The Nanny Diaries

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Chapter 4

Anna's POV

Chase and I came back from the park, it was already 5 in the evening. Sophia was having her evening tea in the living room when we enter the penthouse. She smiled and spread her arms for a hug when she saw Chase. He ran to his grandma and hugged her tightly and laughed when she showers puppy kisses all over his face. I was watching them with a silly smile and sit opposite Sophia.

"Did you have fun in the park?" Sophia asked Chase.

"Yeah, grandma, It was fun. Anna pushed my swing, we played football and we eat ice cream. Anna is best," Chase answered her happily. Sophia listened to Chase's blabbering with ease.

Sophia's phone went off and she grabs it to see the caller's name which makes her alert. She answered the call "Hey Honey, How are you doing?, Yes, Everything is going well, Chase is here sitting beside me, yeah I will give him the phone." She said and give her phone to Chase.

"Hey, Daddy. I miss you too. Come home soon, I have a new friend, her name is Anna. She is the best and she is staying.." Sophia snatched her phone and whispered Chase to keep quiet and start talking herself.

"It's me, Mom, Yeah Anna is his new friend he met her in the park and she is a sweetheart, she is also living in the same building. Actually, Zach, my phone's battery is low so, I will call you later. Okay honey goodbye, say bye to daddy Chase," She told Chase and he said his goodbyes to his dad. She cut the call and sighed taking a huge breath.

"Chase, promise me that you will not talk about Anna to your daddy, It will be our surprise when he gets home okay dear.'' She said Chase to keep the secret between them, he nodded his head and she asked him to go to his room and wait for me.

I was very much confused by now and eagerly waiting for her to explain the situation."You must be confused." She said looking straight to my face. Yeah, you bet, I wanted to say but nodded my head only.

"Zach doesn't know about my fracture and you too. William and I were looking after Chase when Zach went to London for business. He was not willing to leave Chase but I convinced him and he left Chase under our care. But one week later, I slipped from stairs and fractured my leg, Thank god it was minor. I didn't want to trouble Zach by informing him about my injury, I know he would leave all his work and rushed here if he finds out. He already has so much on his plate, So, we decided to hire a Nanny for Chase till I recovered so, Zach will never know what happened in his absence. I hope you will understand Anna." I was processing her words and nodded my head agreeing with her. She must love her son too much to keep her accident to herself.

"I do understand your emotions Sophia and I am happy to help you," I said with a smile and excused myself from there and walked towards Chase's room. I knock on his door and heard a sweet "come in". I opened the door and saw Chase doing his usual painting. We paint for some time and I helped him with his bath. Mr. Miller called us for dinner and we headed to the dining area. Mr. Knight and Sophia came and took their respective seats and Chase begins to tell his grandpa, the fun he had in the park. We all had a good laugh and the dinner went fine. Mr. Knight and Sophia went to their room after giving good night kisses to Chase.

I tucked Chase on his bed while I sat on the edge and start reading him his bedtime stories and soon he drifts off to sleep. I kissed on his forehead and left.

I came to my room and went to the bathroom for a quick shower and pick my phone to call my mom. It's been a week since I had talked to her. My family has 4 members including me. My mom Jennifer Brown, Dad Michael Brown, and my sister Ava Brown. She is 16 and in high school. I am 7 years older than her but we are more like friends. We shared all our secrets and problems.

"Now you got time to call your only mother," Mom's sarcastic voice greeted me. Due to my 24/7 job I had told my family not to call me first unless its an emergency, so, I am the one who always calls them.

"Hello to you too mom." I chuckled.

"Where were you? why didn't you call us?" Mom worriedly asked. I felt guilty. I told her about my arrangement with the Knight and how busy I was last three days. We talked for some time about stuffs going around our lives. Dad was out with his friends and Ava was doing her assignment so I didn't talk for much and hang up the call after I promised to call her every day.

I was lying on my bed and stare at the ceiling and recalled the things that happened today. Chase is an angle, I like him, he has gone through so much already, losing a mother at a delicate age and not being able to spend time with his father is not something anyone can handle. He is a strong boy. I also feel relieved after knowing Zach Knight is not all about his work, he does love his son, it just the circumstances that are not in his favor.

I had done some research about the family to know them better and got to know about Zach knight, he is one of the successful young billionaire in Newyork. He married his high school sweetheart and after 2 years of marriage they had Chase, But unfortunate incident took their happiness. Maria Knight died in an accident when she was heading to the airport to pick her husband who was coming from London.

It was huge news for everyone and it stays for a long time. People showed their sympathy to the family, after some months things were back to normal but they will not be normal for Chase and his father. I got tears in my eyes after reading, sue me for being overly sensitive but that's how I am. I just hope I will be able to be a good friend to Chase.

I took a deep breath and decide to call it a night and fall in the comfort of the softest bed ever.


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