The Nanny Diaries

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Chapter 38

Anna’s POV

When the beautiful morning rays fell on my face, taking away the last traces of sleep from my eyes, I turned around to face a sleepy and peaceful Zach, snoring lightly. Gazing at him, I realize how lucky I am to have him in my life. I am lucky, when it comes to people, whether it’s my family, friends, or colleagues. They have valued my presence and loved me with all their heart, and I have done the same with them as well.

Where ever you travel, explore life, be adventurous, but in the end, you will return to a place called home. A part of my heart was eager to build that home with someone, and after being with Zach, I am certain, he is my home. And Chase is the base of that home, the one string which brought us together.

Giving a peck on his slightly parted lips, I got out of the bed, heading to the closet to take my new set of clothes for the day. After shower, I blow dry my hair and change my clothes. Humming a song, I step inside the bedroom to wake Zach up.

“Wake up, sleepyhead. It’s 8 in the morning.” I grab the blanket, jerking it away from his body.

“Anna! That’s not a way to wake your boyfriend,” he complained, rubbing his eyes.

“Don’t cry like a baby and get ready. We have a long day to plan.” I said, pushing him from the bed. He gave me a playful glare, making me chuckle, and headed to the closet.

I left the room, stepping downstairs to the kitchen.

“Hey! Good morning, Pito. What’s your special menu for today?” I asked like a curious kid I am.

“Good morning, madam. I have made the usual American breakfast. But for dinner, I’ll be cooking the famous Filipino chicken and spicy rice with cashew curry.”

“That’s already sound delicious to me, and please call me Anna,” he smiles, nodding his head.

I help Pito set the table, by the time we’re done; others came as well.

After sharing a handful of good mornings, we took our seats. “So, where are we going today?” Emily asked, cutting her pancakes.

“I was thinking of hiking; it’s so much fun,” Mason replies.

“Hiking is tiresome and no fun at all,” Tanya said, rolling her eyes. “We could enjoy the sun and some water sports and later on go for shopping at the small market. They have the local handmade gifts and crafts.” Tanya added, excitement visible in her eyes.

Mason looks at Zach with raised eyebrows as if mind linking to each other. Zach shrugs his shoulder, and Mason drops his head in defeat.

“Fine! We’ll spend some time on the beach and explore the local market for today, but tomorrow. We’ll be going for a hike, and I am not taking any bullshit from anyone.” Mason said in a strict tone narrowing his eyes towards Emily and Tanya.

Emily just scoffed, rolling her eyes at Mason. “Than what are we waiting for. Let’s get going.” Zach said and wiped his mouth.

“I’ll inform Pito to made us a lunch basket, and we can head to the beach in an hour,” Mason said and headed to the kitchen.

The girls went to their room, but Zach and I walked towards the basement to explore the gaming room.

This floor was a single room in itself. “Oh god! a home theater.” A gasp left my lips when my eyes landed on the huge screen.

“Do you like it?” Zach asked, hugging from behind.

“I loved it. Chase will never leave this room if he gets to know about this place.” I said and earned a light chuckle from Zach.

“I agree.” Zach holds my hand, walking towards the pool table. There was a PlayStation box, which was yet to open, few dumbells, and a bar. The couches are more fancy and comfortable, with a wooden table in the middle.

“We have to pack our stuff for the beach, let’s go,” I said, pulling Zach from the couch.

I wore a black cross front bikini under my yellow sundress. An off white round hat to go with the look and a sunglass, and to complete the look, I choose a white sandal. I pack an extra bikini just in case. A towel, suncream, and some other useful stuffs.

I left the room and headed to the hall where the boys were waiting for us.

“Finally, one of them arrived,” Mason aggregates exhaling a long breath.

“Shut up, ashole,” Emily said from behind. “We have to take extra care of our skin. And don’t give us that, girls take hours to get ready bullshit.” Emily said, flipping her hair on Mason’s face and walked ahead of us.

