Giovanni De Rege

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Chapter 30

A tinge of red was seen in Giovanni’s eyes, veins visible due to the lack of sleep. He had been up all night watching the footage of the flower shop. At least until a man wearing a long coat appeared, the fedora hat obscuring his face.

The exact same man who killed Tommaso and shot Michele at the port. The man who ordered a hit on Giovanni.

‘’Do you hear me, Giovanni?’’

The Don’s voice put a stop to his racing thoughts about the man.

‘’What’s the matter with you? Pay attention when the Don is speaking,’’ Vincenzo said to his fellow capo.

Right now, Giovanni was in the middle of a meeting that was held per request of Don Silvio. There was an urgent topic in need of discussion. Every high-ranking member had gathered in the office for it – the don, consigliere, underboss and all five captains of the family.

‘’Somehow, the Licciardis know that we are in possession of their stolen drugs. You, Dante, Raffaele and the Don are going to do some damage control and meet up with them.’’ Leone repeated Don Silvio’s order to Giovanni.

Giovanni set his face in a neutral expression as he let the information sink in. No one in the room could know what he was thinking.

Only men in the inner circle were privileged to the info about the returned cocaine. The traitor had to be someone in the room. Giovanni’s gaze swept the room, momentarily pausing on his uncle Antonio. He seemed to be thinking the same thing as him.

‘’Whoever let the Licciardis know of this wants to further destroy our relation with the. Pit us against each other, if you will,’’ Antonio voiced his thoughts.

Giovanni wanted to confirm his suspicions and said, ‘’I agree and I think it’s not a stretch to assume that they are also the ones who ordered the hit. They want us gone. What do you think, Leone? You have a good eye for this sort of thing.’’ He looked to his left.

‘’I don’t think so. Why would they do both if doing only one of them would suffice. Wouldn’t really make sense for him to do both.’’

It’s him.

He didn’t miss how every time the traitor was brought up, Leone kept slipping up in his speech. While Giovanni and his uncle referred to the traitor as multiples people, Leone would sometimes refer to the traitor as a singular person. It was enough to raise suspicion in Giovanni.

‘’Maybe as a back-up plan? In case their original plan fails,’’ Dante said.

‘’That’s sounds quite elaborate, don’t you think?’’ Leone argued and raised his brown eyebrow at Dante.

Silvio pushed his chair back to stand up, bringing the attention to him again. ‘’It is but it doesn’t matter. I will make sure the Licciardi family will see reason. The matter will be settled today. That is it for now. You can all go.’’

Everyone exited the Don’s office, Giovanni being the only one who stayed back. He wanted to share his thoughts with his father.

’’Do you need something, Figlio?’’


He breathed in and out. ‘’Leone is the traitor.’’ Giovanni lifted his gaze to meet the narrowing of his father’s eyes.

‘’Giovanni! Remember what I said about accusations like that.’’

The same dark-blue eyes he had stared back at him.

He pushed himself off the wall and went to stand on the other side of the wooden desk. ‘’It’s not baseless. The package sent to my apartment was an inside job. It’s not as if Leone is incompetent to be head of security, he’s been letting all of it happen on purpose.’’

Silvio shook his head in denial. He didn’t want to entertain the idea of the boy he raised as his own to be a rat. His son walked around the desk and placed his hand on his shoulder.

‘’He even got rid of the hotel’s security footage.’’

Silvio softly pushed Giovanni’s hand off his shoulder. ’’That’s enough, Figlio.’’


Giovanni tilted his head ever so slightly to get a better view of his father’s expression. Resignation was written all over it. His jaw turned into a hard set at the realisation of the conflict his father must have been feeling. It was only natural Silvio was hurt to know of this.

‘’Did you already know?’’ he asked carefully. ‘’You had a hunch?’’

No answer. Only silence.

I’ll need proof to fully convince him.

‘’You look tired. Go and take a quick rest before we go.’’

There is no footage of Leone. At least not footage I can actually use against him. He didn’t leave many traces behind.

An idea sprang into his mind. ‘’If I can prove it’s Leone, you’ll believe me?’’

‘’.’’ Silvio’s breath shuddered. ‘’But how do you plan on doing that?’’

‘’The stevedore from the port implied someone else had asked him about Tommaso’s whereabouts before Michele and I arrived. If he can confirm it was Leone then we know with certainty that it’s him.’’ Giovanni crossed his arms over each other. ‘’Go to Licciardi without me. This can’t wait. Once you’re convinced we’ll call Leone into a room tomorrow.’’

He watched his father nod jerkily, the reluctance to kill Leone evident.

‘’It needs to be done,’’ Giovanni’s tone was severe.

’’I know, Figlio.’’


‘’I can pull the trigger if you want.’’

Silvio steeled himself. ‘’No, it should be me.’’

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