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Ally A
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Chapter 1

It was the first day of spring conditioning and I was already running late. Oh my Jesus was all I could think of when i was rushing to get out of Chinese tutoring and get ready for practice. By the time I arrived in the locker room my faced was slapped by some spandex and a t shirt. “Best friend hurry up you have 2 minutes to change!” Majesty said. “Oh my lord, Thank you best friend! Can you ask other best friend to fill up my water bottle please?”

*In the Gym*

“Alright Ladies you have 1 minute and 10 seconds to run your seventeens. If you don’t beat the clock, you guys will be running again until everyone does.” I walked in and was breathing heavily and then I took my place on the baseline and breathed deepily and he blew the whistle.

After the warm ups and stretching coach called us all to line up so that he could seperate us into teams and we scrimage against each other. “Princess, Majesty, Empress, Yeye, Nelly and Ana you will be one team. And the rest of you ladies the other team.” We served first and got the game started, and we took the lead 8 to 5. After winning the first 2 sets I was all worn out and tired, which caused us to lose the third set and go for a fourth. Determined to win we all huddled up and talked motivational statments only. “Look ladies, we are not going down without a fight, we need this! PUSH PUSH PUSH! Great passes make great sets and leads to great hits and the point is ours!” Majesty exclaimed. “Lets just finish em off! Im tired!” said Yeye.

“PUSH ONE!!!” Coach screamed, cleary mad that we didnt have much stamina. Emily served it over. Deep and hard, Yeye stepped up and gave a beautiful pass to Majesty. Majesty called out a five but tripped over her own foot causing the ball to fly elsewhere. All heads turned and all feet ran towards the ball but slowed down when they heard me . “MIIIINEEEE”I roared as if it were the last piece of red velvet cake. I followed the ball not looking no where else but the ball in the air , determined to send it over the net,when i suddenly hit a wall and blacked out.

Lying there, I seen a boy who I really didn’t recognize and I couldnt seem to make out what he was saying. Too dizzy I just nodded and turned my head to where the other voices were coming from. “Princess! Princess! Princess are you okay?” Coach Cubales said to me. My two best friends Majesty and Empress ran to me and helped me stand up and sat me on the bench while placing the ice packet on the throbbing knot on the back of my head. “I’m really sorry miss..“he said . “Princess,“I squinted. “My name is Princess”.

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