Giovanni De Rege

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Ten years later

The streetlamps right outside the De Rege restaurant turned on when the clock struck seven. The entrance door was held open by Giovanni, allowing his wife and daughter to exit. A slight breeze hit the family once they were outdoors.

Instead of following her parents, Silvia was planted in one spot as she stood on her tiptoes trying to pluck a flower from the climbing plant. When she couldn’t, her father tore the delicate white flower and presented it to her. She placed the star jasmine carefully above her left ear, her dark locks getting pushed back. The reflection of the wide window showed her work resulting in the girl to smile, satisfied with the pretty look.

‘’Don’t forget to close your jacket,’’ Giovanni said to his daughter when the wind picked up.

The six-year-old tried doing as she was told.

‘’Mamma, the zipper is broken!’’ Silvia looked with wide eyes at her.

‘’Are you sure?’’ Isabella bend over and made a hissing sound coming from the zipper. ‘’One day, I’ll teach you how to use magic hands like me.’’ She winked at her daughter making her floaty giggle escape her. ‘’Come one, let’s go home before it gets even darker.’’

They continued to make their way to the mansion. Giovanni holding Isabella’s hand and their daughter in front of them walking on the seams of the street tiles.

‘’How about we get some wine at the store?’’ Giovanni suggested.

Isabella let out an uncomfortable laugh, her cheeks blooming a pink colour. ‘’I don’t think I’ll be drinking wine for a long time.’’

It didn’t take long for the meaning of her words to sink in. His lips stretched up into a fond smile and let them collide with her full lips.

‘’How long?’’ Giovanni asked.

‘’Three weeks now.’’ She rested her other hand on top of her flat stomach.

‘’When did you find out?’’ He arched his eyebrow.

‘’One week ago.’’

‘’When were you going to tell me?’’

‘’Next week.’’ Isabella grinned.

Giovanni’s brows drew together, wondering why she had planned to wait until then. Had he forgotten an anniversary of theirs?

Isabella shook her head at him seeing as he drew a blank. She called Silvia to come over and asked her what was taking place next week.

’’Did you forget, Mamma? Papà’s birthday!’’ the little girl exclaimed. ’’And we’re going to make a big cake. Nonna promised me to give me the cake recipe so I can make it next year.’’

‘’You’re a lucky girl,’’ Giovanni said as he looked into the green of Silvia’s irises that mirrored her mother’s.

Reaching their home, Isabella helped her daughter hang her jacket since she was to short to do it herself. Her husband set his first step toward the main area, she gripped onto his clothing making him halt.

‘’Don’t tell the rest yet.’’

Giovanni nodded in understanding. ‘’I won’t. We’ll announce it whenever you want.’’

’’It’s mostly Mamma I’m worried about. You know she has the eyes of a hawk.’’ Isabella sighed.

‘’That’s true.’’ Giovanni chuckled, remembering how Donatella was able to tell immediately when Isabella was pregnant with their daughter.

A sudden shiver coursed through Isabella. ‘’It was colder than usual today.’’

‘’I’ll be in my office.’’ His burning gaze settles on his wife. The hidden meaning behind them making the heat on Isabella’s neck visible.

‘’The flower is gone!”’ Silvia’s expression was one of shock, her hands frantically searching for it.

‘’On the other side.’’ Isabella giggled and lifted her daughter in her arms. She had to hold back her surprise how heavy Silvia was; children often grew up faster than their parents realized.

Isabella walked with her into the living room, where Raffaele also was, and let Silvia sit beside him.

‘’When did you guys come back?’’

‘’A few seconds ago,’’ Isabella replied to him.

‘’I would have been nice if you guys invited me to dinner. Do you even care about me? Am I too boring? Is that it?’’ Raffaele waved his hand. ‘’No, that can’t be the case. No one here can do without me. I know you guys would miss me.’’ Raffaele smirked.

‘’Are you done?’’ Isabella propped her hand on her hip.

‘’I would miss you, Raffa!’’ Silvia hugged her uncle.

Raffaele wiped invisible tears away. ‘’I knew someone here loved me.’’

‘’You’re impossible.’’ Isabella couldn’t stop herself from laughing anymore. ‘’Can you watch Silvia for a little bit?’’

‘’Yeah, sure.’’ Raffaele called Isabella by her name before she disappeared. ‘’Have fun!’’

Instead of responding back, Isabella walked down the hallway, acting as if she hadn’t heard the last bit. She stopped at the Don’s office door, knocking on it before letting herself in.

Giovanni didn’t waste any time and pushed her against the wall, their bodies melting into each other. He pinned her arms above her head; her wrists in the vice of his palm. He kissed her fiercely, tasting every bit of sweetness she had to offer, and lightly sucked her bottom lip.

It was only the beginning yet Isabella was already breathless. ‘’The lights.’’

‘’No,’’ his voice rasped. ‘’I want to see all of you.’’ He reached to her back and painfully slow unzipped the dress as he marked her neck.

Out of nowhere, the door swung open resulting in Giovanni and Isabella to abruptly stop. For a small second, nobody moved. Coming back to her senses, Isabella quickly put distance between herself and Giovanni, not wanting to get caught in the middle of the act. Then Silvia’s curious green eyes peek around the doorframe and found her parents.

‘’There you are!’’ Raffaele lifted her out of the office and shut the door.

’’What are Papà and Mamma doing?’’

Raffaele smirked. ‘’Godersi la vita.’’

(Enjoying life)

By now, Isabella’s ears and cheeks were scarlet. Her shoulders shaking from laughter. ‘’That’s so embarrassing.’’

Her contagious laugh carried over to Giovanni. ‘’Could have been worse.’’

‘’You look completely unbothered by it.’’

‘’I am.’’ He placed a lingering kiss on the lip while the corner of his lip tipped up. ‘’You can’t deny that you even love that side of me.’’

‘’I do.’’

The end

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