The Wedding BreakUp (HBO)

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Chapter Six: The Sweet Taste

A catering service was finally chosen. This was the last thing on Hannah’s checklist along with buying a replacement dress which Hannah had picked up already. Things began to speed up. One day had passed since Grace’s breakdown, which she told Hannah nothing about. David had dipped even more below the radar. Regardless of what her sister had advised, Grace still plotted something big against the day of dread. Tonight was her last hurrah. A dinning cloth sparkles under a dazzling chandelier which casts a diamond pattern onto it. Silver platters of small, balled cakes line a circular table where Grace and Hannah sit. In many flavors; Chocolate, strawberry, red velvet. A chef stands before them.

“Mm, this is so good, taste this one!”

“Red velvet covered in white Hershey,” The chef informs.

“White Hershey? Wow, I never had that before!” Hannah pokes a piece of cake from a silver platter with a toothpick and places it before Grace’s mouth, she leans forward, biting into the sweet dessert.

“Hmm, that is a must add to the list.”

“Yes, please do add that one as well, Chef Scott.”

“Certainly.” He whips out a notepad and jots down on it.

“So, we’re done with desserts.”

“Oh god, there were so many!” Hannah holds a hand to her heart. “So, so delicious, too.”

“The world love sweets, sugar is a never-dying trend. Excuse me, I’ll only be gone shortly.” Their host quickly exits the room.


“Thanks so much. Davy was supposed to do this with me but he and Harry snuck to a silly game.”

She cringes inwardly at the nickname. Not one day has passed when she didn’t use it. “Oh, right you don’t like football.”

“God no, I hate it, I think I get it from my mom.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t marry him then. That could be a sign.” Grace sips on milk. “I mean he loves something you’re not a fan of.”

Hannah chuckles. “Yeah, let me call it off.”

Grace fingers traces the light design the chandelier forms on the cloth. “Give me a 411 on the suit fittings, has any of the groomsmen had any problems.”

“No, groomsmen are all set, it’s just Davy who need adjustments. Those are getting taken care of tonight at ten.” Hannah chews.

“And where will he be getting that done?”

“Some store called B&A, I never heard of it before.” Bingo! This is the information I needto know. A location on David, now it was time to confront him. Thank you for kick starting my final plan, Hannah.

“Me either, huh.” She plays her game. Grace knew exactly where it was, being the one who shopped around for most of the formal attire for the wedding. It was a men’s warehouse just a few minutes away from where they sat. I’ll be there tonight.

“Oh and I found you a partner for the wedding he’s cute.”

“Ladies, the course orders are complete.” Chef Scott returns with a folder. “Now all I need is the signature of the bride.”

Grace strolls through the mechanic doors of Brushed and Adored warehouse on a mission. She searches every aisle as if her life depends on it, which it did. A few customers eye her, confused. But she doesn’t care about anything or anyone, Grace ’s mind focuses on the moment at hand; this’d will determine everything. Her heart raced, banging against her rib-cage. Throbbing. This was the most important thing she’d ever done. David was at the back of the store, standing on a stool facing a mirror in a classic black suit. A man measures his pants legs. Grace pumps over in shiny heels, fighting the urge to run to him. “Hello, Mr. Billionaire.”

The handsome guy peers up into the mirror. “Oh, hey, I thought I was going crazy for a second.” His eyes glint perfectly under the beaming lights. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m just stopping by, Hannah wanted me to get a good look at your suit to make sure you’re not getting cheated. Which your probably are.”

“Oh yeah, I’m getting ripped offed big time.” He points down at way too long pants that go stop pass his feet. “Is it that bad?”

“Nope, you’re good.” The two laugh. “Um...can I talk to you?”

His gaze lowers, suspiciously “About what, exactly?”

“It’s really important, it has to do with the wedding.”

“Oh no, what’s wrong now?!” David holds a finger up to the tailor, a short guy, who zips measuring tape around his neck before leaving with an attitude. He steps down from the stool. “Well-”

“I love you.” The words rush out. “No...I’m in love with you and I know that you still feel the same.”

He massage his temples. “It takes a lot to make me mad, you know this, so don’t push me. I answered this already-”

“Say the right words if that’s true. You never said I don’t love you anymore, did you? You need to understand that I’m still do. I need to hear you say the I can stop this shit.” A few tears fall from her eyes. “So can you just say that, please?” His eyes widen. He watches her tears.

“Grace, I can’t say that, okay.”

