Giovanni De Rege

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Chapter 11

The two guards tossed the unconscious man in a room and locked the door. When Ivan finally regained consciousness again he found himself in a concrete room. It was an empty room with minimal lighting coming from the ceiling. One camera in the upper right corner and no windows. He laid his suit jacket on the floor and used it as a cushion to sit on. Ivan wondered whether he was inside the De Rege mansion. The place he thought he could win the lottery. Where he wanted to get a taste of their lavish lifestyle. So far, he wasn’t getting any of it.

In the eyes of many people, the De Rege family seemed to live the good life. After all, they lived in mansions and walked around in suits. Men from poverty often wanted to join the cause but most of the time they didn’t have what it took to be a made man. They seemed to forget dirtying their hands was inevitable. In a way, Ivan was like that as well.

When Ivan found out his sons were part of the notorious family, he wanted to take advantage of the situation. The man dreamed of spending his life in a grand manner.

The door opened and a man wearing a black dress shirt and rolled-up sleeves came inside the room. Ivan estimated his height to be around 1.87 meters. He was longer than Ivan. The man’s face became clearer and it was the same man that knocked him out at the gates. Behind the man was someone that resembled him. He was wearing a white dress shirt and had a scowl on his face.

‘’You!’’ Ivan stood up and pointed his finger at Giovanni. ‘’You fucking hit me! Do you even know who Vincenzo and Leone are? I am their father and when they hear about-‘’

Dante cut Ivan off. ‘’Why did you come here?’’

Earlier this day, Giovanni and Dante discussed why Ivan would come to their grounds. Was he sent here by someone? Did Ivan want to exploit his sons’ positions in the mafia? Did he want to apologise for his wrongdoings against his sons? The last one sounded unlikely to them.

‘’Why else? It’s was my son’s wedding!’’ Ivan cried out making Giovanni narrow his eyes at him.

‘’What makes you think that you are welcome here?’’ Dante said keeping his calm.

‘’I’m sure you still remember what you did.’’ Giovanni gave Ivan a spine-chilling look.

Ivan took a deep breath and sighed. ‘’It’s not my fault their mother took them away and left them alone.’’

The two brothers exchanged a knowing look at each other. Ivan was lying.

While Giovanni wasn’t fond of people lying to him, his brother despised it. Anger surged inside Dante as he instantly closed the space between him and Ivan. Dante gripped Ivan by his collar and shoved him against the concrete wall.

‘’You are the one who abandoned them,’’ Dante hissed.

Ivan’s eyes had widened and croaked, ‘’That’s not true.’’

‘’Dante,’’ Giovanni said in a stern tone.

After Ivan was freed from Dante’s hold, he tried getting the creases out of his clothes.

‘’I want to see my sons,’’ Ivan said.

A faint smile tugged on Giovanni’s lips. ‘’You will. I think we are done here, Dante.’’


The very next day, Giovanni informed Vincenzo and Leone about their father. While the two Acardi brothers headed to Ivan, Giovanni and his brothers stayed back and followed the exchange through a monitor.

At one point, Leone lost it when Ivan mentioned his mother and began hitting Ivan with the back of his gun until he bled. Leone breathed heavily and stepped away from his father to regain his composure. By now, his father was groaning against the cold floor.

‘’Are you still married?’’ Leone mumbled.


Leone scoffed. ‘’If your wife knew who you really are, she would have left you a long time ago.’’

Throughout the entirety of the exchange, Vincenzo had kept his mouth shut. There wasn’t a single thing he had to say to his father. He watched his younger brother get sucked back into his anger. It looked as if Leone was seeing red.

‘’It’s all your fault!’’ Leone spat on his father’s shoes. ‘’It all started with you! You ruined everything. You took everything away from me! Mom, Vincenzo…’’ he crouched down and grabbed Ivan so he would look at him. ‘’Why did you even come here?’’

Ivan’s eyes avoided Leone’s anger and sought help from his other son. He got met with the shaking of Vincenzo’s head.

‘’I never abandoned you two. I had no choice. Kelsey would have found out I cheat-‘’

Leone hit Ivan again. ‘’Shut up! Just the fuck shut up.’’

Vincenzo finally spoke up, ‘’I don’t want to see your face. I don’t want to see it ever again.’’

Leone heard the emptiness in his brother’s voice. It gave him the chills. With one last look at Ivan, he turned his back to him.

Vincenzo lifted his arm and aimed at his father. He shot him.

Vincenzo wanted to close this chapter of his life. He wanted to move, make a family with his new wife Lisa and live without his past haunting him. His father was nothing more than a pest to him.

Even though there was no life left in Ivan, Leone grabbed the gun out of Vincenzo’s hand and littered their father’s body with bullets until there weren’t any left in the chamber.

Dante turned off the screen on which he watched the Vincenzo’s and Leone’s bloody encounter with their father.

‘’Shit! I’ve never seen Leone like this,’’ Raffaele said.

Giovanni agreed in his head. He had often worked together with Leone on the field but even then he never saw Leone lose control of his emotions like this.

‘’I have only ever heard Vincenzo speak of Ivan but never Leone. I didn’t know it weighed this heavy on his mind,’’ Giovanni said.

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