Sandy beaches, Broken hearts

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Chapter 2

As I’m walking up to the party I suddenly get really nervous and I start to turn around, until I hear Jess yell “Hey Gabby!” I walk up to her and she invites me into her giant house. I search the crowd for anyone familiar. I see Brett standing in the back talking with a blonde, and I feel a twinge of jealousy. Why am I jealous? He doesn’t date anyone, like Jess said.

Someone taps me on the shoulder.“Hey, I’m Noah.“, a tall blonde who is reasonably attractive says.“Hey, I’m Gabby. Nice to meet you.“We make conversation for a while. I can’t help but keep glancing in Brett’s direction. I want him to come talk to me. I want him to not talk to that girl. I can’t stop thinking about him. “Gabby? Is anyone there?” I hear Noah say. “What?” I ask. “You completely blanked out. Did you hear what I said?” he asks. I nod even though I have no idea what he was talking about.

I go to get a drink and take my mind off things. I run into a few people and I’m starting to make some friends. I meet a girl named Anaya. She is absolutely beautiful, and it’s intimidating to be her friend, but she’s really chill and nice. We talk for a while, and eventually we make it to a big group of people, and they propose that we play spin the bottle.

It's my turn to spin the bottle, so I give it a hard jerk. It spins and lands on Noah. He stands up and says"Alright, let's do this." I get up and he kisses me. I try to pull back but he keeps persisting and he won't let go. Brett gets up and pulls him off of me."What the hell bro!" he yells. All of the sudden, Brett punches him with full force and he falls to the ground. I run up and tell them to stop but he gives me a cold glare and continues to punch the other guy. I instinctively try to pull Brett off, but his hand goes back and hits me right across my face.

Everything is blurry and I can hardly make out the people standing above me. Jess helps me to my feet, and pulls me outside for some air.“Oh my gosh, Gabby are you all right?” Honestly I don’t even know anymore. So I just nod and force an “I’m alright” smile, and she seems to buy it. “I’m gonna go get you some ice. Don’t get into another fight while I’m gone, Okay?” Jess says. I sigh and say, “okay.”

After Jess leaves, I hear footsteps coming up behind me. I turn to see who it is and I see Brett, with a busted lip and a black eye. “oh my gosh, Brett are you okay?” I say as I make my way towards him. I lift my hand to examine his face, and he backs away. “Gabby, why are you so worried about me? I hurt you. And obviously you need to stay away from me, I’m dangerous.” he says with a serious face.“Brett, it was an accident.” I say. He looks at me with a blank expression and says, “Gabby, I can’t stand to see you hurt. And you’ve seen what I’m capable of, so stay away.” And with that he turns and walks away. I can’t help it, tears fill my eyes and I cry.

When I get home, I walk upstairs and sit on my bed, not able to get what Brett said out of my mind.

Stay away from me, I’m dangerous.

I can’t stay away though. Why is he so scared to hurt me? Thoughts are running through my mind and I have a hard time falling asleep. I decide that I’m gonna talk to him at school, and figure out why he’s acting like this. I eventually drift to sleep.

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