The Nanny Diaries

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Chapter 53

Zach’s POV

I doughed few branches, with careful steps, and slide my way to the back door that was open.

“Who did you kill?” I heard Anna, asking a question. Who was she talking to?

“It’s my little secret but, if that’s your last wish, then I shall grant it.” Emily! she is inside with Anna. My fist clenched hearing her voice.


Did I hear her right? I questioned myself. I felt my blood rushing through my brain. She was the one behind the death of my Maria and now Anna. At this point, I could kill her entire army, and still, my rage would not be satisfied. You’ll get what you deserve, Emily, and I will be the one to make sure of it.

It was painful to stand there and listen to her anymore.

I pulled my gun from my back and slowly opened the door.

“You are sick, Emily. I thought you were a good person, a good friend to Zach but, now, looking at you, I just see a sick person who is desperate and wants something that doesn’t belong to her.”


“Scream! As loud as you can. Nobody is here to listen to your pleading and cries for help.

“Goodbye, Anna.”

“Bang!!! Bang!!!


“Times Up! Emily.” I shot in her hand, and she dropped her gun. The guy next to her was shot dead with a bullet between his eyes. My eyes went to the small window and saw chief with a proud grin. He nodded my way and made his way to the other room.


“Anna!” I rushed to her fragile state and undid the rope. Both her arms were bleeding. “Baby...I got you. Stay awake. Please.”

“Not so soon, Zach.” I turned to Emily and found her pointing her gun at us. “I did this all for you and your love. And this is the way you are going to act.” She shook her head, tsking.

“Emily, the thing you called love is your stupid obsession. I will never love somebody like you, and After everything you have done with my loved ones, I’ll make you pay for it.”

“Oh yeah! Turns out, you won’t be alive to do so.” She was about to pull the trigger when a loud bang made everything quiet.

“Fuck!” The silence broke when Emily’s body fall to the floor with a loud thud.

“Zach! Mason rushed to us, and the chief followed.

“Mason... the kids?” I questioned, lifting Anna’s unconscious body.

“They are safe with Hunter in the car. We have to hurry, Anna is bleeding.” I ran holding, Anna in my arms.

Mason opened the back door, and I settled in, holding her close.

“Faster!” I yelled, and Mason picked the speed. Hunter was on his way to the hospital following us.

“Baby. I’m sorry, I was an idiot for not trusting you. Don’t you dare leave me? Anna. I’ll die without you.” I kissed her lips that looked dried but felt sweet as always.

“I have so much to tell you. You have no idea, how much I missed you in the past three years, and when you came back, I wanted to hug you and kiss you till the last day of my life.” I wiped her dried tears, and caress her swelled cheeks. You have suffered a lot Anna but trust me. I’ll make it up to you. You are my queen, and you deserve everything in the whole world.

“We are here.” Mason stopped the car at the entrance and opened the back door.

The staff rushed with a stretcher, and I gently settled Anna on it.

“We have got this Mr. Knight. She is in good hands.” The doctor assured me and took her inside the operating room.

“I’ll stay here. The kids need you, they are at the third-floor room no. 19.”

“Thanks, man,” I rushed inside the elevator and pressed for the 3rd-floor.

Passing through the people and staff, I opened the VIP room.

“Daddy!” A relief went down my nerves after listening to their voices. I opened my eyes, and it landed on the bruises they have on their arms and legs. I felt my nerves popping out with rage but dug my nails in the fist to calm my temper in front of my kids.

“My precious.” I ran to hug their little selves, sniffing their scent that made me calm a bit.

“I was scared, daddy,” Hazel said in between her sobs.

“Shhh...princes. Daddy is here now. No need to be scared anymore.” I shushed her kissing her cheeks.

“Daddy. Is Anna okay? We heard her cry?” Chase questioned, wiping his tears. Oh, my poor munchkin.

“S..she is a bit injured but, as you know, your Anna, she is very strong. The doctors are taking care of her, and she will be out soon.” I said, wiping his tears.

“I want to see her.” Hazel nodded as well, and I signed. They can’t see her right away. It will only break their heart after witnessing her condition.

“You can but, I have to make sure you guys are okay. Did those men hurt you guys? Are you feeling any kinda pain?”

“Those bad men grabbed our hands, and Hazel cried so, I punched him but, he was so strong. He pushed me on the ground, and I hurt my knees.” Chase gestured at his knees, which has a bloodstain by now. My jaw clenched, and I took a sharp breath.

“You are my brave boy, and I am proud of you for taking care of your sister.” He smiled at me and turned to Hazel, who was admiring her brother all along. “Anywhere else?” I asked again but, they declined.

“Make sure to cover every test and x-rays for my kids. I want to be sure they are alright.” I asked the doctor standing beside the bed. “Appoint your best Psychiatrist to have a few sessions with them as well.” He nodded and went to discuss something with his nurse.


“Sir,” He gave me his full attention.

“Have you heard from the chief?”

“They have sealed that cottage and took care of the dead bodies. About Miss Roberts, they brought her to the emergency. She has a bullet in her shoulder and wrist.” I cursed, wishing that bullet to went through her skull.

“Take care of the kids and took them home after their tests. I have to check on Anna.” He gave me a single nod, and I took my leave after kissing my kids. “I’ll see you guys at home.”

