The Mafia's Little Devil

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Chapter 13- Basement

Lucia's POV:

As I had been staring into space for the last few minutes, my attention was caught. Santo was escorting Jay to what looked like the door leading towards the basement. My feet advanced towards the two of them on their own accord.

As they disappeared down what seemed to be a flight of stairs, I started to follow them stealthily. It was convenient that it was quite late in the day, which meant that most of the goons in the house had either been on their nightly run or already in their bedrooms, meaning I could sneak anywhere I pleased with a smaller chance of being caught.

The stairs were narrow and twirled down towards the darkness. You could barely see the bottom of the stairs as the lighting was dim and weak. 'There has to be a better way of getting down here' I thought just as I saw the separate elevator that joined the one which was mainly used. I rolled my eyes at myself.

Immediately entering, the atmosphere was cold and dreary. My bare feet touched the cold concrete ground as I observed the cell blocks adorning the entirety of the damp, stone walls. They ran from the start of the long hallway and so far that I couldn't see the ending of the rooms.

I had to give it to him. He really did pour his hatred for the enemy into the design. The boxes were more coffin-like than anything, a hollow cube of brick, with one way in, one way out. There were no windows, the only source of light was what little light crept from underneath the steel door. They looked about 5 feet by 2, barely enough to lie down at night with raised knees, and were completely empty, forgetting about the metal chains hanging off the wall.

The design was disorientating as you'd have no idea how much time had passed and if it was night or day, given enough time you could forget your own name. There would be total isolation. No kinds of stimulation could come to you, little to no sound, no light, no furniture such as a simple bed, except the clothes from off of their back. The only sound that could be heard was the wailing and sobbing of the individuals trapped within the walls before I heard what sounded like Santo and Jayden.

"You stay here, don't... from your station until... direct orders... me." Only hearing small fragments, I pieced together a sentence in my mind.

"Got it" I heard clearly coming from Jay as it sounded as if he was handed a bulky item before he was left standing on his own.

Santo was quickly approaching and before I could process his swift movements, I was stuck between legging a long distance to the door and staying where he could so obviously catch me.

Before I knew it I was making a break towards the door that was left slightly ajar when I entered. Santo quickly saw and sped after me, running at his full speed.

My fingertips skimmed the handle when large hands grabbed my waist, then yanked me down the stairs, causing me to lose my balance and bring them down with me. We rolled down the stairs messily while banging my entire right side on the banister of the stairs.

I was grateful for his body breaking my fall towards the ground but was briskly ignored when I realised how he was positioned underneath me; my legs on either side of his waist, my two arms laid down beside his head, and mine laid at the side of his neck as he threw his head back in pain and pushed me harshly off him.

All of the commotions caused Jay to run quickly towards us both laying on the floor, writhing in agony. Holding a hand out towards Santo, it was steadily taken before he doubled over in pain while clutching his stomach. After taking one deep breath he immediately got over it and held a hand out to me as Jayden had offered him before.

"I don't need your help" I slapped away his hand, getting up uncomfortably by myself, as my pride was much too large to accept his help.

"Fine," he turned and shook his head, slightly gripping his side.

"What was the last rule I had told you not even 2 hours ago?" He asked turning back around to face me.

"It was actually about 3 and a half hours ago," I replied.

He ignored my remark. "What was the last rule I had told you?" He paused. "Apparently 3 and a half hours ago?"

"I can't re-" I started.

"I swear to my mother's grave, if you respond with another one of those snide comments, I will throw you into one of these cells and treat you like I do any other prisoner. Trust me, it will not be pretty." He cut in

I looked in the direction of Jayden who shook his head as if telling me to back down and take his threat as seriously as possible. I think it was fair to say I did exactly the opposite of what he wanted.

"As I was trying to say, I can't remember" I harshly grit my teeth together.

"Okay," he turned around and started back up the stairwell.

"Jayden?" He asked.

"Yes Don?" Responding, he said.

"Throw her into one of the cells and if you plan to disobey me, you will be in there with her" he ordered.

"Yes Don," he accepted his command hesitantly as I looked up at him with disbelief written on my face.

He grabbed my arm softly and led me towards one of the cells.

"Just know I'm doing this for you" I sneered, sitting cross legged on the cold concrete floor.

"And I thank you for that."

"I could b-"

"Before you remind me, I already know you could beat my ass. You did it when you were twelve but I doubt you could do it now" He quickly said locking the steel door.

"You know it" I smirked before his words completely processed in my head.

"Wait, come back you jerk!" Screaming I said, faintly hearing his laughter as the small latch on the door was open.

