Giovanni De Rege

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Chapter 37

‘’What are you doing?’’ Isabella peeked inside Sergio’s room.

‘’Packing my stuff.’’ His eyes darted over to her. ‘’And you should too.’’

With Leone gone, the Donati family could safely return to their own home. The thought of leaving left Isabella’s shoulders slumped and a few more sighs than usual. She would miss being around Giovanni and his family.

‘’I should get to it then,’’ she murmured and went to her bedroom, grabbed the suitcase in the corner and packed everything up.

‘’What are you doing?’’ Giovanni asked as saw Isabella looking around the room.

‘’Making sure I don’t leave anything precious behind.’’

‘’I see you’re ready to leave.’’ He looked at the suitcase. ‘’Good.’’


‘’You’re going with me,’’ he said as if the decision was set in stone.

Confusion was written all over Isabella’s face. ‘’I’m going with you?’’



‘’My apartment. We’re going to get married anyway.’’ Giovanni came forward and pulled her suitcase to his side. ‘’I’ll get this downstairs. You can double-check the room if there really is anything you forgot.’’

Isabella watched him leave, too stunned to do anything else. Everything was drawing at a blank for a few seconds and then her thoughts raced through her mind.

Is he serious? Is he really serious? He never said anything about marriage and now he just brings it up as if he’s talking about the weather. He didn’t even ask if I wanted to marry him!

She sank onto the edge of the bed and stared at the door.

‘’I need to talk him,’’ she said just as Giovanni re-entered the room.

‘’Are you talking to yourself?’’

Rosy cheeks decorated Isabella’s cheeks. ‘’Giovanni-‘’

‘’Give me your hand.’’

She held her hand out, allowing Giovanni to slide a white gold ring on her ring finger. He pulled her up so she was standing upright and kissed her softly on the lips.

‘’You never asked if I want to.’’

‘’I can take a good on guess on what your answer will be.’’

She opened her mouth to protest but her voice got stuck in her throat. They both knew what her answer was.

He cupped her face and added, ‘’Besides, that beautiful smile tells everything I need to know.’’


‘’Care to explain?’’ Donatella seized hold of her daughter’s hand to take a closer look at the ring.

‘’I’m engaged to him.’’ She bit her lip.

‘’And when did you plan on telling me? Did you want to hide it?’’

‘’Mamma, you know I tell you everything. It actually just happened – this morning.’’

’’I know, Tesoro.’’ Donatella wrapped her arms around Isabella, holding her tightly. ‘’Do you love him?’’


She nodded shyly, a small smile pulling on her lips. There was no question about it; she didn’t need to ponder over the answer.

‘’Then I won’t stop you. That’s all that matters.’’

’’But what about Papà?’’

‘’What about him?’’


‘’Don’t you worry about him. In the end, he will be happy as long as you are.’’

Isabella sent her mother a grateful smile that was accompanied by a light chuckle and continued eating breakfast. After she was done she went to the living room, meeting up with everyone else.

‘’I can’t wait to get in my old bed again.’’ Sergio sighed with content. ‘’I mean the one her was fine but-‘’

‘’Yours is better.’’

’’Exactly! You know me so well, Sorellina.’’

(Little sister)

‘’Did you two make sure you have everything?’’ Alberto asked his children causing them to nod in response.

‘’I’m going to miss you, Dona.’’ Celia hugged Donatella.

‘’They’re overreacting. They will probably see each other tomorrow again,’’ Alberto said in a low voice so his wife wouldn’t hear.

Isabella nudged her father in the side. ‘’Let them have their moment.’’

‘’Hey! What’s that?’’ Sergio said, his eyebrows drew together.

‘’Uhm…’’ Isabella tried forming a coherent sentence as she was under everyone’s scrutinizing gaze.

‘’Let’s go home,’’ Donatella in a calm tone and pushed her husband and son out of the mansion whilst looking over her shoulder. ’’I will personally deal with them, Tesoro.’’

At times it felt as if her mother was a guardian angel. Isabella knew she would always be there whenever she needed her.


The hotel staff slanted looks at the woman walking next to their boss. The only people that were allowed to get on the Don’s floor were his family. Soon enough, whispers spread amongst them.

Isabella was already feeling a tad nervous to live with Giovanni and the staff’s staring didn’t do anything to help. She stole a glance at Giovanni who wore a mask of indifference and thought to herself how surreal everything seemed. When Isabella set foot into the apartment, it wasn’t what she expected. She assumed it was going to be similar to the mansion but Giovanni’s home had a modern design.

