The Nanny Diaries

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Chapter 48

Anna's POV

Breathe in. Breathe Out. Damn it! Why is it taking so long? The adrenaline rush made my heart beat faster, and I can’t help but pace around, waiting and waiting.

“Anna! Just calm down, okay. They will be out soon.” Mia grabbed my shoulder and made me look at her face, which was full of concern.

“I can’t. It’s been an hour, Mia. I am scared.” She pulled me in the comfort of her arms, hugging me tightly.

“It’s going to be alright.” I nodded my head; her gentle stroke on my back helped me calm down.

The door got opened following by the doctor. I rushed in front of him.

“How are they, Dr. Steel?” I asked, trying to calm my breathing.

“Calm down, Miss Brown. Everything is under control.” I signed in relief, and he continued. “We have done a few teats to match the bone marrow, and if they matched we could start our further treatments.”

I return to my seat, and Dr. Steel sat on his chair behind his desk. “And if they didn’t match?” I can’t help but question it. What if they didn’t match.

He signed, “I could understand where you are coming from. In cases like these, we don’t want to give false hope to the patients and their families. But things have changed for the better, and some lucky people have survived cancer like a pro. You have to be strong for your daughter.”

“And to answer your question, if Mr. Knight’s and Hazel’s bone marrow don’t match, we have to apply her name for the donation. It will take some time which is not a good thing but let’s hope they will match. From next week, we will be involving, Hazel for the chemotherapy. It is a very painful journey, and Hazel is very delicate. She will cry in pain and beg to stop it but, you have to be strong for your daughter, Miss Brown. It will be equally painful for you if not less.” Mia tightly gripped my hand. It was difficult to maintain a strong face when you are hearing about the pain your daughter will feel in the future.

“How are Zach and Hazel?” I asked, clearing my throat.

“They are under the effect of the medicine, but they are good to go home. This file has every detail of the foods and beverages that Hazel will consume, and so does Mr. Knight.” He passed me a red file that contains Hazel’s prescriptions and diet plan.

“Thank you, Doctor.” I shook his hand and left his cabin with Mia beside me.

“You okay,” I nodded my head, not trusting my voice at all.

We enter the VIP room, where Zach and Hazel were sharing after their test.

“Hey! baby,” I called Hazel and sat on the edge of her big bed. “You feeling good?” I asked, stroking back her hair.

She nodded, looking exhausted and I glanced at Mia.

“She is under medicine.” Mia shrugged her shoulders, and I signed.

Zach was staring at the ceiling quietly. What was his condition? I thought.

“Mia, would you take Hazel to the car,” I asked.

“Yeah, sure. Zach needs you here,” I could hear her teasing but choose to ignore her.

I changed Hazel’s clothes, being careful to the cut on her hip, and put her in the wheelchair, and they left.

I walked and stood beside Zach’s bed. “Zach, we have to go home,” I said in a low tone, nervous with his reaction. His conscious mind always made me cry. I’m not sure what his unconscious mind will do to me. When he didn’t respond, I shook his shoulder. “Hey!” He quickly grabbed my wrist and pulled me, so now my upper body was hovering over him.

For a moment, I forgot how to breathe. We were close, very close. His eyes were intoxicated and were drinking my face, every inch of it. We were breathing the same air, his lips were inches away from mine, looking super soft and tempting. I subconsciously licked my dry lips, and his eyes followed my moments. He leaned ahead, his eyes shifting from my lips to my eyes.

Should I continue it? But he is not aware of his action. My mind and heart were having the battle, and I closed my eyes, agreeing with my heart.

“ahem...hem...” I pulled right away from Zach when the sudden sound grace my ears. “Sorry... I thought the room was vacant.” The cleaning lady said.

“Yeah, we were about to leave. Give us ten minutes, please.” She nodded her head and left. Zach smirked, staring at my blushed cheeks. “You need to change, we have to leave now.” I helped him to get out of the bed. His stupid smirk was still there, annoying me.

