Giovanni De Rege

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Chapter 26

Two pieces of the bullet managed to pierce Michele’s leg. Getting up was a struggle, a groan coming out of him. He needed the help of his captain.

Giovanni supported his full weight, holding him by the middle as Michele swung his arm around his neck. Eventually, they made their way to the car, a dotted line of crimson following them. Giovanni opened the back and let Michele get in.

‘’What about Tommaso?’’ Michele murmured.

‘’I’ll have the police figure that out.’’ Giovanni went around the car and got in the driver seat. ‘’And don’t talk. Save your energy.’’ He regarded Michele through the rear-view mirror.

He looks like he’s going to faint.

Giovanni drove to Dr Leonetti at full speed. It was a good thing she didn’t live all that far from their current location.

Dr Leonetti had her own private practice and often offered her services to men like Michele. Needless to say, those medical services came with a hefty pay. In the underworld, Dr Leonetti was the closest thing to a saviour they had. Numerous lives had been saved by her in the past.

’’I’m sorry, Capo. He got away.’’


‘’I told you to stop speaking,’’ he ordered in a severe tone.

’’Sorry, Capo.’’

They arrived at the doctor’s house and once again Giovanni let Michele’s weight rest on him as they walked to the door. He pressed the bell and waited.


Giovanni sighed seeing that his order went in one ear and out the other. ‘’Sì?’’

‘’I think I’m losing blood.’’

‘’You don’t say.’’

The wood separating the men and the doctor got removed. A wave of relief flowed through them to see that Dr Leonetti was home. She looked the same as always; her black hair in a neat bun, gaunt cheeks and spectacles sitting on the bridge of her nose.

‘’It’s been a while since I got a visit from anyone in your family, Giovanni.’’ Hazel-coloured eyes shifted to Michele. ‘’And what have we got here. What happened to your leg?’’

‘’Bullet bounced off the ground and hit him,’’ Giovanni answered for Michele.

No further questions were asked by her. Why were you shot in the first place? Who shot you? When and where did this happen? She knew not to ask.

‘’I have anaemia, Ma’am. I’m tired.’’

‘’We’ll get you fixed up.’’ Dr Leonetti gestured Giovanni to leave Michele in her hands. ‘’There’s a kettle on the stove, I hope you don’t mind turning it off for me, Giovanni.’’

Giovanni merely nodded and headed to the doctor’s kitchen while she took care of Michele. The fire got turned off. Now that the kettle wasn’t screaming and causing a throbbing headache, Giovanni went to the living room. The floor was carpeted, renaissance paintings decorated the walls and medical magazines were spread across the salon table. Giovanni rested his elbow on the window sill and smoked a cigarette which was balanced horizontally between his index and middle finger.

His whole body felt tense. A strain on every muscle in his being.

Frustrated that Tommaso got hit. Enraged that the man got away. Defeated that everything was going wrong.


After Dr Leonetti was done with Michele, Giovanni brought him home and ordered the soldier to take a rest from work and heal. Then, the capo proceeded to the De Rege mansion.

‘’What is with the grumpy look on you?’’ a female voice said.

Giovanni turned his head sideways to see Dante’s wife. ‘’Nothing.’’

‘’What do you mean? He’s always like that, Bianca.’’ Dante teased.

‘’What’s with the smiles? Is there something worth celebrating?’’ Giovanni arched a brow, his mood foul.

‘’We were just joking.’’ Dante held his hands up in a conciliatory gesture. ‘’But what has gotten you like this?’’

‘’You should leave the joking to Raffaele,’’ he mumbled. ‘’Have you seen Isabella?’’

‘’I think she’s with your father,’’ Bianca answered. ‘’They might have not be in the backyard anymore though.’’

Before going to the backyard, he went to his room to get cleaned up as he was sure the smell of blood and sweat clung to him. Clothes got discarded and the showerhead rained on him, his dark hair getting wet. Giovanni took this moment to let his raging emotions take a backseat and calm down. Breathing in and out. Once he was done and got dressed in a simple shirt and sweatpants, he left his room to see Isabella.

It was like his sister-in-law suspected, the backyard was empty. He climbed the stairs again and took a turn to the left, where the guestrooms were. Giovanni made sure not to make the same mistake as last time and knocked on the second door, Isabella’s room, before letting himself in.