‘’I still have some clothes at home,’’ she blurted out only now realizing.

‘’You can get them tomorrow.’’ Giovanni undid the first few buttons of his black dress shirt.

‘’Or I can get them now.’’ She insisted, missing wearing her favourite clothes.

‘’And this is your home now,’’ Giovanni said, ignoring her suggestion.

Isabella crossed her arms and slightly raised her voice, ‘’I know but that is also my home.’’

‘’I didn’t mean it like that.’’ He sighed. ‘’I’m sorry.’’ He pecked her on the lips.

There wasn’t an ounce of irritation in Isabella but she liked seeing this softer side of him. Giovanni rarely apologized and Isabella was going to make the most of it.

‘’Forgive me, Isa,’’ he murmured against her honey lips.

Isabella’s blush became redder when she felt Giovanni’s hand slide under her top. He started tickling her making Isabella surrender right away. She had always been a very ticklish person.

‘’I forgive you,’’ she got the words out as she tried catching her breath from laughing.


Giovanni left to the Donati house to get Isabella’s other clothes. In the meantime, Isabella explored her new home. It was clean and the kitchen looked brand new like it hadn’t been used a lot. Giovanni would only cook dinner for himself if he had the time to do so.

By the time Giovanni returned with Isabella’s clothes she was napping on the couch. Giovanni moved the hair from her peaceful looking face and tucked a strand of black hair behind her ear. His action made Isabella slowly open her eyes and connected her green eyes with Giovanni’s stormy blue ones. Isabella sat up to make more space for him to sit on. She felt thirsty and went to the kitchen to drink a glass of water.

‘’Black coffee,’’ Giovanni said to Isabella.

As Isabella was making his coffee Giovanni turned her around making her gasp. He lifted her up and put Isabella on the basalt top of the island kitchen. His hand stayed on Isabella’s sensitive thigh making her feel butterflies in her stomach. Giovanni kiss started out gentle and soft but got rougher and demanding as each second passed by. He made Isabella straddle him and lifted her from the top to bring her to their bedroom.

Isabella broke the kiss to remind Giovanni of his coffee.

‘’Forget about it,’’ he said as his lips grazed upon her delicate neck.

Giovanni laid her down on the bed and took Isabella’s top skirt and off. It wasn’t the first time Giovanni had seen Isabella in her undergarments but she still felt exposed and wanted to cover herself up. As if reading her mind Giovanni gave her a fierce look telling her to not cover herself up.

Their lips met while Giovanni unbuttoned his own dress shirt and dropped it next to the bed. Isabella’s heart skipped a beat when Giovanni unclasped her bra and took it off of her body. His hand trailed from her thigh to her nipple making her gasp. Giovanni deepened their kiss, his touch set her body ablaze making it quiver in delight.

He took off his trousers and kissed her smooth and soft skin. Giovanni hooked his finger on Isabella’s lace underwear and slowly took it off causing goosebumps to rise on Isabella. Her core was already wet from Giovanni’s touches, both her mind and body wanted him.

‘’It will hurt at first,’’ Giovanni warned and threw his boxer to the side.

Isabella was tempted to ask if it would fit but decided against it.

The moment his tip came into contact with her heated core, Isabella’s thudded rapidly against her chest. A breathless moan left her mouth as he entered, a thrill coursing through her body.

‘’Dio so tight.’’ He groaned.


Isabella wasn’t sure whether it was a good or bad thing but didn’t make any comment on his statement. Even if she did plan on saying something, Isabella believed he wouldn’t be able to make out her words because of her heavy yet soft panting.

Giovanni’s thrust became deeper and harder by the minute. Their bodies falling into a rhythm. He could see her trying to hold back another moan so he captured her lips, forcing the melodic sound to come out and sucked gently on her lower lip.

Once Isabella reached her climax, Giovanni allowed himself to let go and followed after her. His breathing was harsh and the look in his eyes intense. Giovanni drank in the sight of Isabella’s bare and flushed skin one more time before dotting a kiss on her forehead.

After the newly engaged couple cleaned up, they slid back under the covers. Isabella felt his gaze on her and turned around to meet it.

‘’What?’’ she asked in a whisper.

‘’You look beautiful.’’ He gave her a sweet lingering kiss on the lips.

‘’Thank you.’’ Her lashed fluttered feeling shy. ‘’You too.’’

‘’Beautiful?’’ He chuckled lightly.

‘’Sì, beautiful.’’ She laughed along with him whilst shaking her head.

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