The Nanny Diaries

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Chapter 39

Narrator’s POV

A loud shattering noise made, Anna flutter her eyes and broke the sleep. Not aware of the surroundings and the situation whats so ever. Anna found herself wrapped inside a comforter in someone’s arms, but the feeling was different, the touch was different. She lifts her head, which was pounding terribly by the alcohol she consumed last night, and observe the room she was in. When her half-open eyes met the bloodshot eyes of Zach, her entire body shook off.

If Zach was there then, who am I, laying beside? She thought.

With trembling hands, she touches the comforter and look under it. Her whole existence was crushing into pieces. She was stark naked. Anna turned her head and found Mason rubbing his forehead, eyes still closed. The only thought that came across her mind was, WHAT THE FUCK HAVE I DONE?

The hot pool of tears fall from her eyes, she directs her eyes to Zach again. She could tell, How hard is he controlling his temper right now?

“Zach,” the word left her trembling lips, which sounds more like a pleading whisper.

“Crap! I’m not drinking anymore. Damn! this headache,” Mason, now fully awake, said, rubbing his forehead. He was still not aware, how much that drinking night went wrong? When he felt a presence beside him; turning his head to found a miserable-looking Anna, cheeks covered with tears.

He would feel he was naked under the comforter, and so does Anna. He was about to comfort Anna, when from the corner of his eyes, he found a figure, staring at them, with hands making a strong fist.

He knows who that was. And what situation they are in? But the question was, How are they gonna deal with it?

Mason pulled another comforter which lies beside them and wrapped it around his waist before carefully lifting his body from the couch. Anna secures her naked body with the comforter but was not able to stand up; not relying on the legs which were still trembling from the fear.

“Zach. I know it’s cliche but, it’s not what it looks like,” Mason explained, coming closer to Zach but was greeted by his fist. Mason stumbled on his foot but recovered. “Damn! I deserve it,” Mason said, adjusting his jaw.

“I thought, I was being insecure for no reason. I shouldn’t be acting out like a fucking teenage boyfriend who is over-possessive and doubts his girlfriend with every guy she meets.” Zach said for the first time, staring at Anna, with hurtful eyes.

“I trusted you, Anna. With my love, my life. What the hell fell short with my love for you to commit this act?” One could feel the hurt in his voice. The pain, he is feeling inside his heart, which just got crushed by his beloved love and his so-called best friend.

“Zach...“Anna trailed off, unable to explain, but how could she? She, herself, doesn’t remember a thing from last night. How did they end up naked on the couch? She wiped her tears. The tears can wait, she thought.

“Zach...I am sorry. I don’t even know how this happened? The last thing I remember is Mason and I drinking, and after that, everything is blank,” She explained, trying her best not to cry, but her eyes betrayed her.

Mason was not someone to get drunk easily and have a blackout, but last night felt extreme. He was not able to recall a thing that leads them to perform this sin.

The rushed footsteps from behind got Mason’s attention and there stood Emily, with a shocked expression.

“What the hell happened here?” She asked, looking at Mason, and Anna, who were covered in the comforter, and Zach; who was standing near the couch, looking at her girlfriend.

“So, you are saying, you slept with him cause you were drunk.” Zach humorlessly chuckled, turning to face Emily. “You heard her Em, they slept with each other, because, THEY WERE DRUNK!” Zach shouts the last part, making everybody flinch.

“You! you were my best bud. You are the manwhore who can’t keep it inside his pants, around women. But I thought better of you when comes to the girl who is dating your BESTFRIEND! but no. Some shit will never change.” Zach shouts, pointing his finger at Mason.

“Zach! there must be some explanation for this. Why don’t you calm down first,” Emily said.

“No. Em. I am done. And there is no explanation for cheating. If you betray your loved one. Then it is over,” Zach said, staring straight at Anna.

“Zach!” Anna found her courage and rose from the couch, coming close to Zach. “You know me. I would never in my rightful state, do this shameful thing.” She tried touching his face, but Zach took his step back, not wanting to feel her hands that were wrapped around Mason. GOD! he doesn’t want to recall that image ever.

“I thought that too, Anna. That I know you, but could I be any wrong.” Anna shook her head still coming closer. “In your rightful state, you mention. What about if you ever get drunk in the future? Will I expect you in someone else’s bed?”

“ZACH!” Mason came forward, pointing his finger at Zach. “You called me a manwhore; I said nothing. But hold your tongue before you speak ill about Anna.” Mason faces Anna, who has a horrible expression of shock, fear, and disgust. Never in her life, had she thought. Someone will question her character. Let alone Zach. The man she loved. But how was he any wrong? She just proved how careless of a drunkard she can be.