The lights in the room were on but he didn’t get to see her. Instead, the sound of water falling down greeted his ears. He stood by the window, staring at the horizon until Isabella showed herself.

A sharp intake of breath made him look the other way. His eyes trailed over her body, a silk bathrobe covering her. The slim belt was wound around Isabella’s waist, just tightly enough to emphasize the shapeliness of her hips.

‘’You scared me.’’ Isabella frowned at him. ‘’I didn’t expect anyone to be here. You could’ve knocked.’’

‘’I did.’’

Her head seemed to tilt on its own accord, she could sense something different about him. She stepped in his direction and got pulled closer to him.

‘’You know that’s not what I meant.’’

‘’I know.’’ His hands encircled her waist. ‘’Do you want me to go?’’

With a blush, she shook her head. Her stomach was tied in knots at the way he looked at her. As if he was memorizing every perfection and imperfection on her, it made Isabella cast her gaze downward.

‘’Don’t do that.’’

Giovanni grabbed her chin, forcing Isabella to look at him and leaned in. Their lips connected, his inner feral need to own every part of her growing with each second.

The roughness of his scorching kiss, the stubble tickling her, the slide of his hand moving lower – she was greedy for all of it. His next words made her heart gallop.

‘’Your robe – take it off,’’ his gruff voice demanded in between kisses.

Isabella made her robe come undone, the fabric slipping off of her like liquid. Now, the only covering her was a flimsy nightgown. She gasped at the cold hand moving underneath the material, touching her flushed skin. Her arms went around Giovanni’s neck as he left marks on her throat, a moan escaping her.

Giovanni hoisted Isabella up with little effort and pushed her against the wall, her legs straddling him and arms still around his neck. The motion caused the band of her nightgown to fall to the side and rested on her upper arm.

Isabella wasn’t the only one getting aroused. Her hips unintentionally moved against him for more friction. The action making him release a groan, the sound sending shivers throughout her. The feeling of his lips caressing the bare skin in between her breasts had Isabella ran her fingers through his damp hair.

‘’Giovanni,’’ her voice breathy.

He lifted his gaze. ‘’Sì?’’

‘’No, never mind.’’ Shyness coloured her words.

‘’I’m not going to. What is it, Isabella?’’ He drew soothing circles on her upper thigh.

Isabella considered her request before giving it a voice.

He added, ‘’What do you want?’’

‘’Can you touch me?’’ her voice incredibly soft.

Giovanni knew what she meant but decided to push for more. ‘’I’m doing that right now, aren’t I?’’

Isabella felt herself getting hot. ‘’You know what I’m trying to say.’’

The fact that she couldn’t bring herself to say it out loud brought a small smile on Giovanni’s face. He kissed her one last time before moving toward the bed. Giovanni laid her down, his own body hovering over hers.

‘’I want to keep my nightgown on.’’

‘’We can do that.’’ He assured her and let his hand glide past the hem of her clothing. ’’But these have to go.’’

Isabella felt the cooler air hitting her as soon as her underwear was tossed to the side. Goosebumps danced along her body with each light touch.

‘’Is it going to hurt?’’ she asked.

‘’I’m not going that far. We’ll go slow.’’

A sweet exhale came from Isabella’s mouth when he stroked her. It send sparks of heat across her. She was very aware of every movement Giovanni made, chest rising and falling and eyelashes fluttering.

‘’You’ll come for me, right, Isabella?’’

‘’Sì,’’ Isabella’s voice hitched when he got to a sensitive spot.

He played with her clit. Isabella’s arousal coated the tips of his fingers. The tugging and stroking making her pant.

All that was on her mind was the building pressure between her thighs. With all the attention she was getting, it didn’t take long for her to come. Desire flowed out to the edges of her senses. At once, relaxation captured Isabella. Her quick breathing once again becoming slow and steady.

Afterwards, Giovanni stayed by Isabella’s side until she fell asleep. Her back against his chest and his arm around her middle keeping them together. Both of them falling into a dreamless sleep.

Giovanni knew that her family wouldn’t appreciate seeing him warming her bed if they caught him but he could not stay away from her. Chaos had ruled his day. At night, he wanted a peace of mind. Something that Isabella was able to give him.

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