The Nanny Diaries

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Chapter 6


It's been a month since Chase first started to sleep with me and now it's one of our routines. William and Sophia were uncomfortable at first and told Chase not to bother me which made Chase very sad and upset but I convinced them that it's fine for me if they don't have any problem. I didn't want to upset Chase at any cost. They agreed eventually. Sophia's leg is almost normal, she can easily walk around the house without any help.

My working days will come to an end soon, I only had a week with me. The more I think about it, it broke my heart into pieces, We haven't told anything to Chase yet but we have to find a way to tell him soon. Zach Knight had successfully set up the branch and told William, he will be here by next week after completing some last-minute details.

My phone went off, I pick and saw the caller Id which brings a big smile to my face and quickly answered.

"Hey Mia, How have you been?" I asked my only best friend Mia Davis. We have been friends since high school but she went to California for college and settled there. We don't get to call each other very often due to our busy work style.

"Anna, I missed you girl, What's happening in your life, any boyfriend, I should know about?" She asked earning a laugh from me.

"Mia, I missed you too, I am working for a new family right now and they are very sweet especially Chase the kid, and I don't have any boyfriend.

"Shit, Anna, It's been ages since you had a relationship, it's time to think about boys, you know what I mean?" I can hear the mischief in her voice. I shake my head and laughed.

"I don't think any guy will be interested in me after knowing my schedule. The two relationships I had in high school and college is enough for me, I am not ready for a new one now." I told me sincerely.

"Okey, Dokey! I will be going to Boston this weekend with my boyfriend and thought you could join us there but I guess you are busy." She said with disappointment.

"I'm sorry Mia, I would love to visit Boston, It's been so long since I had seen you, my family and Nick. But I will make some plans for the next time, I promised." I said to lighten her mood.

"That you have to do, Okay, I have to cut our conversation my break time is over talk to you soon. Love you, bye"

"Take care and Have fun in Boston, say Hi to Nick for me. Love you babe" I said and cut the call.

I felt fresh after talking to Mia. I was sitting in my room reading my favourite novel, Chase is having his afternoon nap so, it was a perfect timing.

I had asked Sophia and William if I can babysit Chase for longer then we decide and they liked my suggestion but they have to first ask Zach before making any decision. I am not having high expectations from Zach but maybe William and Sophia can convince him. Let's hope he will keep me for some time.

Later that evening...

"Silver kitten heels will go best with your red dress." I was helping Sophia with her dress. William is taking her to a Charity auction tonight. She is very excited to finally step her foot out of the house after almost 2 months of bed rest.

"You think so." She asked to reassure.

"Yes, now go and change William will be here soon." She went inside her closet to change and I waited outside her room, William has asked Mr Miller to send his tux at his office, he will change there and directly pick Sophia from here.

"Tada, How do I look?" Sophia came to the living looking gorgeous.

"You are perfect. I bet William will not be able to keep his hands off you", I said with a wink.

Sophia blushes hard and slaps my arm playfully. I was teasing Sophia when Willaim came in the living room looking dashing himself and the lovely couple admired each other through their eyes.

"Ahem, Ahem", I faked a cough and catch their attention. Chase came from his room and looked at his grandma and grandpa in aww.

"You guys looking lovely, have fun," I said to both of them.

"Thank you, dear, We will be home around midnight, John will be at his quarters, you can him and me if you are having any problem," William said and they left after kissing Chase goodbye.

Chase and I had our dinner and Mr Miller took his leave and told me to call him if we have any problem, I nodded my head and wish him good night. We were alone so, we decided to sleep early tonight. We took a warm bath together, I know, I know, What you guys must be thinking, but we feel comfortable with each other so it was not a big deal for us.

We changed into our PJs, I read two stories and one lullaby to Chase. He has become quite naughty with his demands but that's okay, he deserves it.

Soon we both fall into sleep.

I woke up with a dry throat and reached the side table to pick the water bottle, which was empty, argh! now I have to go downstairs to get a filled bottle. I moved Chase's sleeping body and got up from the bed. It was 10 past midnight. I didn't hear William or Sophia coming from the party so, they must be on their way home.

The whole penthouse was in pin-drop silence and honestly I get a bit scared, I quickly went downstairs towards the kitchen and was about to switch on the lights when I heard the main door open. I thought it was William and Sophia and was about to call them when I saw a tall shadow.

Oh! god, he is not William, his back was facing me so, I was not able to see his face it was still dark. I tiptoe back to the kitchen and look for something which can be used for my defence or maybe attack. My phone was upstairs, I pull a knife from knife stand and put it back, though it might backfire. I took a frying pan and some spices on the other hand. I will distract him and run to my room and call John and William. Yes, That's a good plan. After the prep talk, I march forward to pull down the intruder.

I silently came to the living room, the lights were on in there. Where is he? I took a quick look here and there and saw him going to Chase's bedroom. He must be here to kidnap my baby, thank god he is sleeping in my bedroom. I got furious with the thought of him hurting my Chase. Without much thought, I run into Chase's room to attack him. I opened the door and throw the spices on his face which he smartly doughed but I still got to hit him with the pan. He still looked unaffected so I tried to hit him again. "Keyword tried" because the next thing I know he spins and slammed me to the wall and put both of my hands above my head. I was breathing heavily and struggling to free my hands but his grip got tighter.

"Who are you?" He asked voice full of venom. My breath got hitched But I standstill not able to move. He was standing very close to me and I was very scared to look him in the eye but I gathered all my courage and lift my head to face his brown eyes which looked almost black with the darkness in them.

I had seen those eyes before, I was not expecting our first meeting to be like this at all. The man in front of me was none other than Zach Knight.

The Zach Knight.

I'm Doomed


Finally!, they met whatever the circumstances were

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