Giovanni De Rege

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Chapter 14

Isabella gazed upon the starry night from her balcony. A slight breeze made her fold her arms over each other, hugging herself. There was a peaceful quiet until her phone rang. She jumped a little and grabbed her phone that laid on the round folding table. Her brother’s name was written on the display.

‘’Hi, Ser.’’

‘’Sorrellina! You know how much I love your right?’’

(Little sister)

Here we go again.

Isabella rolled her eyes, knowing where this call was going. Every time her brother needed something from her, he made sure to let her know how much he loved her.

‘’Yes, I know,’’ she sighed.

‘’See, here is the thing, I kinda forgot my phone at home and I kinda need you to bring it to me.’’ Sergio had a hopeful smile on his face even though his little sister wouldn’t be able to see him.

‘’Sure but whose phone are you using now?’’

‘’Using the phone of a colleague.’’

‘’And you memorized my number?’’

‘’Of course! I told you how much I love you right.’’ Sergio smiled cheekily.

‘’I’m honoured. See you later.’’ Isabella giggled and ended the call.

Isabella got herself a jacket and headed to the auto repair shop Sergio worked at. The streets were filled with people. Some of them walked hand in hand and others were alone like her. As she walked she felt someone’s eyes on her. She closed her light-blue denim jacket in an attempt to feel safer and quickened her pace. When Isabella got to the shop she asked a blonde-haired boy who looked her age for Sergio.

“Under there.” The guy pointed at Sergio who was underneath the car.

“Ser, your phone.”

Sergio stopped working and got up from the creeper board. A smile spreading on his face seeing his sister. He picked the rag lying on top of the hood to get the dirt off him and gave Isabella a side hug.

"Grazie, Sorellina!”

(Thank you, little sister!)

“When are you done?”

“In an hour.” Sergio ruffled Isabella’s hair.

“I’ll wait here then and don’t ruin my hair.” Isabella gave him a look and fixed the damage her brother had done.

“You should come here more often,” The blonde-haired boy said to Isabella with a smirk.

‘’Isn’t your shift over, Theo?’’ Sergio forced a smile.

Sergio knew the kind of person Theo was. Even if Theo wasn’t sleeping around with whoever he could get his hands on, Sergio could never muster any kind of respect for him. The way Theo treated others as less than him gave Sergio enough reason to keep him away from his sister.

“Yes, but I think I’ll keep Isabella some company.” Theo glanced at Isabella.

Sergio balled his hands into fists and breathed out of his nose. He knew exactly was Theo implying. One more chance. If Theo would make another move on his sister, he wouldn’t back down. Sergio stepped back and resumed his work.

‘’We should go out sometime.’’ Theo winked at Isabella.

‘’I’m already seeing someone.’’ She gave him a tight smile. ‘’But thank you for the offer, I’m sure others would love to go out with you.’’

Theo dropped the nice face he had painted on his face in an instant. Rejection was an unfamiliar concept to him. His pretty boy looks always got him what he wanted.

‘’You are the first one to say no to me.’’

Isabella hugged herself, holding her elbows and put more space between them. The playful spark in his eyes vanished. They looked dead.

‘’I guess there is a first time for everything.’’

‘’My father is the owner of this place,’’ he said in a low voice and motioned at her brother. ‘’Might want to reconsider your answer.’’

Isabella shook her head and scoffed, not wanting to believe he had actually threatened to fire her brother. She turned her back to him but stilled as Theo latched his hand on her shoulder. Immediately, she shoved his arm away.

‘’I’m surprised I am the first one to say no to you.’’ She narrowed her eyes at Theo.

Theo pulled at a good amount of her black hair. ‘’You little-‘’

Isabella stumbled forward as he dragged her in his direction. Her hands on his forearm, trying to pry him off her. Her heart beating faster as panic creeped in. Before long, his grip on her was gone. She held her hand protectively on the spot, Theo had pulled at.

By now, Sergio had pushed Theo on the ground and hovered over him. His anger didn’t lessen with each hit at Theo. Specks of blood covered Sergio’s knuckled as he continued bashing his face. No on was to touch his sister like Theo had done. Theo tried getting Sergio off of him but he didn’t budge. Sergio stopped hitting and curled his finger around Theo’s throat. Only when Theo began to gasp for air, Sergio let go of him.

‘’Try that shit again and you’re dead,’’ Sergio whispered in his ear.

He rose to his feet, dusted his jeans off and headed in Isabella’s way. ‘’You okay?’’

Isabella nodded and asked her brother the same.

‘’I’m good. Come on, let’s go.’’

Theo’s coughing made them look back at him. ‘’You’re fucking fired.’’

Theo stared daggers at him after Sergio flipped him off. He let himself fall back on the ground and watched the Donati siblings leave the auto repair shop.

Isabella glanced at her brother. The lines between his eyebrows were very much present. A feeling of guilt came over her.

‘’I’m sorry about your job.’’

‘’Fuck that job.’’ He looked at over and ruffled her hair.

‘’Ser!’’ Isabella ducked her head. ‘’You’re getting blood in my hair.’’

‘’Shit. I forgot,’’ he laughed and gave her a side hug.

Isabella returned the gesture and smiled. ‘’No, you’re not.’’

‘’You know me too well.’’

She laughed before sobering up. ‘’But what are you going to do now?’’

Sergio dropped his arm to his side, his body tensing up at the question. Finding a new job wasn’t a concern of his. The De Reges paid him good money for his services. He let his eyes fall to the ground, not being able to meet Isabella’s gaze.

‘’It will be fine. I’ll figure it out.’’

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