Giovanni De Rege

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Chapter 8

The day of Vincenzo’s wedding had finally arrived. With the whole family present, the garden of the De Rege mansion was packed with guests. The grounds were heavily guarded and everything else for the wedding was set in place.

‘’Your father called you,’’ Celia said to her son.

Giovanni didn’t have to ask where he could find his father. He faced his back to the garden, went inside the mansion and headed to the Don’s office.

‘’What is it, Don?’’

Nobody called Silvio by any other name when they were doing business. Including his own sons.

’’We’re not talking business today, Figlio. Is the pastor already here?’’ Silvio asked Giovanni.


‘’Sì.’’ Giovanni lit up the cigarette in his mouth and offered one to Vincenzo.

Vincenzo gladly took a cigarette and borrowed Giovanni’s lighter. He wasn’t a smoker but the stress was getting to him.

‘’Where is Leone? I haven’t seen him around lately,’’ Giovanni said and he eyed Vincenzo before looking at Raffaele for answers.

‘’Hey, don’t look at me. I don’t know where he is either.’’ Raffaele put his hands in the air.

‘’Stupido fratellino. Is it really too much to ask, not be late for once?’’ Vincenzo rubbed his temples.

(Stupid little brother)

Leone Acardi was the best man at his brother’s wedding. This was the one time Vincenzo asked him to be early. Alas, Leone was always hopping from one place to another. Never keeping track of time.

’’So, are you getting nervous? You know ‘cause it’s your big day.’’ Raffaele grinned.

Vincenzo narrowed his eyes at him and scoffed. ‘’Get out, Raffaele.’’

Raffaele feigned offence. ‘’Why? I didn’t say anything wrong.’’

‘’Just go, Raffa,’’ Silvio sighed.

Raffaele shrugged his shoulders and strolled out of the room.

Vincenzo was indeed nervous. He wasn’t going to admit it though. The day had come that he would marry Lisa. The woman who he had admired from afar would finally marry him. His love. Vincenzo drank a little to calm his nerves.

To his brother’s relief, Leone entered the Don his office.

‘’Finally,’’ Giovanni and his father mumbled under their breath.

Some of the tension in Vincenzo’s shoulders vanished. ‘’I told you to come early, Leone.’’

‘’I’m here aren’t I?’’

Giovanni spoke up, ‘’Do you have the ring?’’

Leone scoffed and put his hand on top of his heart. ‘’You think too low of me, Giovanni.’’

White smoke escaped Giovanni’s mouth as he put out the cigarette, leaving the bud in the ashtray. He left the room and proceeded toward the grand white pavilion in the garden. Some of the guests had already taken their seats, ready for the ceremony the begin. Others still stood outside, chatting away. Giovanni’s scanned the place and saw the Donati family already in their seats. Isabella, however, wasn’t there. He stepped onto the mowed lawn and checked if she was outside. When his eyes landed on Isabella wearing a long maroon dress, he made his way over to her. Her back was facing him as she spoke to Luciana and another cousin of him.

Suddenly, Isabella felt an arm wrap around her small waist.

‘’I’ll be borrowing her if you don’t mind,’’ Giovanni said to his cousins.

Before the girls could retort, Giovanni guided Isabella away from them.

‘’I do mind!’’ Isabella heard Luciana say in the distance and laughed.

‘’When did you get here?’’ he asked her.

‘’Not that long ago. Where are we going?’’ Isabella said when Giovanni went inside the mansion instead of the pavilion.

‘’My room,’’ Giovanni said as they walked through the hallways.

His words resulted in Isabella hearing her heart beating loudly in her ears. All kinds of different scenarios played inside her head.

‘’It’s not what you think.’’ he reassured her. ‘’I need to get something.’’

Even though she was panicking just a second ago, she couldn’t help but feel a mix of disappointment and embarrassment. He read her like an open book.

Giovanni knew he didn’t have to bring Isabella along with him but he’d rather not leave her. He wanted her to stay close to him. Close to him where he could protect her. When they reached his room, he told her to wait by the door as he grabbed his gun and put it in his holster.

Isabella blinked at him. She knew he carried a gun with him but didn’t expect him to carry one during a wedding. Not moving an inch, she watched him come back to her in long strides. There was something different swirling in his eyes.

‘’You truly look beautiful, Isabella,’’ his voice was husky.

Isabella had her hair down and wore matching stud earring she got from her parents. The dress complimented her skin tone, her sparkling green eyes added to her innocent look and her soft plump made Giovanni want to feel them on his.

‘’Thank you,’’ she said in her angelic voice.

Isabella wanted to compliment him back on his looks but the words couldn’t leave her mouth when he put his hand on the door behind her. She didn’t even realise how they were until she felt her breasts pressed against his chest. Having his cologne enveloping her and feeling his heat through his clothes was making her feel things she never had before.

He ran the tip of his nose along her throat, his lips barely touching and teasing her sensitive skin. He began kissing her jaw and squeezed her waist with his other hand.

‘’Giovanni,’’ her voice was laced with want.

Giovanni moved to place possessive kisses on her throat but not using enough pressure to cause a hickey. Her encouraging soft moans made him groan against her.

Isabella felt the cold air hitting her as he withdrew himself from her. A gasp left her when he turned her around in one fluid motion. Her hands were kept above her head and against the door, kept in place by his hand. She felt him move her hair to the side, completely exposing her bare back to him. Sparks going off inside her as he lightly touched her back and kissed her on the nape of her neck.

‘’You belong to me, Isabella.’’

She had no complaints. None at all.

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