The Nanny Diaries

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Chapter 42

Anna’s POV

“Rise and shine, sweetheart.” I singsonged before slowly pulling down the comforter. She gave me a poor smile, making me worried. “What happened, baby?” I asked, scooting close to her.

“I’m tired, mummy. It hurts,” she said in her baby tone, gesturing her forearm.

“Here?” I placed my palm on her elbow, and she winced. “Maybe you slept in the wrong position, here, let me heal you.” I opened the drawer beside the bed and took out the ointment. I carefully applied it on her elbows and some other places. Her eyes flatter closed with the healing it provided. I put the ointment back to its place, and let Hazel sleep for some more.

I was having my breakfast when Nikkie entered from the front door. “Good morning, Anna.” she greeted, entering the Kitchen.

“Good morning, Nikkie. How are you feeling today?” I asked after gulping my juice.

“Much better. Where is Hazel?”

“She is still in bed. She might have slept awkwardly last night; she was complaining about her elbow.”

“Shall I check on her?” She asked, concerned.

“No. Let her sleep for a while. You can cook something for both of you when she wakes up. I should head for school now,” I said and washed my dirty dishes.

“Don’t worry, Anna. Have fun,” I smiled at her and went inside my bedroom. I changed and bend down to kiss my baby, goodbye.

“Call me if you need me,” I said to Nikkie, and she nodded.

I was having lunch at the cafeteria when Matt came with his food, “Do you mind?” He asked, and I shook my head. “I’m glad to get your message last night,” I wanted to correct him so badly, tell him that it was my friend who send those messages, not me but, I remain silent.

“I’m looking forward to our first date,” he said excitedly. “There is this new Italian restaurant that just opened a month ago. I have heard the food is delicious there. I’ll pick you up at 7.”

“That would work for me,” I gave a tight lip smile, and we resume to eat our lunch.

After lunch, when I was about to resume my class, my phone buzzed. I left the classroom and went to the hall to pick the call.

“Hey! Nikkie.” I answered.

“Anna!...“Her panicked voice replied, and my palm get sweaty right away.

“Nikkie, calm down. Tell me what happened? Is Hazel okay?” I rambled.

“Anna, I can’t tell you over the phone. Please come to the States Hospital, it’s an emergency.”

“Okay, I’m on my way.” I rushed back to my class and grabbed my bag. “Sorry kids, I have to leave early,” I yelled, rushing out of the classroom.

The hospital was not far from the school but, it felt like an eternity to me. So many thoughts came across my mind, and that just builds my anxiety to the next level. I parked my car in front of the hospital and rushed inside.

I ran to the receptionist and asked for Hazel. “Excuse me, My daughter, Hazel, where is she?” I panicked.

“Let me check, ma’am?” she asked. I nodded my head, and she began to type something on her computer. “A toddler named Hazel Brown has entered the emergency section. It’s straight and to your left?” she pointed, and I ran in the direction.

When I entered the emergency, I witnessed the rushed among the patients and doctors. My eyes were searching for my daughter when I heard my name from the corner.

“Anna!” I turned and found Nikkie by a bed.

“Nikkie, what happened? where is Hazel?” I questioned, running her way.

When I came by her side, I found my little angel lying on the bed. Her face looked pale, and her nose was bleeding. A doctor was checking her pulse and her eyes. A nurse was wiping her nose, and when the doctor asked her for an injection. She rushed out to get one.

“What is wrong with her?” I finally found my voice.

“And, Who are you?” The middle-aged doctor asked.

“I’m her mother,” I wiped my tears, and he nodded his head but didn’t answer my question.

The nurse came and injected the injection on her little hand. I winced, observing her fragile condition.

“That will reduce her fever and pain for a while,” The doctor said. “Would you come with me to my office, I have to discuss her case with you?” He added. I kissed Hazel’s forehead, and asked Nikkie to be her side, and followed the doctor.

“Have a seat Mrs. Brown?”

“It’s a Miss.” I corrected him, and he nodded. “How is she? What is wrong with her?” Once settled, I rambled my question.

“We have to perform some tests before coming to any conclusion. Her body was burning, and her nose was bleeding; your nanny mentioned to me about the bone pain she had, those are not good symptoms. But we have to be sure.”

That didn’t help me at all rather heighten my worries.

“When will you do these tests? Can I take her home?” I questioned.