Making my way back to the operation theater. I came across Mia standing beside Mason and a guy I have never seen before.

“Zach! She walked my way, her eyes full of tears. “How are the kids? Are they hurt too?” I shook my head, and the guy came to support her.

“They are fine, Mia. And Anna will be fine too.” I assured her.

“Hello, we have never met before. I’m Nick, Anna’s friend, and her boyfriend.” He gestured at Mia and held out his hand for a shake.

“I bet not. Anna has mentioned you before. Wished we could have met in better circumstances.”

“That’s Anna. She is the strongest woman I have ever met. Those damn bullets won’t last in front of her.”

I took a few steps and stood by the wall, taking its support to hold myself. They believe in you Anna, I believe in you. You have to prove to us that you could survive this.

After waiting for half an hour, the doctor finally stepped outside.

“How’s she?” I rushed to ask the question that was killing me the entire time.

“She is out of danger.” I closed my eyes, signing in relief. “Because she has lost too much blood that made her body weak. All she needs right now is rest.”

“When could we see her?” Mia asked.

“She is in a deep sleep, and it’s better to let her rest the whole night. Now, if you all excuse me,” I nodded my head, thanking him again.

“Mia, it’s midnight already, you should go home too. I have asked Hunter to get the kids as well.”

“I don’t want to leave Anna, please.” I turned to Nick for help.

“Babe, don’t worry, she is fine. Besides, Zach is here to take care of her. The kids are home already, they might need us. Come on.” She agreed finally.

“Call me if she wakes up,” I nodded my head, and she left with Nick.

“You want some coffee,” Mason suggested.

“I will need something lot stronger than coffee, and I don’t think this is the right place or time.”

“The chief called, they took Emily in custody and called Mr. and Mrs. Roberts. He asked me to let you know about the charges you want to press.”

“I just don’t understand what I did to deserve all this, Mason. I work hard enough to be where I am today. I never hurt anyone and always wanted to be happy. Is it too much to ask for?” I slid down by the wall, hiding my face between my knees.

“You didn’t deserve that, nobody does. And we will make sure, Emily will pay for everything. I still can’t believe, she was the one behind Maria’s accident. “Maria was her best friend for god sake.” He put his arms behind my shoulder and pulled me in a hug.

“Everything will be fine from now on,” I said more to myself.

The next morning...

Anna’s POV

When the intense rays fell on my face causing my eyelids to open, and shut immediately.

“Water...” the word slipped like a whisper.

“Anna... God, you are awake,” and then there was the voice, filled with the same love and emotion.

“Water...” Zach adjusted the bed and brought the glass of water near my mouth. I took a few sips which felt delightful at that moment. “Are the kids okay? They didn’t get hurt, right?” I bombarded the questions after finding my voice.

“They are fine and are at home waiting for you,” I breathe in relief. “Umm...What happens to Emily, now?” I shutter the question out of my dry lips.

“She’ll get what she deserves.” He said, trying to avoid my eyes.

“I know you are hurt, Zach. She was your best friend, and after what she did, it must be hard for you to cope with that.” I hide the truth about Maria’s death to Zach. It will be more than he could handle for now.

“After what she did with Maria, you, and the kids. She can rot in hell for all I care.” My eyes went wide, mouth hanged open. I was unable to utter a single word. “I heard her,” he continued, looking at my shocked expression.

“I’m sorry,” I was feeling dehydrated still, my eyes filled with tears. He sat at the edge of the bed, wiping my tears.

“Why are you apologizing? If anyone should apologize, then that’s me. You fell on this mess because of me. Emily hurt you because of me. If only I was more alert then nothing like this would have happened.” He held my face with his palms, tears now falling from his eyes.

“You better stop crying. I can’t even wipe them for you.” I said, gesturing at my bandage arms.

“Very bad joke,” I chuckled.

“Emily told me, you broke up with her, yesterday.” He nodded his head. “Why?” He looked straight into my eyes, and I gulped hard.

“I told her that, I couldn’t lie anymore. Not to her and myself.” He took a sharp breath and stroke my fingers gently. “I wanted us to be together, Anna. I never stopped loving you. Whatever happened made me mad at you, even hate you for that. But a part of me still loved you all along. And that’s why I broke up with her, and she did what she does best. Hurt people, especially those I love the most.”

“I wanted to confess something too,” I said, blinking back my tears. “I love you too. Maybe even more now. I can’t change what happened in the past but, I promise Zach. I have always loved you and only you. Never in my worst nightmare, I would think of hurting you.”

“I know,” I smiled, grateful that he loves me as much as I do or even more. “I still have something else to tell you though,” I frowned, confused with his sudden alertness.

“After talking to Emily, I wanted to come home early and wanted to take you out and confess my love to you but, I got stuck in the meeting.” I nodded my head for him to continue. “When I was about to left the building. I encountered Mason.”

“What?” After what happened in the past, I was more worried for Mason. “What was he doing there? Please tell me, you didn’t start a fight with him.”

“Well, I was tempted to at first,” he rubbed the back of his neck.

“So, what made you changed your mind?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.

“I’ll tell you, but not right now. You need proper rest. I should inform the doctor that you are up.”

“But, Zach...” I called but, he was already out of the cabin. “You can’t just leave me hanging.”

“God! I hate cliffhangers.”


Don’t we all hate cliffhangers?

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