Before I knew it my feet were frozen on account of me having no socks on and my hands were shaking. The small enclosed space reminded me of how I had lived, or survived for those few dreadful months.

Soon enough I fell asleep in the fetal position in order to keep my body heat as my whole body started shaking due to the frigid temperatures.


"Oh you poor thing," cooed Rosa as I woke up slowly. "Come on, let's get you out of here." She said helping me to lift my shaking body up off the ground.

"Thank you" I mumbled when she wrapped the fluffiest blanket around my shoulders and then guided me to the door above the stairs.

Bright rays of light blinded me as I stepped out of the darkness of the basement and onto the heated floors of the mansion. Slender arms wrapped around my shoulders and pulled me into their arms, by the familiar scent of coconut I knew it was Nova and let her hug me for a while longer.

Holding me at arm's length she said, "I'm so sorry Luce, I didn't know or you know I would've found a way to break you out of there", bringing a small smile to my face.

"It's okay, it isn't your fault", I reassured and brought her in for another brief hug.

"Now, you go for breakfast, and would you mind setting the table? One of my poor girls has caught the flu, don't worry, I'll bring Lucy over straight away." Asked Rosa.

"Sure" Nova rubbed my arm soothingly and left.

When we reached the dining room, they all became silent and watched as I sat down on the chair which seemed to be my permanent one as Rosa left into the kitchen.

"Well you look like shit," said Santo breaking the unusual silence.

"Oh yeah?" I sarcastically asked. "Well, I did just spend over 12 hours in a cell the perfect size for a large toddler." I may have over-exaggerated a little, but it seemed necessary at the time.

"Just be glad I didn't send anyone to rough you up as I do to all of the scum who occupies a cell." He rolled his eyes and glanced over at me while continuing to shovel food into his mouth.

I scowled. "Don't get me wrong, I was going to, but Marco and surprisingly Luca over here, pestered me all night to stop me from ordering my people to do it. As you can probably tell, I gave in after he locked himself in the bathroom with my laptop and refused to return it after I gave him my word I wouldn't touch you" He explained nodding his head towards Marco and as always, Luca looked unbothered to the point where he would've liked to be anywhere but there.

I looked towards Marco with a look of gratitude on my face which he smiled at softly and began to eat the food in front of me. Before heading towards my room to have a shower.


The day before, Nova and I had discussed going to school without our normal outfits, we decided that since there was no longer much threat to us, we could actually pick what we wanted to wear instead.

Figured that the short shorts and tank top, paired with a plaid shirt would make me cold during the day so I settled on some black cargo pants with chains and a black, strapped crop top. I decided to apply some makeup to my face I put on some light concealer, mascara, eyeliner, and dark red lipstick.

Stepping out into the brightly lit hallway I saw Nova also leaving her room dressed in yellow checkered bottoms and a black, skin-tight turtle neck. I started towards her as she watched and stopped to wait for me to catch up to her.

She looped her arm around mine and led me to the large garage, where most of my cars were parked, in comfortable silence.

As usual, Nova picked which car we would be going in which was then my dark charcoal grey Ferrari. The engine roared and I began reversing out of the garage when I saw Marco flailing his arm around madly, running towards us, from my side mirror.

I waited for him to catch up to us before sliding down my window.

"Now why are you waving your arms around like a headless chicken?" I asked.

"You forgot your bags," he responded out of breath and throwing our two bags onto my lap.

"Great thanks," I said with an awkward smile on my face and began to leave.



"Well, I was hoping you would give me a ride to school since we're all basically best friends now." Hesitantly he said as I became silent for effect as I already knew my answer.

"Alright fine," I said opening the back door from the inside.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you"

"Yeah, yeah, just get in you doofus" I smiled as he slid in.

The ride only took about 5 minutes since the house or should I say the mansion was much closer than my apartment. For the entire time, Marco, Nova, and I were singing and dancing to Chase Atlantic's songs but Marco went all out when 'Into it' came on; he was so close to making the car shake from all of his terrible dance moves, but it was hilarious.

Arriving at the school we did get a few questioning looks but because we were quite early it wasn't as many as it most likely would have been. Santo and Luca apparently had some business to attend to, so wouldn't be joining us at school until it was lunchtime and Amalia went to a different school, but she told us we would see her later that morning so I expected to see her later on in the day.

When it was time, the three of us all parted as we each had different classes on Mondays, unfortunately, Sinnamon and the twins were also in my class and sent me dirty looks all throughout the class. Along with the judging, envying, and longing looks that I was also given, it really didn't bother me all that much, but when they started whispering directly in front of me, I'm not going to lie, it pissed me off.
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