Mason’s mouth was wide open, and Zach and I had a hard time holding our laugh. Tanya soon rushed towards us. “Sorry, I’m late. Where’s Emily?” She asked, looking for Emily. Zach laughs, earing a playful glare from Mason, and left the house. “Mason! Wait for me,” Tanya ran after him, stumbling on her way. Zach and I walked hand in hand, laughing at their childishness.

“Why are they like that?” I asked, gesturing towards Mason and Emily.

“They love to pull each other’s leg since high school. I doubt they’ll ever change,” Zach answered, holding a sweet smile.

When arriving at the beach, we spread the sheet and put our things on it. The boys went to get some drinks from a small stall where we girls pulled our dresses and applied suncream, ready for a swim.

After playing some volleyball and swimming, we got tired and had a lunch break. “Pito said, today, there will be a super Friday at the market, we should visit there for shopping,” I suggested.

“Why not! but, we have to hurry. Pito has planned a set up in the basement with local drinks for us.” Mason sates. We got up and packed our stuff before heading to the market.

The market was small but had many beautiful and creative handcrafts. We quite had a struggle to shop in the shot time. “Hurry up, ladies, we don’t have all day!” Zach shouts to get our attention.

Ignoring him, we continue our shopping.

What! it’s not our fault, they have so much good stuff.

Mason and Zach had to drag us back to the house, and we were complaining throughout our way to the house.

“Why did you drag us? I still had some decor to buy,” Emily said with a frown.

“I was looking at a small pot too,” I added with a pout.

“Girls! we can buy them tomorrow. It’s already 6 o’clock, and we had to get back on time for the small party Pito has planned for us,” Zach said in a sweet tone, too sweet to ignore. A smile formed on my lips, and I agreed with him.

“Fine,” I replied and hugged Zach.

“That’s my good little Anna,” Zach mumbled, kissing my head.

“Let’s change and meet at the basement,” Mason said, and we headed to our rooms.

After a quick shower, I wore jean shorts and a loose top and pulled my hair in a messy bun. Zach had already left for the basement. I lastly check my appearance in the mirror, and with a satisfied smile, I left the room.

A few chattering and clicking sounds can be heard, from afar. They all have arrived already, I thought before entering inside. The lights were slightly dim, giving it a nice and cozy vibe. Zach and Emily were playing pool, where Mason was busy making drinks with Pito, and Tanya was busy clicking her selfies.

A piece of soft music was playing in the background, making it less noisy and peaceful.

“They there,” I greeted Mason, and he turned, giving me his signature smirk. “Why are you giving me that evil smirk of yours?” I asked, lifting my eyebrows.

“Well, my little Anna. Pito, and I are making a special drink, the most popular local drink of here, and you also have to try it.” He said, mixing the drink in his hand.

“Yeah, right.” I snorted, rolling my eyes, and left him making his “special drink” and came across Zach and Emily.

“You always do that,” Emily said rather annoyingly. I observed both of them and asked the cause of their dispute.

“What’s the deal here?” I asked, looking back and forth.

“Nothing, cupcake. Emily here is always whining after she loses a game,” Zach states with a cocky smile, making Emily more pissed than she was before.

“I will make you eat your word, Knight,” with that said, Emily left the pool table and walked towards Mason.

“Wow! she looks quite scary just now,” I said, witnessing the competitive side of Emily.

“She can be more than scary, sometimes. Her habits to be the best made Mason and I admired her and annoyed us at the same time.” Zach said.

“Will you teach me how to play pool?” I asked, coming closer and taking the stick from Zach’s hand.

“If you ask like this, I would rather do something else than teaching.” Zach pulled me closer, trailing his nose on the nape of my neck. The small hair on the back of my neck stand straight, and I was shivering for the heat his body was producing.

“Hey! lovebirds. Save something for the bedroom.” Mason shouts from the bar, and we make some distance between ourselves. Embarrassed by the moment I left Zach and made my way to the couch.

“Thanks for the interruption,” Zach answered Mason, with a pissed off voice.

“Anytime,” Mason replied cocky, holding a drink for Zach. Pito served some snacks and the tray full of the drinks they made earlier.

