Giovanni De Rege

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Chapter 35

‘’You can’t kick me out!’’ a drunken young man yelled as the guards dragged him.

‘’I can.’’ Raffaele smirked and continued playing poker.

Giovanni, on the other hand, ignored the drunk and surveyed the room. Many acquaintances of the family came to their casino and in Giovanni’s mind there was a small chance Leone might seek out help from one of them.

‘’You and your family are nothing more than fucking thieves and murderers! All you can do is lie and live off blood money!’’ the young man shouted to get a reaction out of the two brothers.

Raffaele’s blood boiled hearing the insults thrown at his family and stood up. It was hard to truly anger Raffaele but disrespecting his family was one way to do it. He stalked over to the drunk man and grabbed him by the shirt.

‘’Say anything like that again and you’re dead,’’ he hissed.

‘’The De Reges are lowlifes tha-‘’

Before the man could finish his sentence he got a right hook in the face. He got out of Raffaele’s grip and ran to the bar counter, smashed a vodka bottle and used it as a weapon to keep Raffaele at bay.

From the corner of his eyes, Raffaele spotted an ice pick in a bucket filled with ice. He grabbed it and threw it with precision at the man, piercing him in the chest. The bottle was dropped onto the ground making Raffaele move closer and get the ice pick out of the man.

‘’I fucking warned you.’’ He stabbed the man again.

The family his father built was Raffaele’s pride. No one was to step on it in any way.

The visitors of the casino had grown silent, not doing anything to interfere and merely watched it all play out. They knew their place. They knew they would be next if they tried stopping the young capo. In Naples, turning a blind eye to the mafia was nothing out of the ordinary.

After a struggle, the man finally took his last breath and died. The in blood-covered ice pick was dropped beside the body and Raffaele cleaned his hands with a handkerchief handed to him by a guard. He turned his back to the sight and returned to the green-felted table.

There was one woman in the casino who couldn’t act as if she didn’t just witness a gruesome murder. It was against her nature to let injustice like that take place.

While the woman watched Raffaele, Giovanni did the same to her. He beckoned one of his men to him and ordered to get information on the woman. In the meantime, Giovanni went over to his brother to tell him this was his last round of poker.

‘’Why? Did something happen?’’ Raffaele arched a brow.

‘’Are you not aware of your own actions?’’

‘’Come on, Gio-‘’

‘’Raffaele,’’ he said in a stern tone making his brother comply.

Giovanni stepped away and returned to his old spot, his eyes taking a glance at the corpse being carried away by soldiers.

‘’Don, the woman’s name is Kelsey Votto. She’s a widow, has one child and only recently moved into town.’’

Giovanni didn’t have any plans on making a kid an orphan. At the same time, he wasn’t going to take any risks.

‘’Make sure she keeps her mouth shut,’’ Giovanni ordered.

‘’What do you want me to say?’’

‘’That she has a responsibility to be there for her child.’’

‘’I’ll handle it, Don.’’

Afterwards, Giovanni and Raffaele left the casino and drove back home.

‘’You need to control your anger.’’

The younger brother turned his head toward the window, not meeting Giovanni’s eyes. ‘’He deserved it.’’

‘’But you shouldn’t have done it in the middle of the casino.’’

‘’So you agree?’’ Raffaele smirked in a smug way.

‘’That’s not the point.’’ Giovanni briefly looked at his brother and returned his gaze on the road. ‘’I need you to be stronger than this. Can you do that for me?’’

Raffaele sobered up at his brother’s request. ‘’I can do that.’’

The way Giovanni spoke to Raffaele reminded him of their father. He laughed softly to himself, thinking how he missed being lectured by his father. His eyes welled up and once again he looked away from Giovanni. A feeling of calm came over him as he now knew what he had to do to clear his mind.


Raffaele stood in front of his father’s grave and wore a deep frown as he stared at the withered roses. As far as he knew, nobody had gone to visit Silvio’s grave yet.

He believed the only one who might have come to the late Don’s grave was Leone since Giovanni had given strict orders that no one was to leave the mansion without permission until Leone was caught.

‘’Bastard,’’ he said under his breath.

Raffaele picked the roses up and threw them to the side and replaced the empty spot with his own bouquet of flowers.

Only ten minutes had ticked by before Raffaele got pulled out of his thoughts because of the buzzing phone.

‘’You need to come. I found out where Leone is hiding,’’ Giovanni said as he loaded the gun’s magazine with bullets.

‘’I’m on my way.’’

Leone had been hiding in the house of his late father’s wife, Kelsey Votto. In order to make Kelsey obey him, Leone emotionally blackmailed her. If she were to rat him out to anyone, Leone threatened he would take her son’s life.

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