The Nanny Diaries

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Chapter 37

Anna’s POV

I was wrong. The eighteen hours long flight was worth it when I was lying in Zach’s arms. We just landed and are now heading to the yacht which is waiting for us that will take us to the Island. Zach and I are in the black Audi where Emily, Mason, and Tanya are in the blue Mercedes following us right behind. The driver pulled the car near the berth, and we step down from the car. I was admiring the mesmerizing view when Zach’s arms hold me from behind.

“It’s beautiful,” I said, pointing at the yacht that is assigned for us to use on this trip.

“Wait till you see mine,” Zach murmured, hiding his face on the crook of my neck.

“You have a yacht!” I turned at him, surprised. He smirks at my expression, which soon turned into a smile.

“I am a billionaire cupcake, remember,” Zach states, a matter of fact, and we have to pause our conversation when the other car pulled over. The three of them got out of the car and we headed to the yacht.

The interior of the yacht was simple yet classy, it was neither big nor small. The distance from berth and the house was forty-five minutes. A staff was there to serve us drinks and snacks. In the mid of December, nothing beats more than a bright sunny day. The perfect weather to enjoy winter. I roam my eyes around while sipping my white wine. Emily was busy with her phone, so does Tanya. Mason and Zach were talking about some business stuff. I puff the air out of my lips, observing these four people. Aren’t you supposed to enjoy the trip? I thought, gulping the whole drink.

After forty or so minutes later, there was a beautiful house in front of our sight.

“Damn! the house looks even more beautiful in real,” Zach said, standing beside me.

“Seriously, it’s gorgeous.” I nodded my head, agreeing with Zach. The captain stops the yacht on the coast, and Emily was the one to step down first, following Tanya and Mason.

“After you,” Zach gestures and helps me to get down. The captain waved at us and turned the yacht, leaving us behind. Zach and Mason carried the bags while we girls rushed ahead, giggling.

The Island was rather peaceful with just a few tourists here and there. There was the wide cemented pathway which lead us to the entrance of the house. The first and second floors could be visible from afar, and from what I could tell, there must be a basement. And what made me gasp is the open pool on the first floor attached to the balcony. It was breathtakingly beautiful. The exterior was simple and classy with cemented grey color with sliding glass doors.

The boys stood right behind us when we were busy admiring the house. “Well, thanks for the help, ladies,” Mason sassed and took out the keys of the house from his bag.

“We thought you didn’t need our help carrying the bags,” Emily replied, holding her laughter.

“Whatever,” Mason walked past us and opened the front door. If the exterior was beautiful, then the interior was superbly gorgeous. With wood flooring, grey paints on the wall, just the way Zach likes. Some beautiful paintings were hanging on the wall giving artistic vibes.

“Place is gorgeous,” Zach mentioned, admiring the house.

“We have four bedrooms, five washrooms, kitchen, dining area, living room, and the best part, a basement which has a small bar, gaming room, and our very own home theater,” Mason speaks, walking ahead, giving us hand gestures to show which area has what.

“That’s cool. Is there any help around for cooking and all,” Tanya asked.

Mason nods his head, saying, “there is. I messaged him about our arrival, and he went to the store to bring some fresh vegetables and fruits.”

“Sorry, I’m late.” A voice said from behind us. At the entrance, a middle-aged man was holding a basket full of veggies and fruits. That must be the helper Mason was talking about, he must be 38 or something and was slightly chubby, and his front hair was missing. You could say he is a local from his facial structure. I rushed to his side, helping him with the basket.

“Thank you, madam,” he said in a thick accent. I smiled at him and followed him to the kitchen.

Placing the basket on the kitchen island, I admire the kitchen which has all the equipment you wished to have in your kitchen. The other follow suits, and Mason got us introduce.

“Guys, this is Agapito, caretaker slash cook, and this is Anna, Emily, Tanya, and this is Zach, the owner of the house.”

“Hello, everyone, Nice to finally meet you all. You can call me Pito,” he said, shaking hands with everyone.

“Same here, Pito,” Zach said.

“You guys must be hungry. The dinner will be ready in a bit, you could use the time to fresh and up. All the necessities are kept in the cabinets, as Mr. Mason has told.”

“Yeah, I could use a long bath,” Emily said, stretching her arms. We left the kitchen and headed to the hall.

“Tanya and I are occupying the bedroom right beside the hall,” Mason said, pointing to the room which has a straight view of the pool. “Zach and Anna, Which one you want? There are two on the second floor?” Mason asked us.

“We’ll take the one on the second floor,” Zach said, sliding his arms around my waist.

“I’ll take the other room on the first floor, which is far from yours,” Emily said, pointing at Mason.

“That’s it then. Let’s meet after an hour,” Zach said, and we all headed to our respected rooms.

