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The Mafia's Little Devil

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Chapter 2- Cupcake

Lucia's POV

Although we could both hear the mindless chatter of the high school students as soon as we opened the doors everything became quiet and the whispers began before I could even start counting.

I guess this school doesn't get a ton of new students.

Whispering in my ear Nova said "I win" with a smug face.

"Yeah, yeah, o-" but before I could finish my sentence a bratz doll looking girl with enough plastic in her to fill the ocean and a set of identical twins beside her, stood right in our path of the school office.

All the students went silent and began to watch. I guessed this was the 'queen bee' and her 'minions'. That was like a bad teenage movie, I swear.

Don't you find it weird how the most 'popular' girl in the school only had two friends that probably didn't even like her. Isn't that ironic?

As I was staring back at the girl in front of me I could see Nova in the corner of my eye giving me a look as to say 'don't blow our cover and stay calm'.

I gave her one right back reassuring her that I wouldn't do anything too crazy, as long as she didn't piss me off.

Although that didn't last long. As she held her hand out expecting us both to shake her hand.

"Hi, I'm Sinnamon with an S. Your new here so I'll explain something to you before you get settled in here. Santo is mine, you can have any other guy here. Not that you'd get many anyway." She said under her breath "But stay away from him, right now you're on my good side and you really do not want to get on my bad one." She smiled still sticking her hand out for me to shake.

"O-okay we won't go anywhere n-near him, I p-promise" I replied shaking her hand weakly while looking down from my glasses trying to keep the whole nerd act together.

Wow, I should be a professional actress if the street-fighting thing doesn't work out.

I couldn't care less about Santosh or whatever the hell his name was. All I want to do is get this fucking school year out the way and never see any of these assholes again.

"Right" Nova agreed in a frail voice so very different to the one she had used just that morning.

Still smiling "That's great" she answered.

"Toodles" the three of them said in harmony while walking away. I bet they rehearsed that so many times to even count.

As all the students stopped watching that interesting interaction, we both continued walking towards the direction of the office silently praying we had the majority of our classes together.


While we proceeded to get out of the office, still sucking on the candy the lovely secretary gave us, we inspected our timetable and groaned as we realised we only had one class together which was P.E in period 6, the last one of the day.

At least I won't have to deal with being so sweaty for half the day.

I had maths and Nova had food nutrition starting in 2 minutes.

Lucky bitch.

We both hugged and said our goodbyes while rushing through the empty halls as the class bell had just gone.

When I got to my class I wasn't surprised to see that the lesson had already begun.

I knocked to the thick door and hear a faint "come in" from the teacher inside.

As I stepped in through the door I could feel all eyes on me. But I could especially feel the eyes of the teacher sitting in the front of the classroom staring at me like a piece of meat.

When waiting for the teacher to explain myself or even look at my face I cleared my throat and he abruptly got out of his daze.

"Hello, I'm Mr Ross but you can call me Luca. I'm guessing your new here seeing as I haven't seen you around before?" He introduced himself.

"Yes s-sir, I'm sorry I was late I was l-looking for the class for s-so long" I made up an excuse. I already knew where all my classes were seeing as though I was wandering around for 10 minutes.

"That is completely fine I'll excuse you this one time, but only because your new, please introduce yourself and take a seat" he said slowly while biting his lip. Ew.

As I turned to look at the class I said "h-hello, my name is L-Lucy and I just m-moved here from F-Florida." Making sure to stumble on a few of my words in an attempt to seem innocent. "Does anyone h-have any questions?"

A girl in the front asked "Is it hot in Florida?"

"Yes, v-very"

Another guy in the back questioned "You're single right?"

I forced myself to blush "y-yes."

I then hurriedly rushed over to a seat in the back while most of the guys in there tried to touch and cat call me while the teacher made an attempt to shut them up.

But before I could even get halfway a loud shout came from in the corner of the room where a brown haired, boyishly handsome guy sat looking at me telling the all to 'shut the fuck up' in his words.

"Come sit next to me, over here" he smiled kindly at me motioning to the spare seat next to him when all the noise was gone.

He seemed not that bad except from his black leather jacket and blue jeans. He also seemed like a safer bet than the guy that I was about to sit next to.

As I made my way over to him he pulled the chair out while smiling at me. I could see girls out of the corners of my eyes glaring at me.

If looks could kill I'd be die at least 15 times just right now.

I sat down and asked for his name quietly in which he replied and said Marco with a cheeky grin plastered on his freckled face.

We then turned our attention to Mr Ross explaining how to do algebraic equations. But I already learnt that in fifth so I didn't bother getting anything out my bag and zoned out for the rest of the lesson.

I was daydreaming when I heard Marco nudging me trying to get my attention waving a hand over my face.

"Yes?" I asked confused

"Could you lend me a pen, cupcake?" He said with a slight accent lining his words.

"Um s-sure, but m-my name is L-Lucy" I took a black pen from the front of my bag and handed it too him.

"I know but cupcake suits you. It's small and sweet." If only he knew *insert evil laugh*.

"O-okay" I was getting tired of stuttering so much in such a short time. (There is nothing wrong with stutters)

Five minutes later Marco asked "Would you like to come eat with me and my friend in the cafeteria at lunch?"

"I-I'm sorry, I would but I w-want to get used to the s-school today and have lunch with m-my friend. C-could I come tomorrow a-and bring my friend as well? S-she's very kind" I explained not in the mood to make friends today, but he was nice to the 'nerd' so I'll go tomorrow.

"Yeah sure that's fine" he smiled as the bell rang.


As me and Nova made our way back home, all sweaty from the 10 mile run the P.E teacher made us do to apparently 'get fit again from all the shit you teenagers eat', we stopped in front of diner for the food that I have to buy because of that bet we made.

But as we entered I saw Marco and his two other Greek god friends, sitting in one of the booths sipping their milkshakes staring at both me and Nova, while Marco was waving at us to come over to them like a crazy person.
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