The Nanny Diaries

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Chapter 5

Anna's POV

Working for the Knight has been great so far, it's almost 15 days. Chase and I are having our routine with painting, football, storytelling, and many more. I am helping him with how to write and speak properly. We are having fun. Mr. and Mrs. Knight are also liking my work and they treat me like family. They are very sweet and hamble. So, far we have been able to keep my job a secret from Zach Knight, last night Chase almost spilled our secret but Mr. Knight handled it well.

"Good morning Sunshine, time for a bath," I said while shaking chase's shoulder. He is not a morning person, I thought and smiled.

"Good morning, Anna," he sat on the bed eyes still closed. I picked him in my arms and walked to the bathroom. The monsoon was having its troll so I made a bit warm bath and add anti-bacterial solution, it will help to fight with germs in this weather. His eyes wide opened when I put him in the water. He started to play in the tub which cost me my second dress of the day. I took his cotton pants and a white sweater from his closet, the weather is a bit chilly so it is a must. I dried hi body and help him to put on his clothes and I quickly changed myself and we headed to the breakfast table where William and Sophia were already waiting for us. Willaim asks me to call him by his first name but I'm still getting used to it.

"Sorry, you have to wait," I apologize and set beside Chase.

"It's ok dear, we also just came," says William.

"How's your leg, Sophia? I asked.

"It's healing faster than we thought, the doctor said we can remove the plaster next week but I will still need to rest for a month," Sophia said.

"It's great news". I said happily.

"So, what are you guys going to do today?" Sophia asked us.

"The weather is not good for outdoor activities so, we are staying inside," I said and continue to eat our food.

William said goodbye to all of us and went to his office, Sophia and Chase played for a bit and she went to bed to take rest. Chase and I studied for an hour and watched ice age, at the end of the movie Chase already fall asleep so I carried him to his room and tucked him to bed. I left the room and headed towards the kitchen where Martha was preparing lunch.

"Hey, Martha, Can I help you with something?" I asked. Martha is in her early fifties and she made yummy food, I am quite good in the kitchen department and can cook some delicious dishes. We have become friends and liked each other's company.

"Hey, Anna. You can cut the vegetables, thank you." She said and we continued our work while gossiping about her grumpy neighbor. She is very talkative and I am a good listener. What a combo, I thought.

Nora and Sally the maids, came to the kitchen after completing their assigned work for the day and carried the food to the dining area. Mr. Miller went to escort Sophia and I went to call Chase.

Later around 4 o'clock, I made hot chocolate for me and Chase while we enjoyed the rain through the huge floor to ceiling window, the view was amazing. It was raining heavily, lightning and thunder strikes. Chase shouted and hides his face on my chest. I rubbed his back and talk smooth words to him. I lift his head and saw tears in his baby blue eyes, for the first time, then and there I felt the need to protect him with my life, which was very strange to me. I had babysat so many kids but Chase was different and I don't even know-how. But I felt motherly emotion when he hugged me.

It will be very hard to leave him, I thought, which makes me want to cry.

"Chasey, It's Okay, I am here," I said to Chase, I kissed his tears away and hugged him tightly.

"The lights are scary, Anna, don't leave me, stay with me forever," Chase said still hugging me.

I was not able to reply to his question but nodded my head anyway.

We played inside Chase's room and he was back to normal. William came early today and he joined us. They spend some quality time together while I helped Martha in the Kitchen. William looked tired when he came to the dining room with Chase maybe he is not feeling well.

"Are you okay William? you look a bit tired today," I asked with concern.

"I had a rough day nothing serious, thank you for asking. He said and begin to eat.

Sophia puts her hand on William's which was resting on the table and give it a light squeezed, aww they are couple goals. We all quietly ate our dinner. William and Sophia kissed Chase goodbye and went to bed. I took Chase to his bedroom and tucked him to bed. I kissed him goodnight and left his room. I came to my room had a shower and called my mom as promised. I laid on bed and sleep took over.

Knock Knock

I knock on my door broke my sleep. Who could that be? I thought.

"Chase! What happened? I kneeled and asked with a shocked face. He has tears in his eyes and hugged me tightly and I carried him to my bed.

"I am scared, Can I sleep here with you?" He whispered but I heard me.

I left happy and sad at the same time. Sad that he was scared to sleep but I was happy that he trusts me enough to sleep with me. I hugged him and said yes. We cuddled on bed and I sang a lullaby and Chase soon falls asleep and I soon followed him.

Early morning rays woke me up, I feel a little weight on my chest and saw Chase's head laying on my chest, his mouth was slightly opened which makes him more adorable. I put his head back on the pillow and leave the bed to fresh and up. I opened the bathroom door after finishing my routine. I heard a knock on my door and rush to open it.

"Chase is not in his room, it's too early for him wake up himself, I had search entire house he is nowhere, somebody must have taken him, I'm calling the police," William said in one breath with a panicked voice.

"William, relax take a deep breath." I tried to claim him down, Keyword 'tried'

"How can I claim down Anna, he must be in danger, how can anyone pass our security? I will sue the security department of this building." William keeps rambling.

"William! Chase is here with me," I whispered shout at him. I hold his hand and pulled him inside my room where Chase was quietly sleeping even after our short chaos at the door.

William took a long breath and look at me to explain further.

"He knocked at my door past midnight because he was scared to sleep alone with the thunder and all, so" I trailed off.

"I am sorry Willaim, I should have called you but you were tired and Sophia with her injured leg, I didn't want to disturb you guys. I am sorry." I apologized.

"No, Anna you have done nothing to apologize, we are grateful to have you here to take such a good care of Chase. He never had a problem with sleeping alone so, nevermind. Thank you, Anna. He put quite a stunt today. I haven't told Sophia about me being panicked so, don't tell her. I will only tell her about Chase sleeping in your bed." With that said, William carried Chase to put him in his own bedroom.

"Anna, you would be a great mother someday," Willaim said with a warm smile.

I smile with a light blush on my cheeks and close the door when he left.


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