Zach and I were the only ones staying on this floor, which gave us the privacy we needed. I opened the door of the room, it was dominated by grey color with slight white here and there. A king-size bed in the middle, and east face floor to ceiling glass window. A cute table was by the window, and a white couch was across the bed. There were two doors, one of them must be the bathroom, and the other one might be the closet.

I walk to the window, mesmerized by the color of the sky, which was a slight orange in color. It was 5 in the evening, so the sun is about to set. “It’s beautiful,” I state, rubbing my forearms. A set of strong arms hold me from behind. I lean my head on his chest, inhaling his scent. Zach kissed the crook of my neck, making me melt in his arms. “hmm...” a moan slips from my lips, enjoying his little attention.

“You have any idea, the little sound you make does to me,” Zach said between his kisses.

My lips turned upwards, forming a smile. “And what about your kisses and touch. Do you know the effects they have on me?” I defend myself. I would feel his smirk on my skin. He turned me around, pinning me to the glass window.

I inhale the sharp breath due to our proximity. With the urge to feel his lips on mine, I pull his face eliminating the so-called distance. Zach lifts me, wrapping my legs around his torso. He walked towards the bathroom, closing the door behind us.

I was so into the kiss that I didn’t even realize when Zach has got us under the shower. He turned the shower handle, and the warm water fell on us, which caught me off guard. He puts me down, holding me close.

“Are we showering together?” I asked in between my long breath.

“I was hoping to save water,” Zach said in a deep voice. I turned, now facing the wall. It’s not easy to face a seducing Zach. “I would go if you are not comfortable,” Zach said, coming closer. He was about to leave when I hold his hand. I turned again to face him; he was staring at me, waiting for answers. I pulled my top and watched him through my lashes. He took a sharp breath staring at my now half-naked body. I was wearing a nude lace bra which was now totally soaked.

Zach pulled me against his chest, crushing his lips on mine. Soon all our clothes were out of our bodies, leaving us in our birthday suit. Zach broke the kiss when feel the need to breathe. He took the loofah and liquid soap and rubbed my body with it. I repeat the same with his body. Being naked and sharing the shower was first for me, but Zach made me comfortable.

After the shower, Zach took the towel from the cabinet by the sink. He wrapped it around my body and used another one for himself. We walked into the bedroom and went through our bags, and pulled out the clothes to wear.

I went inside the walk-in closet to change when Zach changed in the bedroom. I wore a blue summer dress, a little above the knee, and white sneakers. I blow dry my hair and put on a cream to moisture my face and a lip balm. When satisfied with my look, I left the closet. Zach was ready as well and was talking to someone on the phone.

“I miss you too. I’ll bring lots of toys and gifts for you, promise,” I know who he was talking to. I walked to him and pulled his phone from his hand.

“Hey, Chase. I miss you so much.” I said quickly.

“Anna! I miss you too, Daddy said, he will bring me gifts. What will you bring me?” Chase asked innocently.

“Hmm,” I hmm, thinking about his gift. “What do you want?” I asked.

“I want you here with me soon. And we will play every day.” I could feel the love Chase has for me through his voice. I blinked the tears away, saying,” I will be there soon, Chase, and we will be together, I promise.”

“Yes! I love you, Anna.”

“I love you more, Chase.” He hung up right after, and I gave the phone back to Zach.

“What did he say?” Zach asked.

“He said to come asap.” Zach chuckled, holding my hands.

“He loves you very much,” I nod my head and hug him. “We should head downstairs, they might be waiting for us,” and we left the room.

Zach and I enter the dining room where Mason and Tanya were busy talking to each other.

“Finally! What took you guys so long?” Mason asked dramatically. “Well, don’t bother to answer that,” he adds, making Zach laugh.

“Where is Emily?” I asked.

“I’m here,” she said from behind. We took our seat, and Pito came with the food trolley. He place the dishes on the table, which look beautiful, I must add.

“This smells amazing,” I said, inhaling all the flavors.

“Thank you, madam. I have made some local specialties hope you all will like it,” Pito said with a big smile showing his full set of teeth.

I took the first bite of the Adobo made of pork, and the flavor burst in my mouth.

“This is delicious. Can you share the recipe with me?” I asked desperately.

“Sure, madam, anytime,” Pito replied.

“You are a great cook, Pito,” Zach said, and the other nodded their head in agreement. Pito left, we talk while enjoying the food.

“What’s the plan for tomorrow?” Tanya asked Mason.

“We have lots of options. Biking, exploring the Island, the market, hiking, and surfing.”

“I’m not going to hike and all. Just laying on the beach, I want a perfect tan for my body,” Tanya said, giggling.

“Do as you please, babe,” Mason said, rubbing her arms.

After dinner, we said our goodnights and left for the room. Everyone is tired, and the jet lag is the cherry on the top. Changing into the PJs, Zach and I lay under the soft blanket, holding each other.

“Good night,” Zach said, kissing my forehead.

“Good night,” I replied, hugging him closer.


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