“I wouldn’t suggest you that, Miss Brown. Hazel’s body is weak, we have to keep her under observation. You fill out the form, and we’ll start our procedure.

I left the office and went back to the emergency room. “What did the doctor said?” Nikkie asked.

“They will have to do some test to know the exact cause,” I answered.

“Anna,” Mia came rushing to hug me. “Oh my god. Nikkie called me about Hazel. What happened?”

They are going to perform some test, before that, it’s still unknown,” I answered.

“Are they making her stay overnight?” I nodded my head.

“Hey! You okay?” Nick called, standing beside us. He hugged me, and went to fill the form, “I’ll take care of it.” He is such a sweetheart. I nodded and left the emergency ward.

Nick filled the form, and I signed it before returning it to him. The staff right after shifted Hazel to the child section, and we settled on a bench beside the bed.

“This many people are not allowed here, please leave,” A nurse said in an annoying tone.

“We will,” Mia replied, rolling her eyes. “Nikkie, you can go, thank you for taking care of the situation,” Mia said, and Nikkie left after giving me a small smile. I nodded my head and returned my eyes to Hazel.

“Anna, you also leave,” Mia said, and I gave her an Are you out of your mind? look. “Hazel is sleeping. Nick and I will be here to look after her. You can come back later on when she will wake up. You are looking awful. Go home, have some rest, and came back with some clothes and other necessities for Hazel.” Mia was right. I could use a shower and bring back Hazel’s clothes and her soft toy.

“You guys would be okay?” I asked again to make sure.

“Anna, just go,” Nick said, pushing me out of the children’s ward.

When I got home, it was 5 pm. I hopped under the shower and felt relaxed. Changing into something comfortable, I packed some change of clothes and a soft toy for Hazel. I cooked some healthy soup for her and made a quick snack for myself. By 6, I was done and left my apartment.

Am I missing something? A thought came while I was driving.

I parked my car and walked my way to the Child’s ward. “Right on time, Hazel was asking for you,” Nick said, turning my way.

“Baby, I’m here. How are you feeling?” I sat on the bench and held her tiny fingers.

“I’m scared,” she said. A single tear fell from her eyes, wetting the white pillow. I shook my head, holding my own tears.

“You don’t have to be scare, baby. I’m here. I got you your duck too,” I tried to cheer her up. Nick passed me the duck from the bag. “Have mama’s yummy soup, and you’ll be fit as a fiddle,” I said about to open the box.

“Anna, wait. The doctor has asked to keep her empty stomach for a while, they will be doing some tests.

A nurse came and gave me a list of tests required to perform for Hazel. Nick took it from me and went to pay for it right away. “Anna, he’ll handle it,” Mia assured me when I was about to stop Nick.

Soon, the ward boy and the same nurse came and took Hazel in a stretcher.

Mia and I were waiting by the hall. Nick left to get some coffee for us.

My phone ringed, I pulled it from my back pocket and saw Matt’s name flashing on it.

“Shit!” I whispered yelled.

“What happened?” Mia asked, worried.

“I completely forgot about my date with Matt.” It was 7, he must be outside my apartment.

“Calm down. Answer the call and told him what happened. I’m sure he’ll understand.” I nodded and answered the call.

“Hello!” his voice greeted me. “Anna, are you in there? I am waiting outside your apartment.” I felt horrible.

“Matt, I’m in the hospital right now.”

“Hospital! Are you okay? You want me to come there?” he asked, sounding worried. I am feeling even worse now.

“I’m fine, Matt. You don’t have to come. It’s Hazel. She got ill, we have to stay overnight here. I am so sorry. It totally slipped my mind to inform you. I am sorry, Matt.”

“That’s..umm..fine, Anna. Take care of Hazel. We can go some other time, no biggie. Good night.” He replied, ceasing my guilt.

“Thank you for understanding, Matt. You’re a sweetheart,” I said with honesty. I hunged up the call after and waited for the doctor.

“Here,” Nick passed me the coffee, and I thanked him with a smile.

“Miss. Brown. My office.” The doctor said right after coming out of the room.

“Is everything alright, doctor?” I asked.

“I have sent the blood sample and a bone marrow for biopsy.” I paled at the mention of bone marrow. “We have to wait for two weeks for the results, but I am worried that your daughter might be suffering from, Acute myelogenous leukemia.” I didn’t get to hear what he said later on. I passed out right after hearing those three words.


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