie.

″What client?″ Emily asked, getting all curious.

“I work at The Nanny Diaries. I’m Chase’s nanny.” I state proudly, am not ashamed of my profession at all.

“Oh, I have heard of that company providing trained nannies, my cousin has hired them; they give excellent service,” Emily states the matter of factly.

“Yeah, that’s the one,” I confirmed.

“Wow, that’s cool,” she said, and we resume to eat. Zach precisely told them our story, which made them laugh and aww at the same time.

“I’m happy for you Zach, after Maria, your state was horrible, but now Anna being in your life, I hope you will get all the happiness you deserve,” Emily’s wise words made Zach and I smile.

Chase was yawing so, I took him to bed when all three friends were talking in the living room.

Changing his clothes, I tucked and kissed him good night.

Joining them back, I sat beside, Zach.

“Thank you, Anna, for the lovely dinner. We should hang out sometime,” I agreed liking her idea.

“Sure, give me a call whenever you are ready.”

“Thanks. Anna...Zach, I should head home now,” Mason said and came to hug us.

“Yeah, I should head home too,” Emily said, and they left right after.

“You have nice friends,″ I said, closing the front door.

“I do.”


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