The Mafia's Little Devil

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Chapter 14- Letter

Santo's POV:

I saw Lucia passing through the gates to the house in her car, along with Nova and Marco from the large bulletproof window in my office. I honestly didn't know how she got the money to buy such expensive cars by herself. Street racing and fighting wouldn't get you half of what it costs to get them and I had a background check done, it didn't say that she was born into a family with riches.

Not having another thought about it, I sighed then got back to the large stack of paperwork sitting on my desk waiting to be read, signed, or burned if I felt like it.

What felt like a few long hours, was only 20 excruciatingly long minutes. Holding the intercom button down to call Luca to help me with the large heaps of paper, I hesitated, then left him be as he was busy planning for a shipment of guns to arrive, from probably some of the most untrustworthy people I had met in my 19 years of living.

Being my third in command couldn't be easy. He was in charge of the dealings and weapons and had a lot on his plate so never mind me needing his help for the paperwork that I had to do.

As my head turned down to read the latest letter, I heard the loud, distinct sound of gunshots firing towards the outskirts of the house. I opened the drawer to my right and bolted off my chair, almost causing it to fall to the ground from the force.

I swung my door open as Luca passed me in a hurry.

"What the hell is going on?" I yelled over the deafening noises while running towards the front house.

"An intruder got past the four guards at the front, and left a note on the doorstep along with a box full of pictures." He shouted as we slowed down and watched someone jump over the high fence, dodging countless bullets headed their way, before they looked back in out direction.

The gunfire ceased as I nodded. Pointing at four of my men, ears still ringing, I said angrily, "You, you, you and you. Take one of the cars and bring them to the basement, I want them captured alive. If you fail to follow those two very simple commands, don't even attempt coming back at all."

"Yes Don." They each said in sync.

"Now!" I told them shouting when they stood there for a few seconds.

"Yes, Don." They repeated running over to the underground garage.

Barely 30 seconds later the car went speeding through the open gates. Turning to Luca I asked, "Did you get a chance to read the letter?"

"No, we decided to go after the trespasser first," he replied.

I pursed my lips, "and the box?"

"No, don"

"Bring it all to my office" I ordered.

"Yes, don," he agreed and turned to another one of my men to get the box along with the letter as I made my way back upstairs.

Checking my watch I saw it just turned 11:00am and decided to take a shower since we had to be at the high school in an hour and a half. It wasn't like I had anything to do other than paperwork and I planned on hiring someone to finish that and whatever future documents I received.

By the time I finished showering and got changed, an opened box was laid on my desk with the unopened envelope sitting next to it.

As I moved to open the letter, I glanced towards the small box when a particular photo stood out to me.

Like a snapshot out of time, a little girls sable hair blows in the spring breeze, her young face turned up towards the shining sun. There was a steadiness to her as the small girl was deep in thought. Her eyes spoke of unspoken thoughts and a naiveness I wish I could've had at her age. But behind her a slightly older boy looks down towards her with a huge smile and nothing but adoration in his bright blue eyes as he watches her.

I stared deep in thought at the picture for so long that when Luca came in to my office it was time for us to head over to the school. As I tucked the picture back in with the others, all of the little girl, I realised I hadn't read the letter and so I quickly opened it with Luca watching me from the other side of the desk.

The letter read;

To my darling daughter Lucia,

It has been too long since we have spoken, so if you would please consider staying with me and your new stepfather in our home instead of continuing with those retched puppy fights you do that most likely do not earn you any money.

Love from your mother, Ivory.

When I gave it to Luca to read it my eyebrows furrowed as a thought clicked in my head.

"Are those pictures all Lucy?" he asked, his expression the same as mine.

"I think so, yes." I replied.


Lucia's POV:

When the time came for lunch my already sour mood became even worse when I realised that I had to sit with Luca and Santo, but Marco I didn't mind as much.

I continued down the hallway and pushed open a door leading into the canteen then saw Luna and the three of them already sat on a table towards the outer edge of the room.

