The Nanny Diaries

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Chapter 51

Narrator’s POV

She felt everything, and defeat was one of them. Her every effort and scheme to get Zach washed down from the drain. But she was not the one to stay behind and witness her dreams crumble. She was not born that way.

Once her dad bought her a puppy when she was a kid, and she was beyond happy, but later the puppy got more affection from her parents, and that was the first time her obsession with attention came to the surface.

The eight-year-old girl threw the puppy in the lake and watched it struggle to swim and die right in front of her. Her obsession multiplied by the time she grew up. Mr. and Mrs. Roberts tried to hide the reality of their daughter from the world. They enrolled her in various sessions, and she always made her way out of it. Her sanity depended on the medication she has to take twice a day, without that she couldn’t be normal. But acting was the one thing she does better, that’s the reason not a single soul knew about her disorder, not even her close friends. Not even Zach.

“AH!!!!” She grabbed the first thing she found in her bedroom and smashed it straight into the mirror, shattering every single piece on the floor. “You cannot leave me, Zach. I won’t let that happen again. After everything I have done for you, you still choose that pathetic Anna.” Her breathing was heavy, and she was losing her mind. She pulled out her medicine from the drawer and gulped four, which was double her dose, but that was the least of her concern now.

“I should have killed that bitch long ago. Underestimating Anna was my stupid mistake, but not anymore. If I can’t have Zach, then neither would she.” She picked her phone and called her assassin, who picked after two rings.

“Is my work done?” She asked right away.

“Not entirely. I have held her captive. But she said she doesn’t have any videos.”

“That bitch is lying. And what is wrong with you. I thought you are a coldblooded murder, I guess you lost your charm.” Her insult provoked his ego, and he laughed.

“I was waiting for your command, and you are the one whining over a video. And you know what I am capable of so, just say the word, and I will release her from her misery.” She thought for a moment and concluded.

“Let her have a few more hours to breathe. I have some other job for you.” She said through greeted teeth.

“Ufff!!! I’m getting excited here. What do you want me to do?” He asked eager to sin, he enjoyed committing.

Zach’s POV

“It’s been long, friend.”

“What the fuck? You might have a death wish to come here, Mason. The last thing I remembered I told you stay the fuck away from my life.” I slammed the car door, the sound echoed throughout the parking lot.

“I know what you told me, Zach, and trust me; if it wasn’t for this, I wouldn’t have bothered you.” He said, showing me the envelope.

“I don’t have time for your bullshit.” My annoying tone was loud and clear and was about to jump inside my car, but his next word halted my movement.

“This envelope contains proof of our innocence. Anna and I.”

“What!” My feet made their way, standing right in front of him. “What are you talking about?”

“I know. I was shocked too after watching this, and trust me on this Zach, you will have a major trust issue after this.” He warned me before handing me the envelope.

“What do you mean proof of innocence? We all know what happened and where did this come from?” It was confusing, and I was beyond anxious.

“It came through an anonymous mail two days ago. I was out of the city for a meeting and returned a few hours ago. The moment I saw this thing, I rushed here.”

“How did you know I was here, this late?” My eyebrows rose at his smartness.

“We were best friends, remember?” He gave a smirked and gestured me to open the clip. I nodded my head and opened my laptop to play the clips from the pen drive.

The video played, and I frown when noticed the familiar interior of the house, Mason gifted me three years ago.

“OMG! The view here is amazing. I should probably make a video clip for my next project.”

“That voice…” I trailed off.

“It’s Tanya. The girl I tagged along for the vacation.” I nodded my head after recognizing.

“Can I come in?” A new voice called from behind, and Tanya turned, still holding her phone.

Emily.” Tanya’s voice showed her dislike for Em, and I could say the feeling was mutual.

“I want your help with something, and the pay is worth it.”

“And why do you think I need to work for you.” They continued to talk, unaware of the filming.

Oh! Trust me, sweetheart, you do. I know how much of a struggling model you are and what you have done to maintain the lifestyle.”

Emily smirked, and I was shocked to witness this side of Em. I turned to Mason, who gave me a ‘this is just a teaser look’

Fine! What do you want from me?” Tanya asked.

Emily came forward and passed a set of white pills to Tanya. “Take these tablets and spiked Anna and Mason’s drink.” All the color from my face drained, and I stood there dumbfounded.

“What! Why?”

“Don’t ask silly questions and do as I say.”

“When will we be doing that? And what happened after the little stunt of yours?

Tonight. Pito has planned a small celebration, and there will be a special alcohol so nobody will doubt about the aftermath of the drugs.”

But why them?”

You speak too much. But I could spare some of the details. After they get drugged…” And there she explained her plan on how they will drag Anna and Mason to the same couch, naked, and convince everyone about their drunken sex.

“What about Zach? Don’t you think he will look for Anna if she didn’t return to bed?

Don’t you worry about Zach? I have something special for him too.” She said and pulled another pill from her pocket,

You’re going to drug him too?” Tanya asked.

Yup! But this is an entirely different one. He will just feel sleepy and tired to bother about Anna.”

Won’t they feel suspicious about this entire thing? Anna and Mason, I mean.”

“It’s the specialty of this drug. They won’t remember a single thing. No matter how much they try. They will be completely naked, and that proof would be enough to make them look guilty.”

“Wow! You have planned this through.”

Emily laughed. “I did. Check your account, a generous amount has already been deposited there. And the remaining will be added after the work is done.” Emily left with a satisfied smile.

The video got over after an OH! sound, coming from Tanya, probably being aware of the phone being on the entire time.

My body froze, it was difficult even to breathe. Mason played another clip where Tanya had filmed their whole action, how they made Anna and Mason sleep together when they were drugged and left the basement as if nothing happened. There were other clips as well, where Tanya demanded money from Emily, to keep her secrets from me.

I slammed the laptop shut, not being able to take that anymore.


“Zach! Calm yourself.”

“She played us, Mason! How the fuck should I calm down? I hated you and Anna, all because of her. Spend the three years in agony. Missed my precious daughter’s birth.” I lost count of the things I missed all because of Emily.

“Your daughter!” Mason shouted, eyes wide open.

I chuckled at his reaction, “Yes, man. I have a daughter, her name is Hazel. I missed the three years of her.” The hatred was back in my voice. “I’ll kill her, Mason. I’ll kill her.” I chanted, walking to the car door.

“Zach! Wait. Listen, man. You have no idea, how pissed I am now. But we have to handle it patiently.” I shook my head. I don’t care anymore. “Damn! Dude. You’re the sensible one. Act like it. Go home, talk to Anna. Short things with her, tell her everything, and tomorrow morning, with a fresh mind, we’ll talk.” I stared at his eyes, nodding my head.

“I—I’m sorry, Mason. I owned you an apology. I shouldn’t have doubted you and Anna in the first place. Forgive me.” I pleaded head down in a bow.

“Hey! Look at me.” I lifted my head, facing him. “Emily is the villain here, and she played dirty to everyone. She was our friend for Christ’s sake. You don’t have to apologize. We all are victims here.” He held my shoulder, pulling me in a hug. “I’m happy, I got my friend back,” I hugged him back tightly.

Ring!!! Ring!!!

“Dude, your phone is ringing.” I broke the hug and pulled my phone from my pocket.

“Hey! Mia.” I answered.

“Zach!” her breathless voice made me alert.

“What’s wrong, Mia?” I asked, getting panicked.

“They have gone missing.” I frowned, confused.

“What? Who’s missing?”

“A—Anna and K—Kids.”

You got to be kidding me…”


Poor Anna and the kids...

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