The Nanny Diaries

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Chapter 45

Anna's POV

Guilt...Regrets...those were the words hunting me for the last three years, but its intensity got multiplied after watching the reunion of Zach and Hazel. How could I be so selfish and stupid for separating a child from her father? I should have known better before making that horrible decision.

Mia went for a walk to gave us some family time; I chuckled at the thought. Family? Well, they are father and daughter, but I doubt Zach would ever consider me his family after everything I have done.

Hazel is babbling about herself and what was her life in California, sitting on Zach’s lap, and he is so admiringly staring at her, listening to all her talk.

A sudden phone ring broke my stare; it’s Zach’s. He settled Hazel on the couch and kissed her head before rising from the couch and heading to the window to accept the call. Hazel marched my way to the bed, hopping on my lap.

“Mummy, daddy is so sweet and handsome,” she whispered in my ear, not wanting to disturb Zach’s conversation.

“I know, dear.” I chuckled and wrapped her small body with my arms.

She was playing with my hair when Zach walked towards the bed after ending his phone conversation.

“Pack your stuff; we are leaving.” He ordered, but his tone was soft. That was just because Hazel was with me. Otherwise, I know better.

Hazel lifted her head from my chest, looking at her daddy.

“Where are we going?” I asked, confused.

“My house.” He cut me short the answer.

“But, I..”

“Yeah! Let’s go!” Hazel’s thrilled voice cut me. She holds out her arms for Zach to pick her up from my lap. He smiled and held her on his hip.

“You sure? I mean, we have Mia with us.” I asked nervously.

“I don’t want my daughter to stay at a hotel when she has a mansion waiting for her.” His cold demeanor was back. “And your friend is welcome to stay there.” He added, and I nodded my head, keeping my mouth shut.

I messaged Mia to return and meanwhile packed our stuffs. I was busy packing when she entered.

“Why are you packing the bags?” she asked.

“Zach asked more like demanded us to stay at his mansion. I guess we are staying there.” I shrugged, zipping the bags.

“Yeah, it makes more sense. He is your baby daddy, and maybe you both can talk things out, you know. Might get back together.” I rolled my eyes at her wishful thoughts that were impossible to be true.

“Mia, that’s never gonna happen. He is being a good father to Hazel is all I want, and that’s it. I can not be selfish and misuse this time to rectify the wrongs between Zach and me when Hazel is the one requiring all our attention and love.”

Thank god Zach took Hazel to have some hot chocolates. The Knights and their love for hot chocolates is beyond my imagination.

Zach messaged me, saying he was waiting in front of the hotel, and Mia and I left the room and checked out.

“WOW!! Rolls- Royce!” Mia whispered yelled behind me. “I am grateful to be your friend, Anna. Thanks to you, I get to be inside this gorgeous.” Mia cheered, gawking at the silver car.

I rolled my eyes and passed the bags to Mike, and stepping inside the car. Zach didn’t even for a second left Hazel on the seat; she was sitting on his lap for like forty-five minutes.

“We are here,” Zach said in a cold tone. We stepped out in front of this beautiful white mansion that was more like a castle.

“WOW! Is this yours, Daddy?” Hazel asked in aww. Her eyes and mouth wide open.

“It’s ours, princess,” Zach answered, and she stared at him, blinking her eyelashes.

“Mommy! Look, a castle. Just like Disney!” Hazel clapped her hands and kissed her daddy’s lips, hugging him tightly.

“Let’s go inside. Yeah?” Zach walked ahead holding Hazel while Mia and I followed him.

After crossing few steps, we were in front of the beautifully sculptured oak tree double door. He pressed the bell and soon it got wide open by none other than John. His features were still the same apart from a few grey hair and wrinkles under his eyes. His eyes gazed on Zach holding Hazel in confusion but when his eyes found mine they were completely shocked. He stood there for some moment but Zach broke the silence.

“John!” His voice brought back John from his shocked state and he nodded and stepped aside. Zach walked inside and I smiled looking at John.

“It’s good to see you again, John,” I said approaching him. He took me off guard by hugging me.

“Oh, sweet Anna, where have you been? We all missed you so much, especially little master. He changed so much after you left.” He broke the hug staring at my face.

“I missed you guys too. I’m sorry I left so suddenly and what do you mean by change. What happened to Chase? Is he alright?” I asked concern lingered in my voice.

He dropped his shoulder, when he was about to say something his eyes landed on Mia and I facepalmed myself for not introducing them.

“Sorry. John, this is Mia, my best friend. And Mia this is John head Butler but a big part of Knight Family.” They share a small hello and I repeat my question again.

“John, what happened to Chase?” I pushed.

“Why don’t you come inside and get fresh first. I’ll tell you everything then?” I nodded and followed him to the giant living room.

The huge chandelier was hanged proudly on the ceiling. The antiques were enhancing the décor and giving it the royal vibes. Hazel was sitting on the couch alone so, I stepped forward and asked about Zach.

“Where is daddy?” She pointed her right and I found him talking to someone on the phone. He must have so much work to do, but he is here with us. Well, for Hazel to be specific.

“Where is Chase?” I asked John.