“Do you, yes or no?” She inches closer. “You need to answer me.”

“Grace...” He says so gently, lifting her chin and wiping away teardrops. “Don’t make me do this. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I just thought you were being dramatic and that you’d stop and accept things.”

“Well, I wasn’t.” She press his hand to her face and kisses it. Slowly. The she kisses him. Deeply. Passionately. Running her hands over his chest and neck and cheeks. Their breaths shutter.

“Grace.” David groans, giving in. Yes, thank you! FINALLY! He wraps his arms around her waist. She dives into him, her heart melting at the whisper of her name. My name, not her’s! Their lips smacking. David backs her to a wall, where there is privacy behind boxes; his arms boxing her in. As before, they lost themselves in delight, letting everything slip away into a blazing fire. Their hot intensity synchronizing ravishing moans. Their bodies rubbing together, sexually. Heated and turned on. Grace sighs against his lips. David kisses down her neck, his mouth sucking against it. Grace grabs his waist and jams it into hers. They moan together, wildly. Vulnerable. Huffing, grinding each other. Grace runs her hands down his back, her nails scratching at it. They make-out heavily. Barely able to breath in between hard smooches. Grace bites at David’s ear, while wedging against him, making him gasp. Then she goes to makeout again, but this time it’s softly, soundless. The tension slows and their touches go gentle, their lips part from one another’s. David backs away, blinking rapidly.

“No...” Confusion shadows his voice, then pain tackles his eyes. “No.” He stares at her with guilty now. Shaking his head and setting his jaws in a tight lock. He leaves the store.

Five knocks hit on a door. Harry nears to it, lighting a cigarette as he answers. David waits in the doorway with his hands in his pockets. “What’s up?”

“Grace.” He enters Harry’s nice condo, shutting the door behind him.

“Oh man, you aren’t still dealing with that crazy situation, are you?” He puffs out smoke.

“I had it in check by distancing myself. I told her I wasn’t interested, yet she won’t stop.” David sits on a leather sofa.

“So, what, she can’t take a hint? You guys were together years ago, man. She’ll forget it. I mean she has to, if not, oh well, you’re practically a married man. Block her out.”

’“It’s not that simple anymore, like-”

“Of course it is. What’s the difficult part here?”

David shakes his head. “Feelings don’t change.”

“No, but they can adjust.” His friend goes to the kitchen to fill glasses with Vodka. “Hey wait...isn’t Hannah her friend though?’”

“That doesn’t matter to her.”

“You haven’t told me what happened.” Harry hands over a glass, they both drink Vodka; one worried and one stuck. “Don’t think I want to far did she go?” David says nothing. “Look, stick with your gut, that’s all I’m gonna say. Because at the end of the day that’s the only thing worth standing with. This will blow over. Grace will have to move on. In my opinion, she isn’t as important as Hannah is. I mean proposing on the same day?! That’s strong.”


“Don’t stress over it,, whatever she did couldn’t have done that much damage.”

“We madeout.” A phone rings on a table before them; vibrating on the glass surface. Facing down. He shoot his eyes to it to see who was calling. Was it Grace?, he has to be. If it was, he didn’t know if he would block her or what. Harry turns the phone over so the screen showed. Hannah, her pretty picture was on the screen. Bright and happy, warm. He felt she was freaking out on the other line; she hated being without him for too long now. The ringing brought on guilt again. His stomach tightens. What did I just do? He lets the phone ring on.

“She had to plan this out.”

“I know she did, she was up to something that’s why I stayed away from her. I have no clue how she even knew where I was tonight. But, the funny thing is...I can’t even get too mad at her because I kissed back and it felt right.”

“You can’t be serious.”

“I am. I just...gave in to it.” The phones continues.

“GAVE IN?!! You have a fiancé, David. A wedding happening this week. How can you let something as little as a makeout affect that?” Harry didn’t understand.

“It’s complicated.”

“Well un-complicate it. Are you gonna answer that?” Harry gestures to the buzzing phone.

David denies the call. “Look, it’s not that simple.”

“Yeah, I think it is.”

“Coming from a guy who only ever loved one girl, it is.” He downs more vodka; finishing the glass.

“So, you’re saying what, that you still love Grace?”

David rises from the couch. Sick of talking, his mind jumbled with two things: a bride to be and cold feet. “I’m gonna get some rest, maybe in the morning I’ll work it out. I don’t know right now.” He gulps sown the last of his drink, sits the glass down on the table, then heads to the door. His shoulders tensed.

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