“You know her, Zach. More than anybody here. I know what happened here is not how we planned. Anna and I are still confused. So, at least give us some time to think and explain.” Mason pleaded.

“I don’t want to hear anything. The damage has been done, and there is no power to undo it.” Zach said with gritted teeth. “I am leaving. This house is all yours. I don’t want a thing from you or anybody else. And the friendship between us is over, Mason. I don’t want to see your face ever again.”

“And, you,” Zach said, staring a hole in Anna’s head. “Leave Newyork before I made your life miserable.”

“You can’t do this, Zach. It’s your anger that’s talking. You don’t want that,” Mason tried to calm his furious friend.

“Shut the fuck up! I know what I want and what I am doing.” He gave his last glance at Anna before storming out of the basement.

“Zach! Zach!” Emily called and ran after him.

Anna’s body drop on the couch, her mind was still processing all that happened. “Anna...” Mason whispered her name, but her senses were anywhere but there. He kneeled in front of her, grabbing her shoulder, making her known his presence.

“Anna... please! talk to me. Looking at you like this will just make me feel worse than I am already.”

Hot pools of tears fell from her swollen eyes, “it’s over, Mason.” Her voice was broken, the pain in her voice could make satan to feel sympathetic for her. “I ruin everything. My relationship, the future with Zach. I am a horrible person, Mason.” Mason’s eyes were moist by now, he was not able to see the pain of his friend, very much caused by him.

“No. Anna, it’s not your fault. You are a gem of a person. I have never seen a selfless person like you in my entire life. Please don’t be hard on yourself. I am to blame here for this entire action.” He tried to wipe her tears, but she turned her face to avoid his touch. “I shouldn’t have encouraged you to drink with me.”

“I don’t even understand, Why can’t I remember anything from last night? How did this even start? How come we end up together? Everything feels so odd.” Mason said, rubbing his face, he was annoyed as hell, not able to remember anything made him helpless.

He got up, starts pacing around.

“It’s doesn’t matter anymore. As Zach said, the damage has been done, no one can rectify it.” Anna picked her clothes, which were shattered on the floor.

“I will leave, you can change here,” Mason said, picking his clothes and left the basement.

She changed her clothes, and with a slow pace, left the basement. Anna could hear the chaos all around the house when she made her way to the hall. Zach was there with his bag beside him. He was talking to someone on the phone.

“Yes. I want that yacht right now.” He was planning to leave this place. Planning to leave, Anna.

“Zach, Are you sure about it?” Emily said, coming from her room, with her bags.

“If you want to stay, then it’s all up to you Em. I’m not forcing you.” Zach said, still looking at his phone. His tone was cold, emotionless. Anna was watching all this from a corner. She wanted to run and hug Zach tightly and want to stop him from leaving her. But her legs were glued to the ground. Deep inside her heart she knew, she has lost all her rights to stop him.

“I can’t believe they did that, I just hate him so much,” Tanya’s grumpy voice falls on Anna’s ears. Soon Tanya was in front of her, looking down at her with disgust. “Seriously. You are a slut. Was Zach not enough for you that you seduce his friend? I knew you were those opportunist gold diggers that whore around for money.” Tanya poured all her hatred without any filter. Anna was dumbstruck, never in her life, she came across people who have look down on her. But as we all know, Never say Never.

With hopeful eyes, Anna glance at Zach, who was already witnessing the insult but soon diverts his eyes on his phone, completely ignoring her pleading eyes. Some last traces of hope for love, forgiveness died then and there. At that moment, she realizes, she would never be forgiven and loved by Zach ever again.

“Tanya!” Mason shouts, coming forward to rescue his friend. “Don’t you dare speak another cheap word for Anna! Of all people, you are judging someone’s character, who spread her legs for every chance she gets.”

“Oh! Now you are defending this slut. Fine! You guys deserve each other,” with that, she turned, moving closer to where Zach and Emily were standing all the while.

The way Mason defended Anna only fueled the fire inside Zach. He was clenching his teeth; if continue that for some more, he will soon lose them for sure. Zach gave Anna and Mason his hateful stare and left without altering a single word.


That was the only thing present at the moment, a silent sob left Anna’s lips, breaking her soul. Tanya’s words didn’t hurt her compare to the hateful ignorance Zach gave.

Just when you think life is going so perfect to be true. When every dream of yours is being real. When you think nothing will go wrong. Life Happened...

And life is full of surprises, unexpected, unplanned.

But, Was it really, Life? Was it unplanned? Or Somebody was planning everything from the beginning?

Well, the answers are unknown. But for how long?



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