“Thank you, Pito, for all arrangements. It’s lovely.” Pito gave a sweet smile and left resume his work.

“Anna, you should try this drink; it’s so refreshing and so different from other alcohols we consume in the cities,” Tanya said, handing me a white drink.

I’m not very fond of drinking and consume wine on most occasions. But when Tanya, offered I was not able to refuse. I took a sip and let the taste lingered at the tip of my tongue for a moment before swelling it. It was quite, light at the beginning; bitter at first but leave a sweet after taste. I must admit, it was a nice liquor.

“This is quite good, actually,” I said, taking another glass from the tray.

We all were having so much fun; everyone present here has a hectic and stressful workload beside me, of course. I love and enjoy my work. And, they got a nice vacation to release their stress and have some time to enjoy their life.

We dance, ate a yummy dinner, play and drink a lot. Laughing, at silly jokes cracked by Mason, and many more.

“Hey! I am going to bed, feeling surprisingly sleepy.” Zach said, in between his yawn. I glance at the clock hanged on the wall, it was only 11 o’clock.

“Do you want me to come with you?” I offered with a smile, sipping my drink.

“You seem to enjoy quite well. I don’t want to disturb you.” He said, holding his yawn, and left after wishing everyone good night.

“Mason, baby. I will be heading to bed, come soon.” Tanya said seductively, kissing Mason’s cheeks.

“Ain’t you following her?” I asked, gulping the drink. God! this drink is amazingly, good.

“I will. But I would rather not miss our little Anna’s company while having this awesome drink.” I laughed, biting a banana chip.

“Where is Emily?” I asked, looking around. It’s only Mason, Pito, and I in the basement.

“Maybe she went to her room as well,” Mason shrugged, pouring our glass with some more drink.

“Hey! I think we are drinking way too much for a night,” I said, rising from the couch.

“Just this last one,” Mason said, holding the glass for me. I took the glass, and we continue our chat. Later, Pito took his leave and left. Mason and I had so much laugh and fun, and I could say we were drunk would be an understatement.

Zach’s POV

I slam the alarm clock before waking up and stretch my arms. It was one of the satisfying sleep I had in my life. I feel the other cold side of the bed, which was supposed to be warm by Anna. “She didn’t come to bed last night?” I mumbled and stepped down from the bed, and headed to the bathroom. She was not in the bathroom. Where is she? I thought. I finished my business and came back to the bedroom.

I picked my phone and left my room, calling for Anna, “Anna!” I shout, but no response. I step down the stairs and knock on Emily’s door. The door soon opened with a grumpy looking Emily.

“You better have a good reason to wake me up this early,” she said, rubbing her eyes.

“I’m looking for Anna. You guys spend the night here. Like girls night or something?” I asked with hope. Why am I getting this odd feeling in my heart as if something is not right?

“No. I left after you. We didn’t plan anything like that. Why? What’s wrong?” Emily asked, now fully awake.

“She was not in the bedroom when I woke up, and I’m sure, she didn’t come last night either.”

“Maybe she woke up early. Why don’t you go check in the kitchen? She must be helping Pito.” I nodded my head and made my way to the kitchen. That must have happened.

When I entered the kitchen, nobody was there. “Goodmorning sir. I’m sorry, I am a bit late today.” I turned and found Pito coming towards me.

“You just got here,” I asked.

“Yes, sir. I woke up quite late than usual. I’ll made the breakfast quickly. Sorry for the inconvenience,” I nodded my head left. I pulled my phone to call, Anna. She may have left to walk around in the morning. A distant sound of a ringtone could be heard, from the basement.

I made may to the basement and witness a heart-shattering scenario in front of my eyes.

The love of my life was lying in the arms of my best friend under a cover, most probably naked.

All the blood ran cold in my body, the feeling of betrayal sucked the air and, it was impossible to breathe. The grip on my phone was so tight, I could feel the crack of the screen and the small crystals piercing my skin. But that pain was not an inch close to the one I’m feeling right now. I threw my phone, and it hit the glass showpiece, making it fall on the ground with a loud shattering sound.



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