“He is at school. He will be back around 3 o’clock.” I nodded. I can’t wait to meet him. He must be grown tall and handsome just like his father.

Zach returned to where we were. “John, please escort Miss. Mia to the guest bedroom.” John called a male servant and he took Mia’s bag and he asked Mia to follow them. She looked my way and I smiled at her assuring her to follow them.

“Where am I and Hazel supposed to stay?” I asked after they were out of our site.

“Hazel can share with Chase, it has all the toys and games. She will enjoy it there.”

I stare at Hazel, who was busy roaming around the living room, staring at the huge paintings.

“She always sleeps beside me. I don’t know if she will be comfortable.” I states.

“Fine. You can use the bedroom across mine. That’s the second biggest room after mine. That will be comfortable for both of you.” He said in an annoying tone and I didn’t like that at all.

“We don’t need that big bedroom; we are fine with a small one too,” I replied back annoyed with his cold behavior.

He took a few stepped forward, standing few inches away from me, “Do you really think I want you here in my house, Anna.” I gulped at his dominating stare and rough tone. “I want my daughter to be safe and near me, whom you hide from me from the last three years. Don’t tempt me to repay the kindness you have shown to me, Anna, because trust me, you won’t like what I will give to you.” His tone was sarcastic and his effects on me were visible. His signature smirk was the proof of it.

“Shall we?” He asked in a mocking tone. “Hazel, come to daddy, princess. I will show you your room.” She ran to him and he picked her. I followed them and was in front of a white door.

He pushed the door open and I gasped at the size of it. Wow! It was huge and beautiful. The light purple and white paint on the walls. The queen size bed with the softest looking sheets. The sliding door followed by the balcony. Two doors were opposite the bed, which must be the bathroom and walk-in closet. I pulled the bags inside and observe the beauty of the room.

“It’s beautiful,” I stated the fact.

“It is.” Hazel agreed smiling widely.

“You get fresh. I will be in my office downstairs. Call me if you need anything.” Zach said in a normal tone for once. I nodded and he left after kissing Hazel on the cheeks.

I opened the bathroom and gawk at the beauty. The giant bathtub that can hold 5 people was on the left corner. The glass-covered shower, few décor here and there. The fancy mirror and sink with many drawers. I was unpacking our bags when a maid entered with some stuffs in a basket.

“What are those?” I asked.

“These are the toiletries and stuffs you would need in the bathroom.” She answered and settled those items in their respected place.

“Thank you…” I trailed off.

“Beth.” She introduced herself.

“Anna and she is my daughter, Hazel. How long have you been working here, Beth?” I asked.

“More than one year. Your daughter is beautiful, Miss.” She replied.

“Just, Anna.” I smiled when she nodded and left.

“Back to work,” I said and resumed to unpack my stuffs.

After an hour Mia came to my room, her room was downstairs across the living room. “Wow, your room is gorgeous.” I smiled stroking Hazel’s hair. She falls asleep after having her lunch.

I was glad to see Martha here, I missed her and her food. She scolded me for like thirty minutes for leaving without informing her. When I introduced Hazel as Zach and my daughter she and John were shocked but were so happy to finally meet her. When I told them about her condition they cried but told me to have faith in god. That he will take care of everything.

“I informed Nick about our little migration from the hotel to the mansion. He said it’s good for Hazel and you.”

“I know. How’s he doing without you?” I teased. They can’t stay long without each other.

She scoffed before answering, “I am already missing him. But you need me here more right now and as you know besties before testes” I hold my laugh not wanting to wake Hazel up.

A knock on the door interrupted our moment and I got up to answered the door.

“Samantha…” I whispered.

“Anna, I can’t believe you are here.” I invited her in and introduced her to Mia. “I don’t know what happened here before you left but I guess it was more than complicated. I have seen the lone stares Chase gave to that fairy statue you brought for him. He was miserable after you, Anna. I have seen that boy missing you so badly.”

A snob left from my throat after hearing what damaged I had done to that little boy. I can’ forgive myself after this ever.

“He ignores his father, you know.” I stared confused with the confession. “He thinks, it’s his dad’s fault that he was not able to see you for the last time. Since the day I joined here. He only stays normal with me but that also because I got him your gift. But his anger towards his dad is something else.”

“Will he hates me too, Samantha?” I asked. It’s partly my fault that I was not here with him. Who am I kidding, it’s my entire fault.

“I don’t think so, Anna. He prays and wished to see you every night before bed. I doubt he will ever hate you.” She assured me but I have my doubts.

“When will he be here?” I asked.

“He might be on his way here.” She said and left.

“Are you okay?” Mia asked.

“I don’t know, Mia. I have hurt many hearts, sometimes I think it’s my karma that Hazel is suffering. But isn’t it unfair that she is paying for my deeds?” I stared ahead blankly.

“No! Anna, don’t be hard on yourself. You have suffered more than you deserve and trust me when I say this. You are a brave young lady, a fabulous friend, and a selfless mother. Any guy would be damn lucky to be with you. And I’m honored to be called you’re best friend.”

She hugged me tightly and I meltdown on her arms. I just want everything to fall back into its rightful places.


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