“Put this on,” I passed him his pants and faced the wall.

“I can’t. Help me.” He said in a low voice. I signed and faced him. His hipbone was stitched; it’s the least I could do.

I picked his pants and helped him wear them. It was tough to calm when the person you love is this close to you and the top of it, helping him wearing his clothes. After buttoning up his shirt I helped with the blazer. “Done.” I gave a short smile and packed the remaining stuff in the bag. “Sit here, I’ll be back.” He sat on the bed, obediently. Much to my relief. I went out to call the ward boy, who came in with a wheelchair.

“Careful,” I said and we carefully made Zach sat on the chair. “Let’s go.” I carried the bag when the boy wheeled Zach inside the elevator. After a few moments, we were in the parking lot.

“You could have asked for my help,” Mike rushed towards us, frowning.

“It’s okay, Mike. Thank you.” I said to the boy and he left with a smile. “Where are Mia and Hazel?” I asked.

“They are inside the car waiting for you. Here, let me help.”

He helped Zach to sit inside the car and I placed the bag in the trunk.

Hazel was on the middle part of the car, sleeping and Mia had taken the passenger seat, only leaving the back part for me and Zach. I sat beside Zach keeping some distance between us and we left the hospital.

“Come closer…” Zach mumbled.

“Excuse me,” I asked not able to hear his mumbling.

“I’m sleepy. Would you lend me your shoulder?” I stared at him dumbfounded. He is being nice to me but it is a façade. And that made it even painful to bear.

He was staring straight into my eyes waiting for my answer. Could he be any more adorable? I chuckled and nodded my head. He showed me his pearl white teeth and I shifted near him. He placed his head near the curve of my neck that made me inhale sharply. His hot breath tingle my skin, leaving Goosebumps.

That delicious torture lasted for an hour, till we get home. “Anna! We are here.” Mia’s voice woke Zach up.

“Hmmm…satisfying nap ever,” Zach whispered rubbing his eyes. He looked refreshing and relaxed. He lifted his head and found me staring at him. His demeanor changed. “Uhmm… Was I sleeping on you?” It was awkward again.

“Yeah.” He mumbled a sorry and left the car as if my presence burned him.

“Earth to Anna,” Mia called again and I stepped out of the car. “What happened with the two of you?” She asked, staring at the walking Zach and me.

“Nothing. Hmm…I’ll take Hazel inside. She needs proper sleep,” I changed the subject and picked Hazel from the car, making our way inside the mansion.

When I got to the entrance, I found John pacing around the front door. I walked ahead and came in front of him.

“John, are you alright?” I asked, worried.

“I...Anna uhmm...”

“What happened? Are you feeling sick? Should I call someone?” He shook his head and was about to say something when I heard some voices coming from the hall.

Ignoring John, I went inside carrying Hazel to witness the hurtful scene ever.

“Fuck! Who the hell is she?” Mia whispered near my ear. I quickly wiped my tears from my free hand.

“WHAT THE FUCK!!!” Emily shouted after breaking the kiss. Her eyes wide shocked pinning me on the spot. If looks could kill I would be 6 feet under. “What the hell are you doing here?” Her voice full of venom startled Hazel and she ended up crying.

“ it’s okay.” I tried calming her down but Emily was not helping at all.

“Answer me damn it. Zach! what the hell is she doing in your house.” Her loud voice echoed throughout the mansion. What the hell is wrong with her. Why was she acting like a Pshyco?

“Emily, Keep your voice down. You’re scaring my daughter.” Zach said in an annoyed tone.

“You’re what?” She turned my way and noticed Hazel, she was hiding her face on my neck, sobbing. All of a sudden Emily started laughing.

“Is she crack or something?” Mia’s commented, staring at her.

