The Wedding BreakUp (HBO)

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Chapter Seven: Time's Up

2 Days Away...

Kat’s phone dials on speaker in her Silver Nissan. Both sisters decided to use a number disguiser in order to get through to David, who ended up blocking Grace’s number. As soon as the buzzing halts and the line picks up, she spoke. “So, what are you two going to do?’”

Squeaking of a bed, then footsteps. A door shuts before he replies. “I’m done with this.”

“Why are you whispering, are you at her place?!” Grace blows up.

“We’re, yeah I am.”


“Calm down, I’ll handle this.” Kat cuts in. “You need to make up your mind.”

“Yeah, don’t act like it didn’t happen! If you don’t tell her with me I’ll do it on my own. Just admit that there’s still something between us that’s the only reason you kissed me back.”

“Hannah has the right to know. Then everything will work itself out but first you have to accept that you did kiss her back, because you’re not going to continue to hurt my sister.”

“Listen I didn’t choose Grace, I chose my wife!′ He hisses angrily. “Your sister knows what she’s doing. I didn’t plan out that kiss, that was her idea, she’s been planning it since day one.”

“Let me get this’re spinning all of this on her? As if it’s all her fault. YOU KISSED HER BACK! Last time I checked it takes two to tango!”

“I’m not doing this right now. There’s a wedding I have to attend and I’m not backing out.”

“ASSHOLE!” Grace grabs the phone. ’“I don’t believe you-” David doesn’t stick around to hear the rest. The line goes dead. Grace punches the dashboard.

“Stop, hey, listen!” Kat grips her fists. “You made a mess. I told you to get an answer that’s all, not to lay one on him. Why didn’t you just listen to me? Now you have this shit going on! David doesn’t want you, Hannah will hate you, and I just don’t know what to do with you. Drop your feelings because he doesn’t feel the same, move on! You were wrong, I’m sorry.”

“NO! I know him, I know what’s really going on, you don’t, you never loved any of your boyfriends!” She shot. “He’s in denial. If I can convince him a little bit more everything will good!” She shoves away and gets out of the car. Down the street, her legs work in the direction of Hannah’s apartment, as the sun sets.


“You’re gonna have to drag me into that car.” Grace marches along a side street. Pissed. The sound of cars zipping pass on the highway a block up, mixes in with her voice. “Because, I’m not coming willingly!”

Kat tails her little sister. “This is ridiculous, get in.”

“I’m almost there.”

“And you’re big plan when you get there, is he really worth it?”

Grace crosses the street; leaving Kat stuck at a red light. Her feet booming to a familiar apartment, one she found for Hannah. She couldn’t even do that right. Get a nice place on her own. Her hands pound on the door like hard wind.

“One second!” Her friend’s voice was flows from beyond the door.

Grace doesn’t give her anything. BANG, BANG! House-shoes scrap the floor. Rushing to the door. The lock clicks twice and the door creaks up, half way.

“What in the world is wrong? You look like-”

“It’s time for a talk, you, me, and David.” She huffs. Hannah’s alarmed eyes trail to the someone. Grace pushes the door back and sees who’s there. The groom to be. “Now!” She walks in.

“Can’t you at least tell me what this is all about, G?”

Car tires screech from in front of the apartment. “We will.” Grace ignores Kat as she hustles up the stairs towards her. “Isn’t that right?” She directs this to David.

“What is she talking about, Davy?” His fiancé looks back at him, confused. “What is it you two need to tell me?!”

“Nothing, Hannah, it’s nothing,” David finally speaks.

“I’ll give you five seconds, if you don’t start telling her I will.” Grace didn’t waste anymore time. “Five.”

“G, just leave it alone I told you to stop!”

“Four. Three.”

Hannah’s head wags between the three of them in panic. David turns away, placing his hands ontop his head. He knew she’d say it. “Wait, what’s going on?!”


“Both of you need to do this!”

“I’m giving him a chance to, Kat. He’s the one being difficult!” Grace shouts. “One!” Everyone freezes, not ready to hear what Grace was going to say. She steps forward to her best friend. “We kissed. Me and your dear husband to be, now you know why he’s been so dodgy lately. It’s because he still has feelings for me.”

“DAMN IT, GRACE!!” Davids hands bangs onto a countertop.

The room is silent. No one moves. Hannah’s jumpy stare flash to hurt and disbelief. Tears wail up. Grace could have sworn an injured puppy was before her; not believing the words just spoken. The bride tries to register the news. Shaking with rage.

“Baby, I...I’m-”

She jerks away from his touch. “Is it true?”

“It doesn’t matter. It meant nothing.”


“Tell yourself that if you want, last night did mean something.”

Hannah’s lifeless eyes throws a dead stare. David backs away, not sure what to say or do to ease this dark side of his bride. Her cheer sucked away, her happiness and warmth, burnt. Grace didn’t know what to feel right now. Victorious or regretful? A cold, dirty, shame, floods over her; a hot numbness. The soon to be bride treads to a back balcony; tears falling pass her cheeks, and dropping.


