The Mafia's Little Devil

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Lucia Diamond has two lives, one being the nerdy and bullied Lucy at school and the feared Lucifera on the track and the ring. Only her closest friend Nova knows her big secret and it's all going well until they have to move across the country while grieving over her fathers death. She plans to keep her two lives separate at her new school but what happens when the high schools infamous bad boy and Mafia don sets his eyes on her? What will happen when he realises what she does in her spare time? Will he keep her secret?

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1- Streetfighter

Lucia's POV

I woke up to the worse and most annoying noise ever. The sound I have been dreading for at least 3 weeks now. BEEP BEEP BEEP, my alarm went off repeating the most irritating noise to ever exist. "Ugh" I groaned and reached for my alarm clock on the wrong side of my bed. 'Great' I thought. That was probably the most terrible way to wake up but I guess it was the perfect way to start one of worse days of my life.

Well that may be an exaggeration. I wouldn't say it was one of the worse days of my life, Ive had too many of those to count. But the day was only young and only the beginning. 'Maybe today will be different?' I considered.

Probably not, I have hoped for that many times and it had never happened. I mentally scolded myself for having such a hilarious thought. My wishes will never come true.

When I finally found the clock of the devil I threw it across the room and it shattered against my wall. I guess I'm going to have to get another clock, yet again.

The whole room was silent and completely still.

I wished that I could've just stay there curled up in a ball and go back to sleep forever.

I had hoped that life was just a simulation and I could just wake up and everything would be perfect. But sadly, that's not how it works.

I needed to get up and wake up Nova now or I would risk being late for senior year at my new high school.

So basically me and Nova live together because she has never known her parents and her foster parents don't care about her nearly as much as they should, as long as they get there money they don't care what she does so she decided to move halfway across the country with me. She's also my best friend.

Arguing with myself wether or not I should just stay home I came to the conclusion that I have to get up and start my day if I want to get straight A's for my scholarship.

As soon as my foot hit the ground my whole body tangled into the sheets which sent me tumbling into the hardwood floor of my apartment. The culprits were........marbles. "Why do I keep literally, falling out of bed in the mornings?" I asked myself while wondering why there are marbles on my floor. I swore it was just one of the signs telling me to stay in bed.

While I did really really want to listen to the signs, I knew that I couldn't be late on my first day. I slowly glided out of the comfort of my own room and make my way over to Nova's room. I knew that she was a really light sleeper so I knocked on the door to wake her up.

"What do you want Luce?" she asked while opening her door. "You have to get up and get ready, we have to be at school in an hour and before you ask, no we cannot skip because I'll lose my scholarship" I responded still groggy from waking up 5 minutes ago. "Geese woman, ok I'll start getting ready but no promises that I'll be ready on time" she said while heading to her bathroom. "Ok, that's fine, I'll see you in a minute" I yelled while walking back into my own bathroom.

When my eyes adjusted to the harsh lights I turned on the shower turning the controls to hot. I really don't understand how some people can stand a cold shower. Before I got into the shower I made sure to put on some Melanie Martinez music on my speaker.

I promise you that music is the only reason I'm still going. I would marry music if I could. Who the fuck needs a man?

After I got out my shower I started to brush my teeth while speed walking across my room to get to my walk-in closet. I genuinely liked clothes and dressing up as much as anyone else, but I had to wear all my old shirts and pants to keep up my nerd act and make sure my clothes won't be ruined by my bullies 'accidentally' dropping food on me. What was the point on wasting perfectly clean clothes ruined by a few assholes.

For my outfit I just chose some black jeans, black vans and a dark red hoodie to cover the tattoos on my upper arms. I have four roses and a small pitchfork, those are the ones on my upper arm, I have more but those aren't important.

I put my hair in a regular ponytail and walked to my desk grabbing my fake glasses, coloured contacts and braces. I didn't even need glasses or braces but I wore them everywhere I go, except from my apartment and as for the contacts i only wear them to change to colour of my eyes from green to brown, I also wear those everywhere. I tried to keep my look a secret from anyone I don't trust. I am the best street fighter and racer in the World and I have also made a lot of enemies.

I do love to go out without my disguise from time to time but I would rather wear a disguise than be taken by an angry gang. I mean I would know, it only happened to me once, but once is enough. If anyone does come after me though, I don't plan to go down without a fight and I wouldn't lose, that's for sure.

As I took a glance at the clock it shows I have a half hour until first period starts which meant we hade to leave in 20 minutes because all my cars are too flashy to drive to school, so we have to walk.

I didn't mind walking in the morning at all though. It is like the air feels crisp, if you know what I mean.

After I grabbed my bag, keys and phone I made my way into the kitchen where Nova was eating watermelon, while on her phone scrolling through Instagram. I walked to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water and an apple to have on the way to school.

"Hey V?" I screamed startling her causing her to flinch. "Jesus Christ Luce, don't sneak up on me like that" she said with a sigh.

"I didn't sneak up on you, I just shouted your name" I explained using simple facts. "It's the same thing" she spoke with a little irritation.

"Anyway we have to start walking to school in the next 3 minutes" I said while checking the clock in the kitchen. I'm not even sure why we have that in there but it is helpful.

"Yeah, ok let me just finish my watermelon quickly" Nova replied while stuffing a huge chunk of melon into her mouth.

Nova also had to keep her identity a secret and have the same disguises because of her living with me and coming with me to every match and race. If anyone were to follow her it would be dangerous for both of us.

At our last school we were called the 'gay geek girls.' I'm not even gay.

While I walked outside I made sure to lock our door and turned on our one of a kind security system, which closed all the doors and windows if anyone tried to hack the system or broke in. We then carried on our journey to hell.

"Luce?" Nova asked. "Mhm" I kinda half replied. It would be a shame if I had wasted the peace and quiet. "Do you think there will be any hot guys in our grade?" She questioned, curiosity lacing her voice. "I'm not sure, maybe." A few moments later she asked "Why? Do you want to get with one?" She's never asked that before. "I don't know, but maybe you could" She said nudging my shoulder and wiggling her eyebrows up and down. "I don't think so V" I laughed.

When we were around a street away from the local high school we both stopped in our tracks. "How long do you think it will take for the whispers to start,? I say 10 seconds" I predicted while throwing my bag back over my shoulder. "I think it will be under 10. Whoever loses has to pay for our meal at that diner across the road from our apartment'" Nova proposed. "Deal?" "Deal" we both said at the same time.

Honestly it is pretty sad that with every school we go to the kids have nothing better to do than make rumours and gossip about each other.

With that we started to head towards the steel doors at the schools front and could already hear the loud atmosphere of this new high school .

As we slowly walk up the steps to the doors we both took each others hands and pushed the doors open together.
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