The Nanny Diaries

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Chapter 52

Anna’s POV

The strong rusty smell of dried blood jerked me up into a junk of a place. My hands were tied on my back, and my head pounded with the pain where one hit me. “Hazel…Chase…” my heart rate strike up with the realization of my kids being in danger. “Who are you? Why are you doing this to me?” I yelled with all my might. “Where are my kids? Let us go! Please!!!” I pleaded, tears running out my eyes.

The sound of heavy footsteps echoed, and I tried to get up but fall backward and hit my back on the wall with a loud thud. “Ah!” I cried in pain and a chuckle followed.

“Tsk..tsk… poor Anna. Struggling and crying in plain.” The man said in the creepiest voice I have ever heard.

“Who are you?” I yelled. “Why did you kidnap me?” I struggled with the rope that held my hand, but it was tight and just added more bruises on my wrist.

“You don’t know me, but that’s okay because soon you’ll be gone forever so why bother with formalities, right?” I gulped the lump that formed in my throat. It was quite dark, and all I could see was his white teeth when he gave me his creepy smile. “What a waste of such a beauty and not to forget those adorable kids.”

I paled at the mention of my kids. “Don’t! please. Do whatever you want with me just let them go. They are kids for god sake. Please!”

“Hmmm…” He paused which encouraged me to bargain some more.

“I can give you more money. Just say your amount and I’ll make sure you have it.” He paced around maybe giving my offer a second chance.

“I would love some more money…” he trailed off and I signed in relief. “But!” I gulped. “I’m a loyal person.” He answered, dramatically making my skin curl in disgust. “I can’t double-cross the person I work for.” I could feel his pout teasing me.

My mind went back to what he just said, “Who ordered you? Who do you work for?”

Zach’s POV


“How are you so sure?”

“I broke up with her today, and by night my kids and Anna are missing. With everything she did, I’m not even surprised.” I parked my car and storm inside the mansion.

“Zach!” Mia and Samantha rushed to the hallway with a worried filled expression.

“How long have they gone missing? Have you tried her phone?” I questioned pulling out my phone to call the chief of New York Police. “And, Where the fuck is Hunter? It was his job to protect Anna and the kids.” I shouted that made them flinch.

He picked the call the right way, and I informed him of all the details.

“I don’t care what your procedure is. I want them back safe. You better do your job right.” I cut the call harshly.

“What did he say?” Mason asked, narrowing his eyes.

“That fucker said, it’s just been few hours, and we have to follow the protocol and wait at least 10 hours for them to start the investigation.”

“That’s bullshit.” Mason cursed.

“I know. He better does his job or be jobless for the rest of his life.”

“Boss!” Hunter rushed holding his tablet.

“Your job was to be with them.” I storm and grabbed his color. If only was he serious with his job, they would have been here with me, safe and sound.

“Miss Anna took them for shopping and insisted me to stay behind. I’m sorry Boss, I shouldn’t have listened to her and followed my duty. I’m ashamed of myself.”

“What is that you wanted to say earlier?” I asked pointing to the tab.

“I have detected the location where they are held captive.” I took the tab from his hold and zoomed the location.

“How did you find it?” Mason asked, suspicious.

“Chase! Two years ago, he went missing from preschool and we spend the entire day searching for him, to find him in the park a few blocks away from his school, sleeping on the bench.” I signed, reliving that memory. “Since that day I bought him a watch with GPS tracker.” Mason nodded his head after getting the information.

“So, what are we waiting for? Let’s go.” I nodded my head and send the location to the chief and messaged him to meet me there.

“Zach, please get them home safe.” Mia cried holding my hand.

“I’ll Mia,” I said with full determination.

“What’s the plan?” Mason asked, taking the driving seat. Hunter followed us right behind with three more guards.

“I’m sure Emily has hired somebody to do her dirty work. Don’t know the numbers but we can’t take any chances. We have to make sure to save kids and Anna first, before anything.”

“Of course.” He slammed the accelerator, crossing the speed limit but it’s not the time to follow the rules.

After an hour, he pulled the car and we stepped outside, followed by my security team.

“Chief!” I called, running to him. “You did love your job.”

“Who am I to ignore your order, Mr. Knight. And by the location you send me proved me wrong and I’m sorry for that.” He apologized.

“We don’t have much time to spare. Where are they?” I questioned, getting impatient.

“There is a small cottage in the middle of the woods and we are sure they have kept Miss Anna and the kids there.” He turned and commanded the other cops. “We’ll cover the cottage from every side and observe the condition. Wait for my orders before doing anything. Got it.” He ordered and ‘The yes! Chief.’ Followed. One cop passed the night glasses which helped us see in the dark without using a torch or anything.

We got separated into four teams. Mason, Hunter, Chief, and I were leading the team. It was a thirty minutes walk from the highway, and soon a creepy-looking cottage came in view. We took our positions, and I grabbed the night vision binoculars to observe the cottage. Two men were guarding the front door with weapons.

This place has no electricity, and they used lanterns as the source of light. It was a plus for us to sneak inside.

We were waiting for the signal when a scream fall out of the cottage. “Anna!” I whispered.

“We have to wait for the orders.” One cop said, trying to grab my arm.

“To hell with your order. I’m going in.”

Anna’s POV

“Aww…are you missing me?” a familiar voice enters the room holding a lantern. I blinked my eyes to adjust my vision. The voice belongs to a woman, and I got scared with its familiarity. She held the lantern close to her face and a gasp left from my lips.


“TADA… That’s me!” her cheerful voice sounded abnormal and scared the shit out of me.

“What is all this? Why are you doing this?” I asked still in shock.

“Ah! Do I have to narrate everything to you?” She used her hand while speaking which held a gun. She rubbed her forehead with the muzzle of the gun. “Do you want to know, why am I doing all this?” I gulped, nodding my head.

“Hmmm…See Anna. I hate when anybody tries to snitch the thing I love.”

“What are you talking about? I have nothing that belongs to you. I— AHHH!!!”

“Shut up!” She shot me. Red hot liquid rolled down from my arm with sharp pain. “Quiet.” She whispered. I bite my lips to cease my cries. “Where was I? Yes, the backstory. And to answer, your annoying question, you do have something that belongs to me.” I shot her a confused look. “Zach!”

“He is your boyfriend!” I whispered. “We had a past but, that’s it. He hates me and you know that.”

“Was. He broke up with me. Today.” What? Why? “Oh! Please, spare me your innocent looks. I knew all along your intentions with Zach. You used your kid to get him back. But let me tell you one thing Anna, I am not an amateur to play around with. If I don’t get him neither will you.”

“Emily, please don’t do anything you’ll regret later. Zach would never forgive you if he finds out what you did.” She laughed and so did the guy next to her who was quiet the entire time.

“Oh my little Anna, do you think it’s my first time killing anyone.” I shifted more to the wall after hearing her confession. “Well, technically, he killed but with my instructions.” Her causal way of narrating her deeds made me want to kill her.

“Who did you kill?” I asked dreaded to even know the answer.

“It’s my little secret but if that’s your last wish then I shall grant it.” She paused before answering.


OH god!!! I gasped for air to breathe. How could she? She doesn’t even have any regrets for her deeds.

“You are sick, Emily. I thought you were a good person, a good friend to Zach but now, looking at you, I just see a sick person who is desperate and wants something that doesn’t belong to her.” I don’t know where this courage came from but, it did, and I get its reward on my other arm.


“Scream! As loud as you can. Nobody is here to listen to your pleading and cries for help.

“Goodbye, Anna.”



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