Sun bakes onto a lake. Birds cheep. David follows after a small rowboat, where a woman sits within; holding a red umbrella while sailing under a blue sky. He believed she was a dream, that led him to tracking the woman. David couldn’t make out a face; something guided him to see it. So, his feet spelled him to continue. Gentle winds blow, rippling the water, causing her sundress to flow. This makes her place the umbrella aside to swipe it tightly under her legs. David freezes, his feet touching the edge of the lake as his neck strains.

The boat rows on lit by the sun that blocks out a face from his view. His mouth parts. The rowboat swirls around in his direction, David’s eyes eagerly watch the side of her face, inching forward, losing hi footing. Splashing into the lake. His sight blurs underneath. She must have saw that, must have heard it. He performs perfect form as he swims back up to the surface. Floating. Wiping water from his eyes. The boats speeds over in haste. An angel on water approaches. Embarrassed, he quickly recovers from the slip.

When the surroundings clear, a face comes into view, friendly and kind. Beautifully hypnotic. “ARE YOU OKAY? I’m coming, don’t worry!” His heart skips five beats. She extends a hand out. “Grab!” He snaps back to reality does so. Delicately, she helps him into the boat and drape a blanket over his shoulders.

He stares, star-crossed. “Thank You.”

Gray eyes melt his in a seconds. “Don’t worry, I’m a terrible swimmer too.” She giggles. “I’m Hannah, by the way.” David’s soul combines onto her, knowing, right then and there, that it was in love.

Kat was the one to go after Hannah, she didn’t say a word to the two liars. Out onto a small balcony looking onto a city at night, she goes and hugs the distraught bride-to-be. “Two days wedding is two days away, Kat. I-I can’t believe they...that she would do this to me.” Hannah hands clutch onto a railing

“I know.”

“I don’t know what to do.” Hannah breaks from the hug.

“Me either.”

“How did this even begin, when did they date?”

Kat sighs. “They dated a bit in high school. A few months before you came back from living with your dad. They were secretly together then broke up when he graduated...”

“WHAT?!!” Hannah grips the banister tighter. “SHE NEVER TOLD ME THAT!”

“Grace should have told you when you right off.” Kat pats her back softly. “I tried to stop her.”

“She usually listens to you, why is she deciding not to now?”

“My words are nothing but air when it comes to this, sorry.”

“She was supposed to be my maid of honor...”

Kat looks onto a traffic heavy street ahead, at cars passing by. “If you want I can take her place and make sure your plans go through, I told her not to do this.” Leaves rustle pass the small porch and faint sirens wail in the distance.

“This is just-”

The door behind them opens. They both turn. Grace is in the doorway, a look of pity on her face. “Han, I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, well sorry doesn’t cut it! I walk down the aisle on Friday, now you decide to tell me this?? When I told you that day at the bakery about what Scarlett said; about the lied to my face, Grace.” Her tone becomes dangerously calm. “What, do you expect me to accept your apology? You’re sorry.” She hisses.

“I never meant to lie to you.”

’You didn’t tell the truth so you did mean to! You should have been honest about everything INSTEAD YOU LIED! I would have listened.” Her voice shatters.

“Can you give us a minute?”

“No, stay!” Kat stays put, her braids blow in the wind. “She’s the only one I can trust. I wonder, what else have you lied to me about?”

A window of an apartment unit above, creaks open. “Hey, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!” The resident, a man, hollers and slams the glass window close.

“Guys, let’s take it back inside.”

“I loved him before you.”

“That’s funny, because you never mentioned him...” Hannah nears her, raging. Kat draws between them. “All you had to do was call me...just a phone call away. Instead you hid him from me.”

“I know and I’m sorry about that.”

“There you go again with the sorry shit, SORRY DOESN’T MAKE IT BETTER!! You lied to me, probably more than once. You kissed him, and two little words are supposed to justify all that?”

David steps out from inside the apartment. A pale tint in his dark skin. “Can we talk about this, baby?”

Hannah laughs hysterically. “I don’t think we need to talk. It’s done. You two have been keeping a tasteless secret from me for weeks. And you for years. But you know, I kind of suspected it after that rumor. But I just thought it was too crazy, that it was way too...” She bites her lip. “What am I suppose to do now? I’ve been building up to this moment more than anything in my life, it’s all I’ve ever wanted, now it’s crashing. My best friend and my fiancé are having an affair.” She deepens her nails into her balled fist.

“No, we only kissed. Nothing else.”

“Oh, that makes me feel so much better! I don’t want to scream anymore or hear excuses.” Then, Hannah slaps her feet down the stairs. “I gotta figure this out..just...don’t mess with me right now.”

“I love you,” David’s desolate tone causes her to stop and turn halfway down the stairs. She manages a half smile but it doesn’t reach her eyes. Then she eyes down Grace, coldly, before carrying on.




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