The Nanny Diaries

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Chapter 43

Zach’s POV

Buzz!!! Buzz!!!

I slammed the alarm shut, stepping out of bed. Heading to the bathroom, I took my time to finish my business. I walked inside my walk-in closet and pulled a white shirt and cuff links that has my initials. Changing into a dark grey suit and matching tie, I head back to my bedroom. Fetching my phone and bag, I left my bedroom.

“Good morning, Mr. Knight.” John greeted me when I entered the dining area.

“Good morning, John. Where is Chase?” I asked, staring at the empty chair.

“He asked to eat later, sir,” I inhaled, nodding my head.

That’s not something new for Chase to avoid breakfast, or should I say me. For the last three years, Chase has done everything possible to avoid my presence. He has isolated himself from the world like we meant nothing to him, and that’s all because of that one person that I...

I hate her. Not only she broke my heart, but, took Chase’s innocence and smile with her. I will never forgive you, Anna Brown, ever.

“Where is Samantha?” I asked.

“She is with Chase. He is comfortable with her from the beginning,” I nodded my head, agreeing with John.

I don’t know what special tricks she pulled, but my son was normal with her, and that’s all that matters to me.

I glanced upstairs at the closed door of Chase’s bedroom for a few seconds. You did quite a number on our life, Anna. I left the Manson and headed to the parking, where my driver, Mike, was waiting for me, holding the door.

“Good morning, sir.” I nodded and slid inside.

Three years ago, I shifted to this Mason outside of New York. It was a gift from Mom and Dad on my 21st birthday, but I never used it before. But everything that happened in the penthouse, the memories with Anna. It was suffocating, so I did what I thought would best for Chase and me.

In the beginning, Chase nagged me about meeting Anna and why she is not staying with us anymore. I come up with stupid excuses, and one unfortunate day, I lose my temper on him. I yelled and shouted at my poor son, to forget about Anna, that she is never coming back and he has to forget she ever existed in our life.

And since that day, the hell break loose. Chase started to ignore me; He asked Samantha to deliver his messages to me. He asked her to accompany him to all his PTA meetings. And I could not do anything to redeem my actions. I became the villain to Chase, and that’s all because of someone I can’t forget even if I want to.

You ruined me, Anna.

Mike opened the car door, then only I realized we reached. Entering through the glass door, I greeted the staff, nodding my way to the private elevator. I pressed for the top floor.

I entered my office and engrossed myself in my work.

“Hey, baby.” I lifted my head from the file; I was working on to face a smiling Emily.

“You should knock, sometimes, you know,” I sassed, and she rolled her eyes and came forward, besides my chair.

“I don’t need to knock on the door of my boyfriends’s door.” She smiled and sat on my lap, securing her arms around my neck.

That’s right, Emily and I are dating. She was there to support me, to help me move on and start fresh. Six months ago, she confessed her feelings, and I was stunned but accepted her feelings; maybe she is the one for me. I know her since high school, and she is my best friend. She will never break my heart like someone I know.

I care for her and like her too. Maybe in the future, I would bring my heart to love her too. I should give it some time.

She placed her lips on mine, and I closed my eyes to feel something but, nothing came.

She tried to part my lips with her tongue, but I stopped her.

“Em. Not in the office,” I said, sounding genuine. She signed and rose from my lap, making her way to the couch, opening the bag she brought along with her.

“I brought you lunch. Care to join,” I smiled and joined her. “Any improvement with Chase.” She asked, taking a bite from the pizza.

“Nope. Still the same.”

“Don’t worry; he will come along. I have planned something for the weekend. You, me, and Chase, just like family.”

She sounded excited, and I followed, avoiding the lump that formed in my throat at the mention of family with her.

After the long day at work, I was finally home.

“Chase, I will get you. Stop with the running. You know I can not chase after you; I’m getting older,” Samantha’s breathless voice echoed through the living room.

