Giovanni De Rege

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Chapter 42

Two months later

The Don’s wedding had been the talk of town. The ones on good terms celebrated and the ones on bad terms with the De Rege family wished bad luck upon the engaged couple. Despite the affair being held in big anticipation by the town’s people, little of them were invited. Giovanni and Isabella only wanted the closest of family and friends coming to their special day.

‘’Can I see the ring?’’ Raffaele asked Dante.

Since Angelo was the appointed ring bearer, Dante held onto it until the time had come for his son to carry it.

‘’Sure.’’ Dante reached into the pocket of his trousers. A hint of panic seeping into him when he didn’t feel it. He reached into his other pocket and again, nothing. ‘’I probably left it in the office.’’

‘’I’m going to laugh so hard if you actually lost the wedding ring.’’ Raffaele barked out a hyena’s laugh.

Dante rolled his eyes at his brother and, with a fast pace, he headed toward the Don’s office. Prayers sounding through his head that the ring was there.

‘’It has to be here,’’ he mumbled to himself as he searched every inch of the room.

Giovanni’s appearance in the doorway caused Dante to stop his hunting. ‘’Are you looking for something?’’

‘’No, I was just looking for my lighter,’’ Dante lied through his teeth.

Earlier, Giovanni noticed the ring box on his office desk and brought it along with him, not wanting it to lay around like that. Giovanni disliked having people lie to him. He chose to play along and acted as if he had no clue what was happening.

‘’You can borrow mine.’’ He handed his lighter to Dante.

‘’Thanks.’’ Needing to keep up the lie, Dante was now forced to smoke even though he didn’t feel like having one.

‘’Do you have my ring?’’

‘’.’’ Dante’s lies began stacking up on each other.


As soon as Giovanni left the office, Dante paced around trying to think of places where he could’ve left the ring.

‘’You don’t look like you found the ring.’’ Raffaele eyed his stressed-out brother.

‘’You don’t say. And don’t say it out loud. Giovanni isn’t supposed to know.’’

Raffaele put his hands in the air. ‘’Sorry, Sir.’’

In the meantime, Donatella and Bianca helped the bride get ready. Her make-up was soft and subtle so she would still have a natural look. Her figure was clad in pure-white and her velvety black hair cascaded down her back – the way Giovanni liked it.

Isabella gripped onto the shower bouquet that consisted of red roses and white filler flowers. A euphoric sensation tiptoed on her as she glanced at the clock. Almost time.

‘’I’m nervous and excited at the same time.’’

‘’I felt a similar way on my day.’’ Bianca sent her a smile.

‘’You look wonderful.’’ Donatella tried to hold back her tears and put the veil on her daughter.

Alberto joined them. ’’Are you ready, Tesoro?’’


Isabella took a deep breath. ‘’Sì.’’

‘’Mia piccolo angelo, I can’t believe this day has come. You’ve grown up so fast.’’ Alberto rarely got emotional but today he did.

(My little angel)

‘’You’re not going to cry, are you?’’ She smiled cheekily at her father.

‘’I’ll leave that to your mother.’’

Isabella held onto her father’s arm and the two made their way to the mansion’s vast garden. The sky was a warmer blue. Splashes of red were seen throughout the decorations and the red runner laid ready to be walked onto by the bride.

‘’I can’t believe you had the ring the whole time and didn’t say anything,’’ Dante said in disbelief as he stood next to Giovanni at the altar.

‘’It’s your own fault,’’ he responded.

‘’There she comes,’’ Raffaele said in a hushed tone to his brother.

Giovanni’s eyes sought his bride, a smile forming on his lips when he spotted her. She was breath-taking; her beauty made her look like a true angel. His gaze was fixed on her as she walked down the aisle.

With each step, her heart beat louder to the point of almost cancelling out the music played by the quartet. She smiled shyly at Giovanni as her father handed her over to him.

The priest’s words were kept to a minimum and after he was done, he asked the couple in front of him the final question. By now, Celia and Donatella were in tears; their effort not to cry on their children’s wedding day going down the drain.

Giovanni was the first to answer the fate binding question. ‘’I do,’’ his voice genuine and gentle as he looked lovingly at Isabella.

When it was Isabella’s turn, a beautiful smile broke out. ‘’I do.’’

Angelo, dressed in a neat tuxedo, stepped forward and offered the bride and groom their rings.

‘’Thank you,’’ Isabella said softly to Angelo making him smile in return.

Once Giovanni and Isabella slid the band onto each other’s ring finger the priest continued to pronounce them husband and wife.

‘’You may now kiss the bride,’’ the priest said to Giovanni.

He lifted the veil covering her face and leaned down to give her a long and gentle kiss on the lips. She melted at the touch, butterflies dancing and swirling in her stomach.

‘’You look beautiful, Isa,’’ he said in a low voice making her blush.

The guests rose from their seats, applauding the now-married couple. Isabella and Giovanni walked down the aisle and made their way onto the De Rege hotel where the reception would be held.

Before joining everyone in the ballroom, Isabella changed into another dress. One that was more suited for dancing; like her wedding dress, white dominated the piece.

‘’Giovanni?’’ She peeked her head out the dressing room.

‘’Is something wrong?’’

‘’I can’t reach the back.’’

Giovanni went over and helped Isabella zip the back of her dress. ‘’We could also stay here. They can’t stay too long mad at us if we don’t show up,’’ his deep baritone voice said into her ear.

Her temperature shot up at the suggestion. ‘’Giovanni!’’

He merely laughed it off. ‘’Let’s go then.’’

The newlywed didn’t make their guests wait any longer and joined them in the ballroom.

‘’Would you like to dance with me?’’ Giovanni asked his wife the question she asked him at one point.

‘’I would love to.’’ Isabella locked her hand with his strong one.

They swayed to the music, her hands on his broad shoulders and his on her hips. The rest of the family slowly but surely joined them on the dancefloor – Angelo and Caterina taking the spotlight.

‘’This is good.’’

‘’It is.’’ Her heart swelled with love hearing how he felt. ‘’I love you,’’ she confessed in a soft voice.

‘’I love you too.’’

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