Hold On Tight

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Samantha Kate Cabrera believes that power and wealth can destroy a person's good side, that's why she never wished to have a luxurious life, just average... that's what she wants. All in all she's your perfect student who carries on with life no matter what you throw at her. So what will happen when she's thrown into a much worse situation with a lot of overwhelming surprises? What will happen when she crosses paths with a guy who is the very definition of the handsome badboy? Will he be a foe? Or a friend? Will they be able to settle their differences? Or will he be the reason for her to cry again? Will someone be there to fix her broken self or were they too selfish to care about her? Surely, there is someone willing to catch her when she falls. But will he be enough?

Princess Samah Bhuya
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17 years ago...

"Such a long day" I sighed. I just finished my work at a restaurant. Well I must say, working there isn't easy and it doesn't pay me enough but it's okay though.

I looked at my secondhand wristwatch and noticed it was already 9:30 PM. My husband must be waiting for me now, I didn't know I would stay at the restaurant for that long.

I was walking at a dark street like seriously? They didn't even fix the light yet, the one and only light in that street and now it's broken. After minutes of walking in that long a** street finally I can sense that I'm already near our house, just a few steps then home sweet home. I can sense it from the familiar garbage scent that was coming from the GARBAGE OF COURSE!!! I was about to pass the God forsaken area when I heard a baby's cry. What creature would stay at this area with a baby?

I searched around the garbage area to see what was going on. And to my surprise I found the crying baby which I can tell is a girl because of her pink clothes and...

She's alone.

I picked her up quickly. I was so nervously looking around to find the poor baby's parent, but I couldn't see anyone...we are alone. The baby didn't stop crying and I was so nervous because I didn't have a child and I didn't know what to do to make her stop. I suddenly felt that the baby has a super high temperature and suddenly she stopped crying, IS SHE DEAD?

I quickly ran to the nearest hospital like it was the end of the world. It was such a long run and I feel like my legs are going to break, not a single cab to hail.

Finally I reached it in just a couple of minutes. The doctor then took care of her...

What if she's dead?

The doctor came out and...

"It's a miracle your daughter is so brave" he said in a relieved voice. I didn't even know what had happened but it felt like I'm in the heavens hearing that the baby is safe.

I went inside and was looking at the poor thing when a nurse came to me and asked for the girl's name.

"Her name is..."

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