The Nanny Diaries

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Chapter 35

Zach’s POV

A tingling sensation was running along my jaw, avoiding it; I shift in my sleep, but it came again. Opening, my eyes slightly. I witness a smiling Anna, running her vanilla-scented hair strings along my jawline. She was about to repeat the act when I catch her wrist and roll her body, trapping her undermine.

“You were awake!” She was trying to free her hand, but my grip on her was tight.

“Yes, sweetcheeks. You were the one awakening this beast.” I capture her lips, loving the way her body reacts to my touch, my kiss. I trail down the kiss to her jaw and curve of her neck.


“Zach! my phone,” Anna said, trying to get away from me.

“Let it be,” I said, continuing with my kiss.

“It could be important,” she said firmly, and I get back to my side of the bed. We are still using Anna’s bedroom. It’s high time I should take her to my bedroom, which I once shared with Maria. It still give me odd feelings thinking about it, but it will be normal with time. I think.

I brought my attention back to Anna, who was busy looking at her phone. Her change of expression made me curious.

“Who is it?” I asked. She looked my way and back to her phone, putting it back on the side table; she got up from the bed.

“No one, just some notifications from Bank.” She made her way to the bathroom, and I rose from the bed too.

That was not convincing at all; crease formed on my forehead. Is she lying? But Why?

Or maybe I’m overreacting? I should stop being possessive over small matters.

I put on my pants and left her room.

I arrived at the breakfast table, where Anna and Chase were waiting for me.

“Good morning, buddy... sweetcheeks.” I kissed Chase on the cheeks and peck Anna’s lips.

“Good morning, Daddy,”


“How’s your school, Budd. Are you having fun?” I asked Chase about his playschool.

“It’s fun. I made three new friends,” he said excitedly, showing his three fingers. We all laugh, and I left for the office.


“Yes, Peter,” I answer the extension phone.

“Sir. Miss. Emily Roberts is here to see you. Shall I send her in?”

What’s she doing here? ” Send her in.” I cut the call and resume my work.

“Hey! handsome,” Emily enter my cabin, holding few bags.

“Hi, gorgeous, To what do I owe your presence?” I got up from my seat and headed to the couch.

“Do I need a reason to visit my friend?” She says, lifting her eyebrows. I chuckled and patted the seat beside mine for her to sit. “I bought you lunch,” she took out the food from the bag and kept it on the glass table.

“Why did you bother? And What’s with those bags?” I asked, taking the bite of chicken salad.

“Ungrateful ass.” She tried to snatch the box from my hand, but I stopped her. “I was doing some shopping in the same area and thought to pay you a visit,” she said and started eating her pasta.

“So...Anna, you sure about her?” I turned my head towards her figure on the couch.

" What do you mean?” I didn’t get what she was trying to imply? “Didn’t you like her?” I added.

“No, I like her, she is sweet and caring as you have mentioned before, and after meeting her I did feel that way too. I’m just wondering if she is the one.”

“Of course, that’s not even a question; I love her.” She rose from the couch and came forward. She sat on the guest chair behind my office desk, facing me.

“I know you do. I’m sorry. It’s just, am worried about you. I hope she is not one of those gold diggers; who just wants money and power over love and family,” She puts her hand on mine, squeezing it lightly.

“Thank you for your concern, Emily. But I know who and how she is. I have the best girl anybody could ask for.” I said proudly, withdrawing my hand.

“The time will tell. I wish you the best. Anyway, I have a meeting; I’ll see myself out.” I gave her a single nod, and she left.

Later that evening

Walking inside the elevator, pressing the button for the penthouse, I waited. The conversation between Emily and I had earlier was lingered on my mind all day, making me unsettled. The door pinged open; exhaling the frustration, I get out. My steps were slow. In front of me was the closed double door, and behind it, is Anna, the love I craved for more than a year. She came into my life at that point when I needed someone to lean on.

