The Nanny Diaries

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Chapter 8

Anna’s POV

I know one thing for sure, HE IS RUDE!!! I was standing dumbfounded looking at his back while he was ascending the stairs. All the things that happened a while ago were unaccepted and purely shocking. When I heard the sound of his bedroom door being shut, I finally left the living room and almost ran towards my room. I open and shut the door slowly and climb on the bed, I was already missing the warmth of Chase but he was with his dad so, I felt relieved. I lay down and thought about the thing which will most likely happen tomorrow. It was already 1 in the morning so, I decided to sleep.


I woke up at 7 in the morning and dragged myself to the bathroom to finish my morning routine. I walked to my closet and pulled out a black jeans and a white top and looked myself in front of the mirror. I don’t know why I’m feeling self-conscious today. I shake my head to avoid that thought and start wearing my clothes, The Knights will soon come to the dining room.

I open my bedroom door to go downstairs but at the same time the door opposite mine opened. I looked up to face Mr. Knight, with the daylight I can see his face more clearly, he is surely a very good looking man. There was an awkward silence between us.

“Good morning Anna!!!,” Chase said and ran towards me to give a big hug.

“Very Very happy morning Chasey did you sleep well?” I asked carrying him on my hip.

“Yes, and look my daddy is here. Daddy this is Anna, my best friend. We play and paint together and she lives with us. She is great, Daddy.” He said happily.
“Yeah, I’m sure she is buddy? And I’m surprised you can speak so well now Chase” Mr. Knight asked.
“Anna helped me and Anna, daddy got me so many gifts, we will open it together, okay.”

“Oh, that’s great, I’m so excited,” I said matching his enthusiasm.
I walked towards the dining area carrying Chase, Mr. Knight following us.

“Good morning Sophia, William,” I greeted my second favorite couple, they were coming towards us.

“Good morning Anna,” they both said at the same time. We all took our seats and start putting food on our plates.

“Mom, Dad, Miss Brown I wanted to talk with you all so, after breakfast I will be waiting for you in my office room.” Mr. Knight said looking at the three of us.

We all nodded our head in a yes, too intimidated to talk anything. Breakfast was soon over and we all excused ourselves. Chase dragged me to his room where his gifts were. I have to meet Mr. Knight in five minutes, I have to divert Chase’s attention.

“Hey, Chasey, you haven’t made a painting of mine ever, Will you make one now? Please...” I said in a childish voice.

“Really! I will make and it will be so beautiful just like you.” Chase said cheerfully and quickly gathers his painting tools. I was about to get up to leave when Chase stops me.

“Where are you going? Sit here, I am painting you.”

Oh, my little painter, he is being a professional. I chuckled with that thought.

“Well, Chasey, Why don’t we do something more fun? You love me right?” I asked him looking in his eyes. He nodded his head showing me his now five little teeth.

“So, look at my face now and try to paint it, just like you did with the tree painting, okay, and I know you will do it very nicely,” I said but can see the confused look in his face.

“You take your time and I will bring your hot chocolate with whipped cream on the top of it, hmmm yummy,” I said licking my lips. He finally agreed and start his painting.

I left Chase’s room and came to the living room where Sophia and William were already waiting for me. The look on our face was the same ”stress“. We all nodded our heads and walked to Mr. Knight’s office room.

I knocked on the office door and heard a come in voice from inside. We all walked inside one by one.

" Mom, Dad you don’t have to knock,” Mr. Knight said and gesture us to take a seat on the couch opposite his table.

“You all must be thinking why I called you here?” We all just nodded our heads. ” Well Miss Brown, I just finished reading your file, The Nanny Diaries. Never heard something like that before, but your experiences and work were quite impressive I must say.”

“Thank you, Mr. Knight, I am also glad to work for the Knights.” I was very sincere about my work.
“And back to you guys,” Mr. Knight said diverting his attention to his parents. “I understand your need to hire Miss Brown but I’m still very upset with you guys not telling me about the accident.”

“We are very sorry about that son, but we didn’t want to worry you, that’s all, please forgive you, parents,” Sophia said making little puppy eyes.

I bet Mr. Knight can resist that look.
“Mom you know I love you guys, and I understand but don’t repeat that ever again.
" You have our word son,” William said with a relieved smile.
“Miss Brown, your contract will be over after a week, right?” Mr. Knight asked me and I just nodded my head and said yes. “It was nice meeting you Miss Brown, you may go now.”

“Yeah, Chase must be waiting for me,” I said and quickly left the room.
Coming out of the office room, I took a huge breath I don’t know I was holding. Mr. Knight didn’t explain much but I know the hidden meaning of his words.

I don’t know, how I will able to leave Chase, more than that, how will I told him that I will leave him soon. I didn’t even realize when a lone tear falls down my cheek. I wiped it away, feeling heavy at heart I went towards Chase’s room with a fake huge smile.

“Oh, look who is here? My little painter.“I rushed inside and hugged Chase from behind.“Did you complete your painting?” I asked him.

“Just a little touch-up, and it’s done.” He shows me the painting which was definitely not me, but it was the best painting I have ever seen.
“Why are you crying, Anna?” Chase’s little hand wiped my tears, I didn’t even know fall. “You not like it.” He said with a sad face.

“Oh, Chasey, it’s the best painting ever. I loved it, and it’s happy tears.”
“What is a happy tears?” Chase asked innocently.

“Ah mm..when you feel so happy, that you can’t show it with your smile then the happy tears fall from your eyes.” I tried explaining Chase but I know he didn’t get it, Well he is only two and a half so.
“When you will grow up, you will know it,” I said and he hugged me. Oh, I so needed that hug right now. I hugged him tightly and smell his baby scent which I will soon be going to miss.

A throat clearing voice broke our moment and I looked at the door through my shoulder, Mr. Knight was there looking at us. I don’t know since when he was there, did he listened to our conversation, I was feeling embarrassed now.

“Daddy!“, Chase ran to Mr. Knight and hugged his leg. ” I paint Anna, come I will show you.” Chase dragged him inside and shows him the painting.

“It’s really nice buddy, I can see Miss Brown clearly in it, and you should show this to grandma and grandpa”. After hearing his dad, he excitedly ran to the living room leaving us both alone.

“I have to talk to you about something.” Mr. Knight asked me and I nodded my head for him to continue.“I want you to continue your job as the nanny, Chase likes you and I don’t want to upset him so, Will you continue it?”

“I’m more than happy to be here Mr. Knight, I said with a huge smile lingering on my face.

“I will call your boss to make a new contract, and we’ll discuss other things later. I should take my leave now.” He said and left the room.

I can’t believe this, I was so happy, jumping and smiling like a kid who got her favorite toy. But What makes him changed his mind? That thought lingered in my mind.

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