“Catch me, Sammy.” Chase giggled, running behind the couches. I stare dumbfounded at my son. Sealing and cherishing the giggles and laughter he showed in my absence. It’s been a long since I had witnessed them.

“Mr. Knight. Didn’t see you there? My apologizes,” Samantha said, breathlessly. At the mention of my name, Chase stayed, stilled in the spot, and turned his back to me. “Chase, greet you father,” she asked, coming his way.

“Hello, Daddy,” his voice was cold and forced. He ran upstairs, avoiding further conversation.

“Chase! I’m very sorry for his behavior, sir.” Samantha apologized.

“It’s not your fault, Samantha.” I signed. She left after Chase, and I headed to my bedroom.

Once cheerful dinner table now was filled with silence. No laughter, no teasing. Nothing. The only sound one could hear was from the dishes. John served the main course, and we begin to eat in silence.

“How was school?” I tried to small talk. There was a pause, Samantha looked at me and then whispered something to Chase, and he glanced at me.

“It was fine.” He gave me a cut-short answer.

“Aunt Emily has planned a family weekend for us. It will be fun.” I continued.

“I don’t want to go. I have stuff to do.” He answered, dropping his spoon.

“I’m not asking you, Chase. I’m telling you. Stop avoiding my presence, I am your father, and I would not tolerate this behavior of yours.” I raised my voice, not being able to control my temper.

“You are my father, but lie to me. You keep secrets from me. I wanted to meet Anna, but you didn’t let me. I will not forgive you for that.” His voice cracked by the end; he rushed out from the dining room to god knows where.

“I’ll go after him,” Samantha left, right after him.

I pushed back the chair and left. Walking inside my office room, I pulled a whiskey bottle from the small bar and, pour some on the glass, gulping down the drink in one.

After some repeat, the bottle was half empty, and I was fully drunk. I stumbled around my desk and settle on my chair. Pulling the last drawer in the desk, I took out my old phone. It was switched off so, I plugged it in the charger, and it switched back one.

Going through the picture gallery, I zoomed a photo, it was the first picture I had of Anna. She was holding Chase when he wore a t-shirt she brought. I slide the second one, it was from the amusement park, when all three of us wore matching outfits, smiling at the camera. Looking like a happy family.

Few drops of water dropped on the screen, that’s when I realized; I was crying.

I was crying for the past when we were together, happy. I was crying for the present that was hard on us. I slide to the next picture; It was mine and Anna’s looking at each other when I took the selfie. I wanted to convert this picture into frames, but destiny has other plans. I hated this drunk Zach, he is venerable and broken. This Zach wants a happy ending that’s not written on his Fate. I unplugged the charger and switched off the phone, keeping it back to its place.


Knock!! Knock!!

“Mr. Knight!” I stirred, opening my eyes. The piercing morning rays fall on my eyes, making me blind for some moment.

“Damn!” I cursed, rubbing my hands on my face. “Come in,” I called.

“Good morning, sir,” I nodded. ” You didn’t come downstairs for breakfast, so John asked me to see if you are okay.” One of the servants asked.

“What time is it?” I asked, rubbing my forehead.

“It’s 10 in the morning, sir.” My eyes went wide. Damn, I overslept.

“I’ll be down in 10.” He nodded yes sir, and left.

Repeating the same routine, I headed on my way to work. Mike opened the door for me, and I stepped out of the car.

Entering inside the lobby, I walked straight, paying no heed to anyone.

“Please! I have to meet him. It’s very urgent.”

My feet halted when a dangerously familiar voice fall on my ears.

I turned and faced the back of a woman who was talking to the receptionist.

Unconsciously my leg made their mind to walk towards her.

Is she the one who I think she is?

I stood behind her, the receptionist paused, looking at me. I signed. I was about to tap the shoulder of the woman, but she swiftly turned, and my breath stuck in my throat.

"Zach..." I’d know that voice from anywhere.



Who would that be?

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