I have insecurities, dread of losing someone I love. While growing up, I have always look forward to the relationship my parents had. I had admired their love for one another, their spicy argument, and sweet apologies. Always wanted to have something like that and got one too, but misfortune took it away from me.

I press the doorbell, and a few moments later, the door opened. “Hi,” Anna said with her usual sweet smile. She could make an awful day delighted.

“Hi,” I enter and close the door behind me, heading to the living room. “How was your day?” I asked.

“Same, pick and drop Chase at the playschool. How was yours?” She said, taking a seat on the couch beside me.

“Nothing extraordinary,” I skipped the part of meeting Emily. John came with a glass of water.

“Should I get you anything, Sir?” He asked, taking the now empty glass.

“A black coffee would be fine.” He nodded his head and left.

“Where is Chase?” I asked, turning towards Anna.

“He is doing his homework,” She said and began to remove my tie, undoing the top two buttons of my shirt. “You know, we are in the living room, right?” I smirked, raising my eyebrow.

She rolled her eyes before answering me, ” You wish, Mr. Knight. I’m just making you comfortable; you look so worn out today.” She messages my shoulder, earning a moan from my lips. “I think somebody needs a special spa service from Miss Anna, the great masseuse.”

“I would love that,” her hands were doing magic. “Is there anything you can’t do?” I asked sincerely. She laughed, shaking her head.

“There are lots of things which I can not do,” John came back with my coffee, placing it on the glass table. I thanked him, and he went back to resume his work.

I take the last sip of the coffee and rose from the couch, ” I’ll go change.”

She gave me a single nod and stood beside me, “I shall go and assist Martha for dinner.”

We part our ways, heading to my bedroom. I went inside my bathroom for a quick shower, Wrapped a white towel around my torso, I get out of the bathroom. I walk inside my walk-in closet, taking out a black tee and grey sweatpants. I left the room and stepped downstairs to my office.

I opened my laptop and attained some emails. Work has always occupied my mind and diverted my attention from unnecessary stuffs.

Next morning

I was getting ready when my phone ring. At first, I avoided it, but it keep ringing. Letting out a sign, I walk to the side table to pick my phone. It was Emily.

“Why your ass in on fire, early in the morning?” I answered lazily.

“Watch the news on tabloid,” she rushes, avoiding my question.

“You know, I don’t read those stupid magazines.”

“Oh, you will read this one,” I rolled my eyes, ready to hang up the call, but her second line caught my attention. “Your lovely girlfriend is all over it.” I cut the call rather harshly and browsed the news.

Emily was right. Anna’s pictures were all over it but what made me furious was the headline.

Flavor of the week, Billionaire playboy Mason Walker and his new conquest, spending quality time together.

I was furious; that would be an understatement. She lied to me, her meeting with Mason, and now this. I left my room, slamming the door shut.

“ANNA!!” I shout, banging her bedroom door.

The door flung open, and there stand a confused looking Anna. “What is all this?” I showed the pictures and article. “You lied to me even being aware of the fact that I hate liers.” I tried to keep my voice low.

Her expression changed from confused to guilty, “I’m sorry Zach, but let me explain. This is stupid.” She said, pointing at the pictures.

I enter inside her room closing the door behind me, don’t want Chase to hear our arguments.

“This is stupid? fine, tell me What is sincere then?” I said, pacing around the room. “My girlfriend, lying to me about meeting my best friend,” I said, sarcasm dripping from my tone.

“Zach, I got a message from Mason yesterday morning,” I raise my hand, cutting her off.

“The one you got from the bank,” I humorless chuckle escape my mouth. Her head bent down, at least she knows her mistake. But that doesn’t change the fact and not at all subdue my temper.

I pinched the bridge of my nose, keeping the cool, “what’s your explanation? Why did you hide it? tell me, I wan...” A knock on the door cut me off. “Later!” I said in a loud voice, shutting whoever was knocking.

“It’s me,” the voice said, making the vein on my forehead pop any minute. I turned swiftly and opened the door.




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