The Nanny Diaries

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Chapter 40

Anna's POV

The car halted before the building I hadn't seen for a while. "You will be fine by yourself?" Mason's concerned voice rang in my ears. It was more of a question than a statement.

"I have to be," I stated, still looking ahead.

"Anna. Don't be hard on yourself. You are not alone; I'll always be there for you. You are my friend, maybe only one now." His voice lingered with guilt. I turned, to finally face him. He was hurt too, maybe less than me but, still, he was.

"Thank you, and I appreciate it but, I am on my own from now. But, I'll bear that in mind." I answered, referring to his promise; about being there for me. He gave me a single nod and, I stepped out of his car and took my bag from the trunk.

When I was still on the Island with Mason, crying my heart out. I got a call from Caroline, my boss. She received a call from Zach about replacing me with somebody else. Well, that was expected. She was not aware of my relationship with Zach nor the breakup that just happened few hours ago. Zach didn't tell her the reason just ordered her, or else he will terminate the contract. I managed to make an excuse but, I am not sure she brought it.

I always had a spare key with me of my apartment, and when I found out that Daisy has gone to visit her parents and the apartment was empty, I decided to stay there for now.

I told Caroline about me leaving New York for good. The way Zach had mentioned about, leaving this place, or I'll have to face the wrath of Zach. And trust me, I am in no condition to witness the hatred Zach had for me in his Hazel eyes, which made me fall in love with him.

I took the elevator and soon was in front of my apartment. I stepped inside, nothing was changed much from the past few months. I went inside the store area, where I had boxed my stuffs and take out some warm clothes to wear. It's the third of December, and the weather is killing. I took a warm shower and could taste the salty tears that had not stopped since I stepped inside this apartment.

I was missing Zach. I was missing Chase. A sudden realization hit me like a thunder. Chase... He must be asking about me. How will I be able to face that little sunshine? The thought just made me sob harder. It's paining in my heart, literally.

I dried myself and changed into something warm, and crawl inside the blanket. Eating was the last thing on my mind. Just the thought of eating made me want to puke.

Sleep was nowhere around me but, I pushed myself. I have to go to Zach's to collect my things first thing in the morning. He told Caroline to deliver this message. He does not even want to talk to me. Wiping out the falling traces of tears, I managed to fall asleep.


When I went to the penthouse, I was not quite prepared to face Chase. But Zach took care of that situation already. I was greeted by John, who was quite confused and curious about the turn of events.

"Anna, What happened? Why are you not working here anymore?" John asked with concern. "Did you know how much that affects little master? He refused to eat and talk." He added, and that piece of information just broke my already shattered heart.

"Where is Chase?" I asked, looking around the living room.

"Mr. Knight and little master have gone to visit Sir, Knight, and Madam, Knight. He even told me to took care of your things before they returned."

I swallowed the bitter fact of not being able to see Chase for the last time. Zach didn't spare me the farewell with Chase. How cruel could he be? I hold my tears, not wanting John to witness them.

"It's complicated, John, and sometimes it's easier to keep quiet than explain the complex," I answered and, walk ahead to the stairs, not waiting for John to question further.

I packed my stuff, and John helped me to get them downstairs. The room was now empty. I stare and, the events, moments that this room had witnessed came rushing into my mind. The time when Chase came to me to sleep because he was scared of thunder. The time when Zach and I made love for the first time and more. Our first argument, our first patch up, and many more. Clenching my heart and wiping my tears, I rushed out.

Putting the last bag in the trunk, I faced John. "It was lovely meeting you, John. Take care and give my love to Chase," I pecked his cheek, and he nodded his head, giving me a sad smile.

"I'll miss you, Anna," he said.

"I'll miss you too," I replied and left after getting inside my car.

The Next Day

"I just don't get it." I was sitting ahead of my furious boss, who is pacing inside her office. "You are my best employ; never in our entire career, we have to deal with these sudden changes. What on earth you're not telling me, Brown?" The moment I enter her office, she is the only one talking. "And the top of that, you are resigning and leaving New York." She stopped, and stare at me. "Will you speak, already?"

"You are the one talking since I came here. How am I suppose to talk when you didn't stop for a second?" I said rather harshly.

Her eyes were wide shocked, and I looked at her with raised eyebrows. "What?" I said.

"You're not this harsh with anyone, let alone me." Her comment made me realize the sudden change in my behavior.

I took a deep breath before replying, "I'm having some difficult time, Caroline. That's all. I'm sorry. But as I told you on the phone, I don't have a choice but to leave." I said, leaving no place to argue anymore.

