Yesterday The Moon Spoke To Me

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Ever wondered how it would be like if someone loved you so much that they can spend a lifetime waiting for you if that means you’ll be theirs even for a second. Sounds like ‘it only exists in movies’ type of love, now doesn’t it? We've read Romeo and Juliet's tragedy. But, what about other tragically beautiful stories that were never really narrated? Wanna know the story about someone who has seen the birth and grave of every love story ever?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

We’ve read so many stories about how they loved each other so much yet they didn’t end up together. We wish of a love story that ends with a happily ever after but, we don’t believe in them. We relate more to how destiny got in between. We want to find someone perfect but let’s be honest, we also say life isn’t a fairy tale. It is the irony of life.

Here I am again, wondering in the night, walking with the Moon, telling him what love feels like. Stupid me, telling the one who has loved for eternities about how love feels like. And even if he hasn’t been in love, I know he gets me; he gets what love actually is. He has seen so many people fall in and out of love. He sees how they sneak out of their house to meet each other at the park. He sees how broken she is when she comes out of the club crying after she sees her boyfriend kissing someone else.

He stays up all night watching others. He listens to each one of them with patience. Some tell him how their first love broke their heart while others tell him how lovely it is to be in love. And so many people have fallen for him who says that they want to meet the human version of him. Moon has seen the birth and the grave of every love story ever.

I wonder does he has one. I always ask him, “What’s your story?” He never says a word.

I think there must be one. The one where he felt so alive that every cell of him was on fire. Then I question, does he ever go through a time when it felt cold and freezing; heavy as if the weight of the whole universe was on him?

Yesterday I looked up and said, “Ever wondered how it would be like if someone loved you so much that they can spend a lifetime waiting for you if that means you’ll be theirs even for a second. Sounds like ‘it only exists in movies’ type of love, now doesn’t it?

Then he spoke, “Oh there have been lovers like this. Even I was one of them. Let me tell you how it began.” And I sat there in silence listening to him as he played his memories in the pale moonlight.

He said, “Long time ago, there used to be a ball. Every celestial body came to that ball. There we used to dance. Well, at least others danced. I just sat in a corner.

Whenever two souls, meant for each other dance together at that ball, something beautiful happens. The hall lights up and you both add up and form a full circle. But, it has been years since that spark happened between anyone at all. Probably because everyone is too focused on what they want instead of what they need.”

Full of curiosity I asked, “Where will I find this hall, where should I go to attend this magical ball? I also wanna know who will complete my circle.”

Moon laughed and said, “Dear girl, you can find him even while dancing under the street lights, in the middle of the road. That hall was like any other hall. It was about the spark, between two people, that ignites the night. You’ll know its ‘the one’ when you dance with him.”

I thought to myself, “Well, that’s intimate. The sunset turns into the sunrise and you just dance through the night. And I think it is beautiful how you’ll just know when you find that electrifying, soul-deep connection, you’ve been searching for.”

The Moon continued, “All the heavens with their beautiful and shining bodies wished to get a chance to dance with the Sun. They wore more and more shine and got ready in hope that the Sun would notice them at least.

But Sun, she wanted to dance with someone who can take her heat, someone who wouldn’t get burnt of her fire. Instead, someone who will fall for that fire. Someone who wasn’t there for the glory of perfection but someone who wasn’t blinded by the light. She wanted to run wild igniting every inch. She didn’t want to be tamed.

Then there was me. So dull I didn’t even have my own light. Every glimmering star told me that I don’t belong in the night sky. Every time I went to the ball, I had to hear stuff like this. But still, I went anyways. I went to the ball just to get a glimpse of the Sun.”

I was on the verge of tears. He loved her wild side and that bright light since his existence. Though he believed that maybe he doesn’t deserve her. But, even after everything that everyone said, nothing could stop him from loving her.

I asked, “Did you ever tell her that you love her? And did she say yes?”

He gave me a crooked smile and said, “Oh yes I confessed. After eternities went by, the day finally came when I didn’t care what others said. I had loved the Sun so dearly that I wanted to dance with her. I wanted to let her know that we fit into each other’s puzzle.”

“I remember thinking,” he said, “I will tell her that I have loved her, even if tonight I end in ashes.” He went to the Sun and told her, “I love you enough to live. I will survive your heat cause I’ve been cold pretty much my whole life.”

He continued, “The Sun could see right through that dull exterior of mine and thought finally it was the time to dance. When our hands touched, every inch of me ignited. I shone so brightly that I lit up even the darkest of nights.”

I finally figured out that the craters and black spots that we see on the Moon are the burns he got after dancing with the love of his life.

I asked him, “But you are the king of the night and she, the queen of light, belongs in the morning sky. How can you be together for so long even though you belong to opposite ends? How can you live without seeing each other every day?”

He smiled and said, “Every time she rises, and every time she is about to drown in the wildness of the ocean, I see her across the horizon. We wave at each other. The stars and clouds carry our letters and every day we smile at each other. That smile means I received your words.”

I sat there in silence, thinking of this tragedy. He saw me and said, “don’t you worry my darling. We meet each other from time to time. We have our moments.” And he winked at me.

That’s when it hit me. Now and then, Moon and Sun meet on the other side of the stars to dance. Their dance is so beautiful that the whole universe admires it. The humans on Earth calls this tragically beautiful dance of true love ‘The Eclipse’.

“Dear diary,” I wrote on another page of my leather journal, “tonight I heard Moon’s story. Who knew the one who sits in the sky in silence, listening to every human, has so much to tell. After all, the greatest stories are never really narrated. Maybe it is because words can’t describe the feeling and the tragedy. You can only see these stories flourish and try to feel them inside you. I think it’s beautiful how Moon dies every night to let Sun breath. I think its real love how Moon shines using Sun’s light and Sun never really asks for anything in return.”

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