The Nanny Diaries

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Chapter 3

Anna's POV

Beep Beep

I woke up and rushed to the bathroom. Starting today I'm working with the Knight. I already packed my stuff yesterday. I have to leave in an hour to reach their place. I cooked my breakfast and eat it quickly. I called the guard to help me with the bags. I locked my apartment and we went inside the elevator. The elevator door opened and we came out. I unlock my car and the guard put the bags inside the trunk and I gave a 5 dollar bill thanking him, which he took happily.

I sat inside my car and start to drive, within 30 minutes I reached the tallest building of Manhatten. I gave my ID to the security and parked my car. The bell boy took my bags and we went inside the elevator and I pressed the golden button, which lead us to the penthouse. The elevator door opened and we came out in front of the double door where the nameplate says THE KNIGHT.

I ring the doorbell and soon a man in his mid-fifties opened the door. "Good morning, You must be the one from The Nanny Diaries. I'm John Millar, The Butler." said the man whose name was John with a professional smile.

"Good morning", Mr. Millar, I'm Anna Brown, and yes I'm the Nanny," I said with a smile. He opened the door widely and the bellboy brings my bags inside the living room. I was about to pay the bellboy his tip when Mr. Miller stopped me and he gave the tip, and I thanked him for his gesture.

"You sit here and make your self comfortable, I'll call Sir Knight." Mr. Millar said and left me to call Mr. Knight. I was looking around the living area, which was superbly gorgeous. "ahem" a throat-clearing voice broke grab my attention. "I'm sorry but your house is beautiful Mr, Knight," I said sincerely.

"Thank You, Miss, Brown. Have a seat. I have seen your file and I must say you do are the best one there. This is my son's house we are staying here temporarily. He will return in two months till then, we are here. I would have like you to introduce my wife by myself but I have to leave for my office so, make yourself comfortable and John will give you a tour of the house. Good day, Miss, Brown." Mr, Knight said and leave for his work.

Mr, Miller, came and guide me to my room where I put my luggage. Mrs. Knight was having her nap so, we didn't disturb her, and went to look at other parts of the house. The penthouse was very huge with 5 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, an office room, a kitchen, a dining area, and a huge living room. There was a lady named Martha who was the cook, and two more maids to maintain the household. Mr. Miller and I were only the full-time employees, and a nurse was here to assist Mrs. Knght. I got one of the guest rooms which was very beautiful, and the bathroom was even better.

After the tour, I unpacked my bags and put all the items in the right place. I heard a knock on the door and ask the person to come in, Mr. Miller came inside and said the lunch was ready and Mrs, Knight will meet me at the table and left. I quickly take a look at my appearance which was a simple jeans and white shirt and headed towards the dining area.

Entering the dining area, I saw the maids were putting the plates and carrying the food. Mr. Miller was bringing a lady in a wheelchair who was looking so graceful even which the fracture. She didn't look a day old from 45, I thought. With brown hair and hazel eyes, she was beautiful.

"Hello, Mrs. Knight. This is Anna Brown. A pleasure to meet you." I said offering my hand for a shake with a smile.

"Hello, Dear, Nice to meet you too and please call me Sophia." She said accepting my hand with a bright smile. I felt warm with her gesture.

"I heard a lot about you and was waiting to meet you," Sophia said.

"I am honored," I said and took a chair next to her wheelchair.

"John, Bring Chase so we can introduce him to Anna." She said to Mr. Miller, and we start to put the foods on our plates.

A little giggling sound came behind me and I turn to look at its source and I was left feeling aww. Every kid and babies are adorable no doubt but looking at Chase feels like he was one of the cutest and adorable kid, I have ever seen. He has brown hair with little curls and baby blue eyes. He was giving us an adorable smile and showed his 4 teeth.

Mr. Miller puts him on his baby chair beside Sophia and served his baby food on his plate.

"Chase, look who is here with us today, Her name is Anna and she will be your nanny and take care of you," Sophia said to Chase and he stopped eating and look at me and Sophia back and forth. Judging from his expression, he was not fond of the idea of a nanny at all.

I cleared my throat to gain their attention. "Hey, Chase. My name is Anna, Will you be my friend? and teach me how to paint then we can make hot chocolate for you." I said with excitement. I knew both the things were is weakness, thanks to the file.

Chase smiled and nod his head excitedly after hearing my offer and begin to eat his food. Sophia gave me a praised look and we start eating our food.

After eating, I took chase to his room where he shows me all his paintings and we start to paint some more. He was a very clever child for 2 years old. He taught me to paint and even scold at me when I intentionally do some mistakes. I was having a hard time controlling my laugh at his cute frown. I made us hot chocolate as I promised him and he loved it. He told me he missed his dad, waiting for him to come and play with him. His father promised him to bring toys and chocolates for him and told him to be a good boy to his grandma and grandpa, and I can see he really was keeping his promise to his dad.

He looked so lonely but still managed to pull a smile on his face. Later I took him near a park for his evening walk. He played with some kids and we had some ice cream. We instantly connect and he even told me to stay at his place and when I told him that I am staying, he was jumping and screaming. And Oh boy He can scream.

I think my days ahead with Chase will be the most memorial times of my life.


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