With a defeated sigh, she said, "Fine! But I'll miss my most efficient employ and favorite person." She said, holding her arms out. I smiled at her and rose from my seat to get the hug; I so needed right at that moment. I broke the hug and asked something that was in mind from yesterday.

"Who will be replacing me?" I hope she will take good care of Chase.

"Oh, it's Samantha. She is good at her work, as you know already," I nodded my head, agreeing to her. Samantha was a woman in her mid-thirties, and she has more experience when it comes to kids.

I left the office, and when crossing the hall, my eyes fall on Samantha, who was busy with some files. "Samantha!" I called and walked towards her cubical.

"Anna, so good to see you again. How are you?" She asked, coming out of her cube.

"I'm alright. When are you joining The Knights?" I asked.

"The day after tomorrow. I was looking at their files, actually." She answered, gesturing to the file I once had.

"Oh! I just wanted to mention something about Chase. That will help you to take good care of him."

"I would love some heads-up," she smiled.

"Chase is a smart and sensitive kid. He's very artistic, likes to paint and draw. Loves to read, when he is only 3," I chuckled, remembering the moments I shared with him. "He loves hot chocolate; make sure to make it every day. He loves fairy tale stories. His favorite cartoon character is Goffy.

But he is scared of thunder and lightning. In-short, he is a perfect kid. And just promise me, Samantha, you will take good care of him. And if he asked about me, just told him. I will always love him and will miss him dearly."

"I promise." A light frown came across her face. That's when I realize I was crying all the while. I quickly wiped my face and pulled a small white statue of an angel carrying a kid in her arms. I bought it when shopping on the Island. It reminded me of Chase and me.

"I promise." A light frown came across her face. That's when I realize I was crying all the while. I quickly wiped my face and pulled a small white statue of an angel carrying a kid in her arms. I bought it when shopping on the Island. It reminded me of Chase and me.

"I want you to give this to Chase when he is alone in his room. Tell him to be a good boy for me," she nodded her head, and I passed her the statue. I said my last goodbye and left the office. Never in my life did I thought my journey to New York, will end like this. I am leaving a big part of my heart here. Exhaling the air, I left in my car.

"That will be all; thank you for the help," I told the security guard after putting all my bags in my car. I am selling my fully furnished apartment to Caroline. Thank God for that, or else it would have been a pain to shift everything.

I'm going back to Boston. Right now, I don't have anything planned out for me. Maybe spending some time with family will help me deal with the heartbreak. The only problem is, How am I going to tell them about Zach? I can't bear to see the disappointment in their eyes that I had caused.

After the 6 hours long drive, I finally reached home. I was tired but, the journey was worth it. Slamming the door of the car, I made my way to the entrance. I ringed the bell, and soon the door opened.

"Anna! what are you doing here? Sorry, that came out completely wrong." I hugged Ava, cutting her off. "Hey! Is everything okay?" She asked, rubbing my back. We broke the hug and walked further inside.

"Where's Mom and Dad?" I asked, dropping my handbag on the table.

"They are at the Bakery. Now. Will you tell me what's bothering you?" Ava asked again. I guess; I could tell Ava the truth, at least. And I did. I told her everything.

"Oh My God! Anna, I'm so sorry." Ava said, hugging me. I cried in the comfort of her arms. She rubbed my back, saying smooth words.

"It's okay, Anna. I know you are not at fault. There must be some explanation for this." She pushed my shoulder, cupping my face. "I'm not ready to admit that my sister could commit anything that is wrong and against her principles even when she is drunk." I shook my head, contradict her.

"I don't know, Ava. After what happened, I'm not sure about myself," she wiped my tears and passed me the glass of water.

"Are you going to tell them?" She asked, referring to Mom and Dad. I nodded my head.

"I can't lie to them. They will know something is wrong eventually so, it's better to come clean now than later," I said and rose from the couch.

Later that night, when Mom and Dad arrived, they were surprised to see me. They bombarded all sorts of questions about Zach, Chase, and why I was here, and many more. And I told them the truth, Well, except the fact about Mason and I, sleeping together. I just couldn't make myself tell them that. I told them that, it just couldn't work out between us. That, I decided to break the relationship.

Dad didn't say anything but, Mom was disappointed. I doubt; she even bought my excuses but chose to remain quiet. I decided to leave for California, my best friend Mia was there. I will not feel alone, and the change will help me move on.

After Christmas, I am moving to California. To start fresh. To begin, a new chapter of my story.


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