After waiting in the line for a few minutes I got mine and Nova's food then started walking towards the table.

As I moved past the table where Sinnamon was sitting, a perfectly pedicured foot in perfectly pink heels shot out from underneath the table directly into my path. But before she could trip me onto my ass, I calmly stepped over her foot and glared at her, biting my cheek as she smiled sarcastically at me for a few seconds while slightly waving at me with the fingers of her left hand.

When I continued towards my table they began snickering at me behind my back but it quickly turned into gossiping- no doubt about me- when I began to sit beside Santo as it was the only seat left in the table.

Pushing Nova's tray towards her she looked up from her phone under the table and smiled, thanking me while shoving Velveeta Mac and Cheese into her mouth.

As I took a forkful of the cheesy substance and brought it towards my mouth, someone reached over me causing me to jerk the fork towards my face.

After using the back of my hand to wipe the cheese off of my cheek, I craned my neck to the side and saw Sinnamon's body sprawled over Santo's probably in a way she thought was alluring and sexy but just looked stiff and uncomfortable.

"Oops, sorry." She said unapologetically never taring her eyes away from Santo as he was doing whatever he could not to touch her or look at her from that close of a distance.

"You know what, it's fine." I replied in a low voice, clenching then extending my hands under the table as she began to glare at me angrily.

"What? Now that you're dressed up all nice and sit with these guys you think that you're so much better than everyone else and my rules don't apply to you? Do you really think I haven't seen that lilt car of yours you have there as well, parading it around acting all spoiled? Well guess what sweetheart, you don't know what's coming to you and your rick mommy and daddy won't be able to save you this time."

Now, when she was talking about my car, her 'rules' and my outfit, I wasn't paying attention not being able to care less about what she was saying, but when she started talking about my parents I lost it.

My entire body froze in anger when she said the last few words of her completely bullshit monologue.

"Oh shit." I heard Nova say with a mouthful of food as I launched myself at her next to me.

Dragging her screaming body off of Santo's lap by her blonde hair, I threw her towards the ground and not a second later it sounded as it hyenas had been let out in the lunch room when in reality it was only three voices screaming out in sync- Sinnamon, Taylor and Tayla- as I stalked forward towards the screaming girl on the floor as the other two stood there screaming for their friend.

When I got to her, I picked her up to her feet and swung a right hook towards her face and heard a satisfying crunch as my fist collided with her. She fell onto the ground holding her nose with her hands, crying, as I straddled her and started hurling punches at her, drowning out the sounds of screams from all around the room until I felt a pair of large hands grab me from my underarms and drag me up.

"Will you knock it the fuck off!" I heard a voice scream directly in my face.

Not thinking clearly I swung my fist at the person and as soon as my hand caught their face I cam back to reality recognising the guy to be Santo with a now bleeding gas across his cheekbone from my hit.

When I realised what I had done, I began to move back down to Sinnamon's almost unconscious body but Santo grabbed my wrist harshly.

"Relax, I swear I won't hurt her again." I rolled my eyes rising my hand out of his still solid grasp and equating down towards her.

I took a hold of her hair and pulled her limp head towards my face, whispering in her ear.

"Guess what sweetheart? It looks like I don't need saving after all. Cagna. (Bitch)"

Before I let her head go I slammed it against the floor just hard enough to knock her out for a few hours and not kill her, hopefully.

"Oops." I said afterwards as I looked at Santo rolling his eyes at me.

Getting up I saw stares of bewilderment, disgust and I think a few people were actually glad that I did it. Before leaving I looped my arm around Novas and dragged her up out of the canteen, with a little force, away from the food she hadn't stopped eating the entire time.

"Wait, what about my food?" She dragged her words looking towards her food with longing in her eyes.

"We can go out to eat if you'll just come willingly."

"Oh okay." She said happily while urging me to walk faster to the car. "The diner?" She asked as we buckled our selves in.

"Sure, I don't mind that place" I agreed starting the car and roaring down the street, but not missing the shiny blue car following every turn we made.
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