Sandy beaches, Broken hearts

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Chapter 3

I wake up with a pounding headache and I realize i’m late for school. I can’t believe I slept in. I rush to get ready and I fly out the door, dismissing my mom’s worried yell.

Once I arrive at school there are only a couple of kids outside and the bell just rang. My first period teacher hates when people are late. I sprint down the hallway and I eventually make it to class. The only open seat is right next to Noah.

I feel really awkward going to sit by him but I place my books down and keep my distance. His eye is black and his face is messed up pretty bad. “I’m sorry about Brett” I say. “What are you two, dating or something?” he asks. I shake my head and i think to myself, did it seem like we were? The teacher starts the lesson and we don’t talk for the rest of class.

When I get to lunch I don’t see Brett. I go up to his friends and they say he’s on a family trip. Weeks go by and I haven't seen him. I start to worry, but like his friends said, he's on a trip with his family and I shouldn't be worried. Prom is coming up and I have no idea who I'm going with.

Jess, Anaya and I are at the mall searching for prom dresses. I don’t want to go to prom, but Jess insisted that I just go with her and her boyfriend, Daniel. No one has asked me and honestly if someone had, I probably wouldn’t have said yes. I can’t stop thinking about Brett. I wonder if he’s okay. I quit daydreaming and I hear Anaya asking me about a beautiful gold and black dress. I tell her that I think that’s the one and she continues to ramble about the guy she wants to ask her to the prom. I start looking through the dresses and I find the perfect one.

I try it on and it fits perfect. I know this is the one and I can’t wait to wear it to prom. I wonder if Brett is gonna be at prom. Why can't I just get over him? He told me to stay away. I should just forget about him. I hate feeling like this. I hate feeling so helpless and vulnerable.

After we leave the mall we start to head out to dinner until I realize I forgot my jacket at the mall."You guys go to dinner, I'm gonna head back to get my jacket." I say. We say our goodbyes and I head back the other direction. I walk a couple blocks until I see a group of guys who look like they're in their twenties. I walk faster and try to get past them quickly.

"Hey pretty lady!" one of them yells drunkenly."Where ya goin' so fast? We don't bite, Unless you want us to." says the other as he grabs my wrist with a tight grip. I try to get him to let go, but he doesn't. "Leave me alone!" I say, struggling to break free of his grasp. I think of ways to get out of this and I repeatedly kick and scream.

Then, I see a car pull up and stop right in front of us. A guy comes out of the door but I can't tell who it is, It's too dark. A familiar voice yells, "Stay away from her or you'll regret it!" I think of who it could be and then it hits me.


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