The Nanny Diaries

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Chapter 7

Zach’s POV

“Who are you?” I asked the girl in front of me. When I came inside the house it was silent and I thought everybody must have gone to sleep so, I went to Chase’s room to see him, I got alerted and doughed when I felt someone’s presence behind me. Is that a burglar. I got a hit on my shoulder which was painless, I turned and pinned the person’s hand to the near wall.

I was shocked to saw a girl but crime has no gender, so, I tightened my grip and looked straight into her eyes. She was shocked, I can say that. She was not trying to free her hand or any attempt to run. I asked again but she didn’t reply. I was getting impatient so, I dragged her hand bring her to the living room, didn’t want Chase to notice her, and feel scared.

“Zach!!” I heard mom and dad shocked voice from the entrance and look towards the front door. They must have come from some party, wait, They were not home and Chase was all alone, that thought made me even more furious.

“Where the hell were you guys leaving Chase all alone?” I was very angry with my parents for the first time. “Do you have any idea What would have happened if I was not in time? this girl”, I point a finger towards the girl, “was about to kidnapped Chase and god knows what.”

“Sophia, William, please help me he misunderstood my situation.” Oh, the girl can speak. But why she is calling my parents by their first name, do they know her, I was very confused now.

Mom rushed to us and freed the girl’s hand from my tight grip and hugged her, “What the hell is happening here?” I asked looking back and forth to dad and mom.

“Son, calm down, we will tell you everything if just sit down and relax,” Dad said and I took a much-needed breath and sat on the sofa. The girl sat opposite of me beside mom with a low bent head.

“Let me introduced her to you Zach, This is Anna Brown, Chase’s Nanny.” I was about to interrupt dad when he gestured me to stop and continued to explain further.

“Your mom slipped from the stairs and had a minor fracture,” Dad told me everything and I listened and tried to process everything that happened in my absence. I looked at mom and she smiled with a nod to assure me that she was fine now. I looked at Anna who was wearing a pajama and looked completely harmless, which I now realize when I was thinking calmly.

After hearing dad, I asked the girl, the much-needed question.

“Okay, so why did you attack me with spices and a pan,” I asked confused. She did attack me and who knows how she is behind my parents back.

“Anna, What happened dear?″ Mom asked her in the sweetest voice possible. Anna looked at my mom and then she looked straight in my eyes, which makes me feel strange.

“I was thirsty and came to the kitchen for some water when I noticed somebody entering the front door, I thought you guys came from the party and went to see you but I stopped on my track when I saw his back facing the door and I realize it was not William but it was dark so, I didn’t get to see his face and I got scared and went back to the kitchen to get something to attack him. I didn’t have my phone with me to call for help so, I took some spices and pan.”

“I followed him and got really scared when he entered Chase’s room and thought he must be here to Kidnapped him but the good thing was Chase’s was not in there. So, I thought to attack him and locked him there and call for help but he caught me and misunderstood everything and I was shocked to see him and was not able to explain anything.” She said her side of the story and took a deep breath. Does she really thought to attack somebody like me with spices and a pan to save her life? I wanted to laugh at her stupidity but her concern for Chase makes me think that she might be a good nanny.

“Where is Chase?” I asked ignoring the conversation.

“He is sleeping upstairs in my bedroom.” Her answer angered me, Chase was sleeping with his nanny. He can sleep on his own and How could mom and dad allowed him to sleep with her.

“This conversation is not over,” I said and went upstairs to get Chase. I opened the door and found Chase sleeping peacefully in the middle of the bed lightly snoring. The sight made me forget all the drama that happened downstairs. I got near the bed and picked Chase, he squirms and I used my hand to smooth his back and he went back to sleep. I left the room and walked towards mine which was opposite of the room offered to Anna. I got inside and place Chase on my bed, place extra pillows by his side so, he won’t fall in his sleep and headed towards the washroom to get fresh.

I feel so good after that shower. I didn’t waste my time and went downstairs to talk to my parents when I reached the living room nobody was there except Anna. She got up from the sofa when she saw me. What am I supposed to talk to her now? I wanted to talk to my parents first and sort things out. I was about to say something when she beat me to it.

“Mr. Knight, I sorry for the inconvenience that I caused you, I was very shocked and scared so, I didn’t know how to explain myself.” She said looking sorry.

“Where’s my mom and dad?” I asked ignoring her apology.

“Uh, they went to bed, they said they are tired and will talk to you tomorrow.”

“If they went inside then what are you still doing here?” I asked feeling annoyed.

“I wanted to apologies to you, so, I stayed.”

“It’s alright and, I’m sorry too.” Did I just say sorry? It’s not even my fault.“I think we should call it a night and, Chase is with me now so, you don’t have to worry about him,” I said and left from there.

I opened my bedroom door and found Chase still sleeping, he is a heavy sleeper. I smiled looking at him, God! I missed him. I went inside the blanket and pulled Chase to my chest and smelled his hair. He smelled different but nice. I am finally home with my buddy. I was happy. Soon my eyes got heavy and sleep took over me.


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