“Is this some kind of a joke? Your daughter? Let me guess, our dear Anna said this girl is your daughter and you believed her. For crying out loud, Zach, she cheated on you.” I squeezed my eyes swallowing the harsh words coming out of her mouth. “You know, how much of a whore she is to sleep around with any men. I doubt she, herself knows whose her bastard’s daddy is.”


“Not a single word against my character or my daughter.” I walked and stood in front of her. “Whatever happened between Zach and I is none of your business, Emily. And I’m nowhere in hell obligated to explain myself to you. I’m not the Anna, you knew back then. I am a mother now, and god help me if you dare speak ill about my daughter again then I will not take a second to kill you.”

I pushed her away from my way, “Anna...” Zach trailed off and I stopped facing him.

“Don’t! The way you just stood up for your daughter proved how much you care for her. Take care of your girlfriend before I kill her,” I stormed out of the living room and rushed to my room.

Zach’s POV

I slammed the office door behind me. “What the fuck was that?” I was pissed would be an understatement. “I expected better from you, Emily.”

“Yeah, right. She was the one, who cheated and left you heartbroken. I was the one who was there to help you move on and this is how you pay me back.”

“Oh, so you want your share. Tell me how can I repay you. Diamonds, cars, house.”

“You know that’s not what I meant, Zach. What the hell is she doing here anyway? And why now. Is she here for money or you? I can’t lose you, Zach. I love you so much.” She hugged me tightly, pressing my body against my desk.

“Damn...” I cursed.

“What happened?” she asked full of concern.

“It’s the stitches.” I pointed at the area and she gave me a confused look. “That’s what I was waiting to tell you, Em. Anna returned in my life for Hazel, our daughter.”

She was about to interfere when I stopped her. “Hazel has cancer. She needed a donor, that’s the reason for Anna’s return. I was pissed as well when I found out about my daughter but when I saw her for the first time, I forget everything. The only reason Anna is staying at my house is because of Hazel and that’s it. I haven’t forgotten what she and Mason had done to me.”

“I’m sorry, baby. I should have controlled my temper but whenever she came in front of me, I lose my calm.” She hugged me and I hugged her back, ignoring her comment.

Narrator’s POV

Just when Anna thought her life could not get any worse, but it’s life and that’s how it is. She managed to tuck Hazel into bed and came to her bedroom. Mia was waiting for her friend to explain whatever happened downstairs.

“Hey...come here,” Mia offered her warm hug that Anna was dying to engulfed in. Her friend was there to smooth her hardship. “Ssh...It’s okay. I’m proud of you, Anna. The way to deal with that bitch was mindblowing. Don’t waste your precious tears for them. Come on, smile for me.” She wiped her tears and made her friend smile.

“I still don’t believe, that’s the same Emily I met three years ago. She was so sweet towards me and liked me. We were friends, Mia. But, today. She felt different to me. I mean, I get it, the way things ended up was messy, but the way she acted was horrible,” Anna rambled about the change of attitude of Emily towards her.

“Well, she is dating your ex. By the way, She is the Emily you talked about, right?” Anna nodded her head. “But you told me they were friends, how come they are dating all of a sudden. And the way she yelled and stared at you, just showed how possessive she was for Zach.” Mia’s casual words didn’t go unnoticed by Anna.

“She is his best friend, and most of the time you fell for your friend, maybe that’s what happened with them,” Anna answered Mia’s question with half heart.

“Whatever. I’m still shipping you guys. There is no way, Zach loves her the way he loved you.” Mia stood up proudly. “It’s Zanna for me.”

“Zanna? seriously.” They chuckled at Mia’s silly thoughts.


“Do we have to cancel our weekend’s plan?” Emily whined.

“Sorry, Em. I have to take a rest, if everything went as planned, then Hazel will get her surgery at the end of this month. I can’t take any chances,”

“I’ll come by tomorrow.” Emily pouted and kissed her boyfriend’s lips and left his mansion.

Walking out of the mansion, Emily’s phone pinged with a message.

“I need more money. Meet me at our usual place.”



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