The Mafia's Little Devil

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Chapter 3- Smirk

Lucia's POV

We hesitantly walked over to their table and stood cringing at the loud noises that was coming out of the boys mouth as he drank his milkshake.

Not missing the scrutinising and judgy stares of the two guys at the table slightly bigger and buffer than Marco, which was cast upon both me and Nova.

"Sit down both of you!" He was barely sitting in his seat as he pulled out a seat for both of us at the large table. Ignoring the glares of the guys pointed directly at him. If looks could kill.

I shivered as the dark haired and most attractive one out of all of them caught me staring and gave me the most sinister smirk I had ever seen while I sat down next to Nova.

"Guy's this is Lucy and umm"he paused.

"I'm so sorry what's your name again?" He questioned.

"N-nova" she forced a stutter as she had recognised them from class.

"Right, guy's this is Nova and Lucy who I met in math today. Nova, Lucy this is Luca, he pointed at the blonde guy in the white shirt and black leather jacket, and this is Santo he pointed at the other guy in a black T-shirt and black leather jacket." He exclaimed happily putting his arms around the two guys shoulders while they both simultaneously shrugged them off

'Great, I've already met the famous Santo that I planned to never come in contact with because of the blonde Barbie in the hallway' I thought.

It seemed that I had zoned out for a little while as I saw Marcos fingers snapping a little too closely in my face as my eyes came back into focus.

"Y-yes?" I asked moving his hands away from my eyes.

"You okay there? You zoned out when Nova started to say hello" He asked concerned.

"Yes s-sorry" I replied as his mood instantly changed to excitement as it looked like he spotted someone or something from behind us.

I looked back and saw the prettiest girl with piercings all over her face and ears heading towards the table that we were sat at.

When she reached the table she instantly came over to me and gave me a huge hug as I froze and slightly patted her back. When she pulled back she had the biggest grin on her face and made me feel at ease.

"You must be Lucy, Marco hasn't been able to stop talking about how you were kind enough to give him a pen in Math" she laughed showing her pearly white teeth.

"Yeah, hi" I responded with a wave as she turned to Nova and gave her a kind smile.

"Hello are you Lucy's friend? What's your name?" She asked sweetly.

"Yes I'm Nova, Lucy's friend" she said with the tiniest amount more of confidence than before.

"Well I'm Amalia but you two can call me Mia" she said as we smiled back at her.

"We're all best friends" Marco whispered behind his hand but loud enough for the whole table to hear.

Before he could even move the blond haired brute striked him on him head using the palm of his head telling him to shut up with a slight accent, although it was to fast for me to hear.

"Testa di rapa" the dark haired guy grumbled under his breath and I couldn't help but chuckle.
(Butthead- sorry if I did it wrong I'm using google translate)

I held my breath half expecting him to give me a lecture about laughing at him. But his whole head turned to the side while staring at me with shock as he probably didn't expect me to understand him.

"You speak Italian?" He spoke with a husky voice and shock evident in his tone.

"Um y-yeah sorry" I apologised sticking to the nerd act.

"No it's fine" he said his accent slipping more, while he stared at me with curiosity in his green eyes as it looked like he wanted to say more.

But he was interrupted by the waitress unbuttoning her top button and pushing her breasts up while asking us all what we'd like to eat and drink, in a poor attempt to get Santo's attention from me to her. Amalia snorted and Luca gave her a sharp look and that instantly shut her up.

But when she saw me, she pathetically tried to glare at me but looked like she just needed a poop real bad. As I looked like a weak nerd I shrunk back in fake fear.

When Luca saw that he asked for a new waiter and threatened to talk to the manager about how poorly she had treated us. But we were given free desert and milkshakes in the end. So I would call that a win, win situation.


After we had finished eating, all of us got up from our seats but before we could all get to the door Luca had whisked Nova over to the other side of the diner.

I strained my ears and caught the tiniest part of their short conversation where he had asked if they could catch a movie before the theatre closed and she had agreed before they started to head back over to our table.

Trying to contain my excitement for her and the big ass smile that was just ready to show up on my face Nova asked "Lucy would you mind walking home by yourself? I think I'm going to go to the movies with Luca" with a small smile on her face.

The huge grin was plastered on my face as I replied "No that's fine just be back by 1:00 please. You know how worried I can get."

"Oh my god I'm so sorry, I love you so much, I'll tell you all about it in the morning." She replied while walking over to where Luca stood outside with his back on his black BMW.

I started to put on my sweater when the others came back from using the toilets. I had just put my bag on my back when I was pulled back by a distressed looking Marco.

"You're walking home?" He asked with worry sketched in his face still holding onto my are. I hoped he had washed his hands.

"Yeah, I only l-live about four blocks a-away" I asked confused as to why he was so worried.

He was deep in thought just staring at me for at least twenty seconds before it looked like he had gotten the best idea.

He told me to stay right there and not move while he swiftly moved to Santo and told him something that he tilted up his head and groaned at.

Although I hadn't known Marco for long I could just tell it wasn't nearly as good as what he thought it was.

When Marco came back to the front on the diner he brung Santo and Amalia along with him.

"Could Santo give you a ride home? I would take you but I already promised Amalia to take her home cause she lives on the other side of town and it's already gotten so dark. You never know what could happen to innocent girls like you." He asked kindly although I know that I'm anything but innocent.

"I d-don't know, I wouldn't w-want to be a bother" I said with hesitation in my voice.

"Pretty please" he said sporting puppy eyes. "And Santo doesn't mind" he turned to look at him,"do you?"

"No I don't mind" he agreed but also grinded his teeth together.

"Um okay t-then" I couldn't resist the puppy eyes.

"Great" he clapped his hands together while pulling me outside to what seemed to be Santo's car. With Amalia and Santo walked silently behind us.

He then opened the passenger door of the matte black Lamborghini and showed me how to put on the navigation to my apartment building even though I already knew how to do this as I have one of these cars while Santo got in the drivers seat.

He then said bye and that I would see him again tomorrow at lunch and I went along with it trying to be polite, while just wanting to get home. I then waved bye at Amalia and she said "Call me sometime so we can go to the mall or to just chat, yeah?"

"D-definitely" I replied with a small smile as I shut the door and Santo pulled out the parking lot which started one of the most awkward car rides of my entire life.
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